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When I first saw this, I expected a mutator or a total conversion. I was puzzled when it was basically a bunch of new maps. So I loaded up U...


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When I first saw this, I expected a mutator or a total conversion. I was puzzled when it was basically a bunch of new maps. So I loaded up UT2004, not expecting it to work. I chose the ONS game type and opened one of the Exion maps. The maps are remakes of original UT2004 maps, but with some massive changes. The ones that have the ONS-Exion prefix have destructable buildings. While this is nothing like what one would see in Red Faction, it is still fun to hop in a tank and blast the hell out of a wall instead of going around. The destructableness is pre-programmed, so it isn't as pretty as I expected. I thought, from what the readme said, that it was fully destructable buildings.

Most of us, in ONS games, use the link gun to help speed up the building of nodes in those times of dire need. Well, there is no link gun in this. That upset me greatly. The weapons system is somewhat different, you start with the shield gun and the regular assault rifle, but when you hit up a weapon locker, you get all the guns available. When you switch to your assault rifle again, you drop the original assault and get the Exion Assault Rifle (or whatever it is called). Which is basically the same thing with what seems to be a huge boost in power on the damage side. You also get a Exion Assault Rifle Pro (don't quote me on the weapon names). This gun is the assault rifle, but with no grenades, a scope, extra power, and huge amounts of recoil. The order of the weapons is changed for no apparent reason and any weapon that is energy based is gone. So no Shock Rifle, no Link Gun, no Ion Painter, etc. I don't know if it was just me, but it seemed that the assault rifles were MUCH better to use than the other weapons.

Ah, now on to the bugs. I am no beta tester that can find a tiny 2 pixel tear in the map, but these were bugs that litterally bugged the crap out of me. (I gotta clean my pants after this review.) The assault rifles shouldn't be as powerful as they are. With the pro rifle (or whatever the new one is called), I can tear through a power node with a full clip and still have some ammo to kill about 10 guys. Since it takes only 2-3 shots to kill someone with it. When you have the scope enabled on that pro assault rifle, there is no recoil, when you don't have it scoped, don't expect to hit much. The way the buildings break is terrible, I can shoot it with a rocket or an AVRIL and it doesn't break apart. Shoot it with the assault rifle for a few secs and it breaks nicely. The only thing that broke them easily is the tank. Another thing, I don't know where the maker of this mod lives, but I have never seen a tree the size of a tank bend like the trees in these maps do.

All in all, I wish I could have the maps with all their break-up action and not have the crappy re-work of the weapons. I enjoy blowing up buildings and hiding behind crates and boxes that I can push around (I am just so strong). But the weapons modifications are gonna scare me away from these maps. Seriously, no link gun on Onslaught? What the hell can you be drinking that will make you do that? So download this mod if you can deal with what I consider terrible weapon modifications.

PS. If there are typos or spelling errors. I don't care, it is 12:07 AM and I was bored so I felt like writing a review for this since my mom is a *bleep*-ing *bleep* that sucks on *bleep* and decided to take away my internet when she isn't around.

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Download 'exionv200ut4mod.zip' (68.35MB)

Exion v2.00 Readme

Exion v2.00 for Unreal Tournament 2004 - 27th July 2004
© 2004 George Varga, Hungary (Budapest), GeorgeVarga@msn.com


- Unreal Tournament 2004 and Unreal Tournament 2004 Build 3236 (or newer) patch.
Patch is available from: http://www.unrealtournament.com


Download the Exion files from the Exion website in case you have not done it 
yet. The files can be dowloaded in ZIP and UT4MOD formats, as well. 

IMPORTANT! Under 30 frame/sec the Exion reduce the number of "Karma" fragments 
and reduce the gameplay effects.

UT4MOD file installation:

- Double click on the downloaded EXION_v200.UT4MOD file. If it does not work, 
you need to run the installation process manually using the „setup install 
Exion_v200.ut4mod” command in the UT2004\SYSTEM directory.

- Follow the setup instructions in the UT2004 Installer and exit the install 
dialogue once the files have finished copying.

ZIP file installation:

Extract and copy the content of the 

MAPS folder (.ut2 files) into UT2004\Maps folder, 
folder of STATICMESHES (.usx files) into UT2004\StaticMeshes folder, 
the content of TEXTURE folder (.utx files) into UT2004\Textures folder, 
the content of SYSTEM folder (.u, .int files) into UT2004\System folder, 
the content of SOUNDS folder (.uax files) into UT2004\Sounds folder,
the content of MUSIC folder (.ogg files) into UT2004\Sounds folder 
and the content of HELP folder (.txt files) into UT2004\Help folder.


1. After installation, start Unreal Tournament 2004. 
2. Choose „Instant Action” from the Main Menu.
3. Choose „Onlaught” in the game type list.
4. A list of Onslaught maps will appear in the map list. Choose the 
   ONS-Exion-ArtcticStronghold map.
5. Select a Bot Skill Level and the number of additional bots you want to play
   in the match.
6. Choose additional Game Rules, Mutators and the Maps you want to play if
7. Click the „Play” button to join the action, or the „Spectate” button to watch
   and learn from the bots.


