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Domain is a tactical, team based FPS, set in the year 2049 in a totalitarian world of a dominant global government, underground reb...


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Domain is a tactical, team based FPS, set in the year 2049 in a totalitarian world of a dominant global government, underground rebellion and sinister corporations.

Featuring 4 unique teams:

The USE: The security forces of the global government, USE forces are well equipped, brutal forces of the state, quick to suppress any potential threat to the state.

Rebels: An underground resistance movement, operating in small cells the rebel movement hide beneath the cities and in the wilderness, swift guerrilla attack is their main form of attack.

Corporations: The corporations of the new age have their own law, corporate agents are a lethal force that strike fear into the hearts of those who see them.

Gangs: In the sprawling mass of the city the gangs control their stomping grounds through violent reprisal against all who stand against them, their only threat is rival gangs, fighting for control of the drug supply networks.

Gameplay modes:

In the released public alpha there is only one gameplay mode example:

Objective match: 2 teams fight to achieve a chain of objectives to win the match.

We have more gameplay modes planned:

Resource control: Up to 4 teams must collect and return to their homebase a set value of resources which have to be collected from a central location, this mode is best described as capture the flag with a twist.

Hostage rescue/VIP escort: As seen in other tactical team games

We are also working on developing other gamemodes, with maps for 2-4 teams according to the scenario/gametype.

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Download '' (175.01MB)

// DoMaiN 2.2
// 14th November 2004
// James 'Grimfort' Harrisskitt

Release notes:

Thank you for installing Domain 2.2, this new version includes the following features:

8 great maps, featuring atmospheric environments in our own unique world, inspired by classic movies 
such as blade runner, brazil and 1984, each consisting of almost 100% custom content in every respect.

100% original sounds, all recorded by our sound engineer from real weapons on a firing range as well as dozens 
of original ambient sounds and effects.

7 original musical scores, composed by Pablo 'Guybrush' Delgado, who'se previous work includes the complete score 
for Atari Games 'Tactical Ops'

Realistic player physics without too much emphasis on realistic damage, allowing an enjoyable arcade style
gameplay in environments and atmosphere that is believable.

All original playermodels, skins and animations.

A large library of original staticmeshes and textures to make your own Domain maps.

Unique, flexible objective system: Allows single objective, chained objectives, timed objectives, destroyable item
objectives, defense objectives and more (literally dozens of possible mission types including support for up
to 4 teams)

Maps are linked for forthcoming singleplayer version and as yet unnanounced secret gametype.

Carefully tested and refined gameplay.

Full offline bot support.

Every aspect of the game is optimised for performance to give the best FPS and gameplay on lower end systems.

Destructable scenery, A taste of this is shown in alpha 2.0 but in future releases we will make more and more 
of the maps interactive and destructable.

Full mapping documentation to make use of all the features and create your own domain levels.


The game is distributed in one of two formats:
umod format: A simple, self installing archive designed specifically for distributing unreal engine content
Zip format: The raw files for installation in a single, manual installation archive

Umod installation:  Double click on the domain umod and follow the instructions, being careful to ensure that
you enter the correct path to your installation of unreal tournament 2004.

For Umod help, please visit this site:

Zip installation:  Extract the zip file into your ut2004 directory.  The game runs with it's own .exe under windows
Domain2049.exe which is found in your ut2004/domain directory.
The game can also be run from the commandline using the line: ut2004.exe -mod=domain
To run the game on other OS' (Linux, OSX or Unix based OS') use the same switches as above with your usual 
commandline for starting UT2004. 

Running servers:

Included in the archive is a batchfile to launch your own server:

Servers can also be launched with the commandline:
ucc server DMN-AldwychStation-beta?game=domain.dmngameteam?minplayers=0?timelimit=20 -mod=Domain


Domain's gameplay focusses around assaulting and defending key objectives in the map.  When you first join a map
you will be asked to select your team and choose the weapons loadout for your player, having done so you will be
presented with an objective overview screen, which describes and illustrates your team's mission on that map

The objective screen can be recalled at any time by pressing the 'O' key by default
The loadout and team change screen can be recalled at any time by pressing the 'B' key by default

To activate an objective, the player must either press the use key or just stand directly in front of the objective.
But beware, you're opponents are told what you are up to, so hope your team mates can protect you while 
you work.  Maps typically have a chain of objectives to complete in order, which will be described and pictured
on the objective overview screen.

Teams spawn in waves in Domain, so that when you die you dont automatically respawn, but instead wait until the
wave timer has counted down to zero (top right of screen) and then any waiting dead team mates will respawn 
with you, enabling a more teamplay-based game.

When a team has completed all objectives they score a point and the game is reset..each map has it's own goal score
which is shown on the objective overview screen (some maps might be small and fast and require more rounds, 
whereas larger, more stealthy maps may only have a single objective victory to win the map).  The first team
to achieve the map's goal score is the winner, if neither team reaches the goal score before the time runs out
(20 minutes by default) the team with the most points is declared the winner.

Mapping for Domain:

We would love for people to make custom domain levels, and as such we give access to our mapping document, available at:
The game comes with a wealth of custom content in the form of meshes, textures and sounds for creating your own 
levels, however we would like to specify that this content is ONLY for use in domain levels, not for any other
game, mod or ut2004 gametype, we worked long and hard to make it and we ask that people respect it as our
property in return.


We love feedback!  Even "bleh! this games sucks" is good, its better to know we're doing something wrong if we do :)
however what we really like is when people tell us EXACTLY what they do or dont like, and even better if they tell
us why, or what they feel might help improve things.

You can contact us through our forums which you can find by visiting our website at:

We hope you enjoy playing DoMaiN

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