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This is an Excessive mutator for UT2004. Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons super-powerful, turns off self-damage, gives all the players regenerating health and ammo, and makes every game into a wild and crazy frag-fest! In the fast and furious bloodfest that is Excessive, it's not about staying alive; it's about taking as many people as possible out with you.


Release 3.01 Manual
Last Updated 11/12/04

Author: MadNad
Homepage: http://PlanteQuake.com/Excessive
IRC Channel: #ExcessiveUT2k3 		Date: 10/09/04
Release: 3.01 (build 3323)
FireMode Bind
Fixes & Updates
Dedicated Server Setup
Known Issues
Thanks / Credits

Unzip to the UT2004 root directory or run the *.ut4mod

This is an Excessive mutator for UT2004. Excessive is an over-the-top mod that makes all the weapons super-powerful, turns off self-damage, gives all the players regenerating health and ammo, and makes every game into a wild and crazy frag-fest! In the fast and furious bloodfest that is Excessive, it's not about staying alive; it's about taking as many people as possible out with you.

Toggle Firemode
This is an added feature for Excessive. With the translocator selected, you can toggle between a LOCATE and a LAUNCH beacon. The locate is similar to the standard locator. The launch gives the player the velocity of the flying puck. With the Dual Assault Rifles selected, you can toggle between BOUNCY and EXPLODE on impact grenades. With a classic sniper rifle, or in a raptor rear turret, toggle firemode while zoomed toggles night vision. You can bind this key in the standard UT2004 contol settings menu. You can also bind the firemode toggle by editing your user.ini :

    Aliases[x]=(Command="button bSwitchFireMode| ExcessiveFireMode",Alias="ExcessiveFireMode")

x being the next available unassigned alias in your user.ini. For me, it was 30. Make sure you do not have 2 instances of one alias, otherwise the bind will not work. After adding this alias, you will need to bind the alias to a key, for instance, scrolling down from that line in the user.ini, I decided to bind it to my middle mouse button


# Toggle between TransLAUNCHER and TransLOCATOR
        - Uses this for precise translocating
        - Translocate to the beacon and start falling
        - Beacon launches further and faster. Teleporting out leaves behind a shock explosion
        - Uses this to catapault yourelf
        - Translocate to the beacon and receive the bacon's velocity
        - Beacon launches further and faster. Teleporting out leaves behind a shock explosion

Shield Gun
# Primary:
        - Instant Death, and Jumping increased
# Secondary:
        - Full bodied shield which reflects/blocks almost all weapons
        - Sprint mode with 10 or more ammo

Assault Rifle
# Toggle between bouncy and explode on impact grenades
# Primary:
        - Accuracy, rate of fire, and damage increased
# Secondary:
        - Increased rate of fire and damage

Bio Rifle
# Primary:
        - Rate of fire, damage, and damage radius increased
        - Spread fires 3 globs/shot which can collect and spawn more globs
# Secondary:
        - Charges much faster, and will launch a huge regenerating glob

Mine Layer
# Primary:
        - Launches spider mines that will grow once landed, and use cloaking to hide from enemy
        - Spider Mines have health and move much faster than before.

Shock Rifle
# Primary:
        - Rate of fire, damage, and momentum transfer increased
# Secondary:
        - Rate of Fire, speed, damage, and damage radius increased
        - ShockBalls can be caused to chain react.

Link Gun
# Primary: Was secondary for UT2004
        - Link beam explosions on the beam tip
        - Linking up causes more powerful beam and projectile fire
# Secondary: Was primary fire UT2004
        - Shoots up to 3 projectiles in spread or twirl formation

Flak Cannon
# Primary:
        - Larger projectiles, rate of fire and damage increased but wider spread (results in instant death from point blank)
# Secondary:
        - Each projectile now spawns 3 shells randomly on impact

Grenade Launcher
# Primary:
        - Launches trip mines that can be attached to walls
# Secondary:
        - Detonates mines

# Primary:
        - Rate of fire and damage increased
# Secondary:
        - Fires larger exploding bullets
        - Added momentum push

Rocket Launcher
# Primary:
        - Semi auto Rocket Launcher
        - Fire accelerating rockets
        - Rate of fire and damage increased
# Secondary:
        - Fires 5 accelerating rockets
        - rate of fire increased

Increased max speed and added explosion effects which cause damage to more than vehicles

Sniper Rifle
# Primary:
        - Rate of fire increased, and causes 5 arcs.
# Secondary:
        - Faster zoom.
        - Clear Scope option in ExcessiveV301Config.ini

Classic Sniper Rifle
# Primary:
        - Rate of fire increased with explosive rounds.
# Secondary:
        - Faster zoom.
        - Use togglefiremode to enable night vision

Redeemer (Pickup)
# Primary:
        - Redeemer speed & damage increased
        - Spawns 30 rockets on impact that seek players
# Secondary:
        - Warhead speed & control increased
        - Fire 30 rockets from warhead, remaining spawn on impact

Painter (Pickup)
# Primary:
        - Paint time decreased
# Secondary:
        - Faster zoom.

