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Reskin of Zan. I am too tired to come up with a good review.


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Reskin of Zan. I am too tired to come up with a good review.

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Extinguisher Readme

Basic Stuff:
You may NOT publish this skin on any website without my permission
You may NOT change the name or author's name and then pubish on any website
You may NOT modify this skin without my permission
You may NOT release a sequel skin (Extinguisher SE, Extinguisher 2 etc.) without my permission

Extract the Extinguisher.upl into your UT2004/System directory (Usually C:\UT2004\System\)
Extract the Extinguisher.utx into your UT2004/Textures directory (Usually C:\UT2004\Textures\)
Start the game and enjoy!

Base Model: Xan
Default Voice: Robot
Compatible with: UT2004 ONLY

Name: Rahul "Sabretooth" Shirke
E-mail: sabretou@yahoo.co.in
1337ness: 25% ;)

My apologies for not adding any screenshots. My computer cannot handle extreme graphix, but they are still good, though :)

That wraps it up!

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