DM-WauzKitchen is a deathmatch map that puts you, the player, into a detailed kitchen brawl. In this map, the player is the size of a mouse and gets to see everything from a new, bigger view. The whole kitchen is highly detailed and brings the player into an allusion that the kitchen is real. Cabinets are hinged open, things are left around, posters are on the walls, even cans of Red Bull can be found scattered around the map. Who ever lived here before must have been sloppy.

In this map, mouse traps and spatulas act as jumping platforms, while rulers and other hard surfaces are your walkways. Weapons can be found throughout the map on shelves, the floor, and the table alike. The map is best with 12 to 20 players. The map does support offline bots, so you can practice and learn where everything is before you go killing your friends online.

To visit the author's website for more information and help dealing with the map, visit wauzie.com.



============== UT2004: DM-Wauzkitchen ==============
============ This mod was made by Wauzie ===========
Released on 17 October 2008

The .rar file includes 4 directories:

    * Maps
    * Textures
    * Staticmeshes
    * Music

In these directories are all the files you need
to install the mod. All you have to do is copy 
the files in the directories and past them in
the directories with the same name in your 
UT2004 directory (C:UT2004).


Wauzkitchen is a Deathmatch map. In the map you are
a little guy who has to get his way around via
mouse trapps (jumps), rulers (walkways) and spatulas
(jumps). The map is best played with 12 to 20 players
and it's most fun to use online. But you can play
offline if you want, the bots know how to get

Have fun!

Versie Info:



For help go to wauzie.com/kitchen

============= © All rights reserved ================
================= © Made by Wauzie =================
This mod was downloaded at http://wauzie.com/

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