Ion Cannon:
# Three Ion cannons replace one, which triangulate on fire and cause an breif unstable ionic field before the blast

ONS Bomber:
# Three bombers make a devistating bombing run on your painted target

Flame Thrower
# A custom Excessive Weapon added to Version 2 of Excessive.
# Primary:
        - Unleashes a stream of flames that can light anyone and just about everything on fire.
# Secondary:
        - Fires a napalm shell that leaves a fiery trail in its path and spawns 3 flame globs that spread on impact

Fixes & Updates

# Bots use excessive weapons much more effectively
# Bots taught how to rocket jump ( based on skill level )
# Double Damage dropped for other players to pick up if the carrier is killed
# Excessive uses the default weapon loadout. ie no translocator in ONS ( most weapons can be overridden by mutator settings )
# Added mutator configuration settings with improved configuration menu
        - Select from 1 of 3 powerlevel settings on weapons, or use the upgrade system
        - Allow up to 20 pickup classes to remain in excessive ( ie other mutator picups )
        - Enable/Disable the excessive health and shield initial settings ( ie other mutator controls settings )
        - Disable any weapon
        - Options to use realistic dynamics on various projectiles
        - Disable the replacement of the playercontroller ( for added mutator support at some feature loss )
        - Fixed Raptor rear turret crash
        - Fixed massive camera shake which caused respawning camera issues
        - Fixed Powercore / Powernode health incdicators in netplay
        - Removed bug that allowed players to recharge powercore         - Removed accessed none log spam

# Translauncher
        - You can only fire once per 1.25 seconds with the Launch Mode
        - FireRate for Locate mode set to vanilla 2k4 setting

# Shield Gun
        - Bug fixed where shield would not always protect you
        - Sprinting bug fixed

# Assault Rifle
        - Grenaded Toggle Indicator bug fixed
        - Grenaded Toggle remembers last setting
        - Grenade physics optimized
        - Assault alt fire fires alternating grenades that were more like the second minigun alt fire
        - Primary firemode momentum transfer reduced on vehicles

# Mine Layer
        - Mines Health reduced
        - Mine Jump height reduced

# Link Gun
        - Replaced Link Primary beam tip explosion effects
        - Link Primary beam triad travel radius decreased
        - Fixed LinkGun muzzle flashes when linking
        - Added Scorch marks for primary and secondary fire

# Mine Layer
        - Mines Health reduced
        - Mine Jump height reduced

# Flak Cannon
        - Increase ROF for primary firemode

        - Decrease ROF for primary firemode

# Flame Thrower
        - Optimized flame effects
        - Added effects on napalm shell

# SniperRifle ( Lighting Gun )
        - Increased number and lenght of impact arcs

# Raptor
        - Rear turret crash fixed
        - Rear turret fires homing missles
        - Rear turret given night vision

# Scorpion
        - Adjusted Daredevil settings
        - Driver Weapon fires a ring of web projectiles
        - Fixed first person scorpion weapon fire bug
        - Fixed location of web launcher projectile spawning
        - Weblauncher projectile speed increased
        - Passenger weapon fires a mounted tank side turret

# Manta
        - Manta stomp sound fixed
        - Manta plasma gun increased ROF

# HellBender
        - Rear gunner decreased required charge time

# Tank
        - Improved tank shell hit effects
        - Reduced side turret damage amount
        - Increased speed

# Leviathon
        - Side turrets home onto all vehicles

# Bomber
        - A formation of 3 bombers drop a s#%T load of bombs

# ECE Vehicles
        - These vehicles were given a slight boost without making them dependant for excessive

# Updated Excessive UT2004 Logo
# Updated Link projectile scorch marks
# Updated Link beam effects

Excessive has a lot of variables you can conifgure. Most of which can be configured in the mutator gui configuration. All of the available configuration variables can also be set in the ExcessiveV301Config.ini. To reset to the default ExcessiveV301Config.ini variables, you can delete ExcessiveV301Config.ini and open up the mutator configuration window and clicking the "ok" button will create the ExcessiveV301Config.ini.