1. Start Unreal Tournament 2004.
2. Choose "Join Game" from the Main Menu.
3. Click the "LAN" tab for LAN game or click the "Internet" tab for internet
4. Select the "Onslaught" from the "Game Type" drop-down list to find
   the Exion servers.
5. Select the server and click the "Join" or "Spectate" buttons depending on 
   whether you want to join or just watch the action.


1. Start Unreal Tournament 2004.
2. Choose „Host Game” from the Main Menu.
3. Select the „Onslaught” game type, and the ONS-E-Torlan map.
4. Under the tab buttons „Game Rules”, „Server Rules” and „Mutators” give the
   desired settings.
5. Click on the „Dedicated” to start the server or „Listen” button to start the
   server and the game.

Considering the wish of many players, the new Exion v2.00 has been developed for 
the UT2004 Onslaught game type. So, in the future the Exion map type can be 
available under the Onslaught game type. After installing the new Exion, the 
previous Heroes of Exion and its maps can be used completed with the new 

The new Exion maps (in the Onslaught game type) have two different versions.

The first is the destroyable Exion map, here most of the buildings can be 
knocked down and also objects like barrels and wooden boxes will be applied 
which are moved by Karma Physics engine. In these maps, the Exion type of 
vehicles and weapons can be used. The names of the maps start with "ONS-Exion", 
for example ONS-Exion-ArcticStronghold.

To the second type those maps belong which are not destroyable, but have the 
objects moved by the Karma Physics Engine (barrels, wooden boxes) and here you 
can also use the Exion type of vehicles and Exion type of weapons. The names of 
the maps start with "ONS-E", as well, for example ONS-E-Torlan.


- New vehicle sounds. Subwoofer is recommended to achieve a good sound. There 
the sounds can be used to determine the vehicles position (direction, distance). 
For example, even if we are not able to see the vehicles of the enemy due to the 
configuration of the terrain, we can determine the number of the enemy and the 
type of the vehicles they use and the direction from where they are trying to 
approach us, and we can attack them even from an ambush if we want.

- New explosion effects of the vehicles that use the Karma Physics engine. In 
this case the movement of the pieces of the exploded vehicle are counted by 
Karma Physics engine.

- Modified and balanced Exion type weapons. For example the Classic Sniper Rifle 
has a longer reloading time, because with this gun you can shoot the enemy 
soldiers with one single shot.

- The weapons can be taken from the weapon locker. All the weapon lockers 
contain all the types of weapons that are in the game, so after taking 
(reloading) from the weapon locker, all the weapons from the game are at the 
players disposal, with the maximum usable munition store.

At the beginning of the game, the player has the traditional Assault Rifle 
weapon, but after loading from the weapon locker, two types of telescoped, Exion 
Assault Rifle can be used. If the player changes from one to another type of 
Exion Assault Rifle, the original Assault Rifle is thrown, because in its place, 
another type gets with silencer and telescope.


- In the game, only the guns with bullets, rocket launchers, trench mortars and 
target painters can be used.

- Since the way of the fired bullets and missiles shot by the Assault Rifle 
(with silencer and telescope), the Assault Rifle Plus (with telescope), the 
Classic Sniper Rifle and other machine guns and automatic guns can be seen and 
heard (3D sound) as they are flying in the air. This way the position of the 
enemy can be identified more easily in the game.

- The sounds of the game have been revised in order to try to experience the 
situation of the battlefield atmosphere.

- The guns move in the players hand under the effect of the strenght of the 
shots (similarly to the Counter-Strike), so it is practical to fire at the enemy 
in short series.

- The vehicles are equipped with machine guns and automatic guns (Manta, Raptor, 

- The Hellbender is equipped with an automatic gun, which can be handled by the 
driver of the vehicle.

- All the free and working vehicles can be used in the game, independently of 
the fact that it is in possession of the enemy or our team.

- In the maps, there are also destroyable buildings and movable barrels and 
boxes which can be exploded. The moveable barrels and boxes can be pushed by the 
player, so he can build an entrenchment from these objects, too. Because of the 
destroyable walls, you have a chance to manoeuvre during the game.

- The destroyable walls and buildings can be demolished by the vehicles, as 
well. For example, with the Goliath tank, the player can go through the 
destroyable wall. The walls can also be demolished by the other vehicles, but, 
for instance, with the Manta, it is necessary to crash the wall with a high 
speed in order to destroy it.

- The movements of the different mobile things (barrels, boxes, trees, hanging 
bridges) in the map is controlled by the Karma physics engine.

- The output of the game (framerate value) is influenced by the setting of it 
(Settings/Display), but the Heroes of Exion continuously controls its own 
effects (explosions, smoke, debris moved by the Karma physics engine…) according 
to the actual framerate value. Under the average 30 fps value, the game is able 
to represent only the minimum effects. Above this, the number, the complexity 
and the level of the physical modelling of the visual effects, or the number of 
the debris moved by the Karma physics engine (for example when a wall explodes) 
grow a lot.


In case you would like to send a feedback, or should you have any questions in 
connection with Heroes of Exion modification, then find and use Atari forum in
the Internet, under the address http:/www.ataricommunity.com/forums/index.php,
under the subforum Unreal Tournament 2003/2004, in the section „User Maps & Mod
Releases” at the „Exion” thread.


The Exion modification and Exion type maps is Copyright 2004 by George Varga, 

Unreal ® Tournament 2004 Copyright 2004 Epic Games, USA

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