elimination (2003)

I don't have UT2003 anymore so if someone can review this it would be much appreciated -oliax


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I don't have UT2003 anymore so if someone can review this it would be much appreciated -oliax

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Download 'elimination2k3_v131.zip' (15KB)

<<<<<<<<  Elimination 2k3 Version 1.31 - March 23, 2003 >>>>>>>>

*==> Written by Q 
     Email:  [email protected]

If you have any requests for improvements or bugs to report, 
feel free to contact me.  All of my mods and mutators are 
available for download from the Quirky Bastards homepage 

*==> Notes

This mod is a new gametype based on deathmatch.  It's basically
limited lives deathmatch with a customized scoreboard and HUD 
appropriate for the gametype.  The score in the HUD shows Rank,
Spread, and Lives Remaining.  The HUD also shows the current top
3 players in the game.  The scoreboard ranks people in order
of Lives Remaining.

Have fun!

*==> Version 1.31  (March 23, 2003)
    * Enhanced spectator mode to show more information to

*==> Version 1.30  (March 6, 2003)

    * Fixed spectator mode so that it no longer switches to 
      eliminated players; now it will only cycle through active

    * Fixed bug where players other than a killed player would 
      get the &quot;One life left&quot; message.

    * Changed default lives from 0 to 10.

*==> Version 1.20
    * Fixed bug that caused pure spectators to show up in the 
      scoreboard and leaderboard.  This was causing a big problem
      in tournament mode since spectators can't ready up.  Players
      who have been knocked out still show on the scoreboard.

*==> Version 1.10
    * Added a sound broadcast for when people are eliminated.

    * Added warning text and sound for a player when he/she 
      has 1 life left.

*==> Version 1.00

    * Initial version complete.

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