Server Side Configurable Variables
damageScale 	The amount of player self damage
AirControlSetting 	The player air control
GroundSpeedSetting 	The player ground speed
WaterSpeedSetting 	The player water speed
AirSpeedSetting 	The player air speed
JumpZSetting 	The amount of Self Damage
MultiJumpBoostSetting 	The jump boost per multijump
GravityZ 	The gravity multiplier
HealthSetting 	The player max health setting
ShieldSetting 	The player max shield setting
MaxFallSpeedPer 	Player speed multiplier at which falling damage occurs
MaxMultiJumpSetting 	Set the number of max multijumps per player
RegenShieldRate 	The rate of shield regeneration
bKeepAdrenalinePickups 	Enable/Disable adrenaline and pickups
bUseEOHealthSetting 	Enable/Disable using Excessives Health setting
bUseEOShieldSetting 	Enable/Disable using Excessives Shield setting
bKeepUdamagePack 	Enable/Disable double damage pickups
bKeepShieldPickup 	Enable/Disable shield pickups
bKeepTrans 	Enable/Disable TransLauncher
bkeepRedeemer 	Enable/Disable redeemer pickups
bkeepIonCannon 	Enable/Disable Painter pickups
bkeepONSBomber 	Enable/Disable ONSPainter pickups
bKeepSuperHealth 	Enable/Disable superhealth pickups
bUseWeaponDefault 	Enable/Disable UT2004 Weapons loadout
bDisableWeaponPowerup 	Enable/Disable weapon upgrades
bResetDefaults 	Set true to reset to default vars
bDoTransExplosion 	Enable/Disable Translocate explosion
bRegenShield 	Enable/Disable regerating armor
bAdvertiseExcessive 	Disables ServerActor MasterServerUplinkEX
bDisableEOPlayerController 	Disables Excessive Playercontroller ( mutator compatability mode )
bECEPowerup 	Optimizes server performance at a ECE bonus pack vehicle cost
AllowPickupClass[0] 	Allow up to 20 specific pickup classes
ie: AllowPickupClass[0]=RocketLauncherPickup	
More Examples
Weapon Setup
There are settings for most weapons. In this example, you can set many variables for the rocketlauncher.

RocketLauncher=(bSpawnWith=True, InstantRockets=True, RocketMaxHoldTime=0.000000, RocketJumpMultiplier=1.000000, bRealistic=True, PowerLevel=2)

bSpawnWith	Enables/Disables starting with this weapon
InstantRockets	Set to false to enable semi auto Rocket Launcher
RocketMaxHoldTime	Set to 0 for infinite hold time on rocket multi fire
RocketJumpMultiplier	Set to a value greater than 1 for a rocket jump boost
bRealistic	Set to use realistic projectiles
PowerLevel	Sets powerlevel of weapon ( bDisableWeaponPowerup must be set to false )
bAllowInAllGametypes	Set to true to allow this weapon in all gametypes

Client Side Configurable Variables
hitSoundVolume=1.000000 	The hit sound volume
TeamHitSoundVolume=0.500000 	The team hit sound
hitSound= 	The currently selected hit sound
CustomHitSound= 	The currently selected custom hit sound
TeamHitSound= 	The currently selected team hit sound
CustomTeamHitSound=	The currently selected custom team hit sound
bUseCustomHitSounds=False 	Enable/Disable custom hit/teamhit sounds ( true = use custom sounds )
bUseClearScope=False 	Enable/Disable clear sniper scope

Dedicated Server Setup
Start a server from UT2004 multiplayer menu, or use one of the server.bat files to start your dedicated server. One has been included as an example for deathmatch. Excessive can now only be run as a mutator. .

Although the weapons and other modifications are configurable in the mutator configuration, it is recommended that you play with the defaults to enjoy the true intent of Mr. Pants Excessive Overkill for UT2004.

Known Issues
Because of the huge number of explosions and projectiles flying around, Excessive can be very bandwidth and video card-intensive. Don't expect glass-smooth gameplay unless you're on a high-end system on a fast connection. It is still more than playable on lower-end systems and connections.



Flame Thrower
Jonathan “Ghost Enigma” Swenson - Models
Chadrick “ShroomDuck” Rode - Textures
Andrew “Dru” Morris - Textures
Jeffrey “Ezeikeil” Giles - Concept

El Revengo - “The Game”

Beta Team
Mr. SlackPants

Retired Beta Members
|EMC|Clark Kent

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