Felina Haynesworth

Felina is an accidental offspring between Human and Cat-race parents and a member of an underground anti-Tournament resistance force called...


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Felina is an accidental offspring between Human and Cat-race parents and a member of an underground anti-Tournament resistance force called COABEL (Civilian Opposition Against Bloodsport Entertainment Legalization). She entered the Tournament without COABEL approval with the mentality that killing all the other combatants will end the Tournaments for good. She's young, stubborn, and nieve, not great things to be when you're in an arena where everyone wants to kill you.

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Felina Haynesworth by Jared "-Tj-" Matsushige
January 2, 2005
UT2004 Skin and Modified Marygold Model
Version 1.1
Team Skins: Yes
CTF4 Team Skins: Yes
Total Skins: 8
Team Face Skins: Yes
Custom Animations: No
Custom Sounds: No (Perhaps Later)

-Unzip all contents of this archive to the root UT2004 directory
-If unzipping doesn't work, copy the files listed below to their respective directories:
	-Felina.upl		---	/System
	-xFelina.int		---	/System
	-FelinaTextures.utx	---	/Textures
	-Felina2K4.ukx		---	/Animations
-Play UT2004, and have fun!

Additional Installation:==========
-If you want to play as the team colors whenever you want, you'll need to install the Felina_TeamColors.upl file from the Extras folder in the zip file. Simply copy it to your /System folder:
	-Felina_TeamColors.upl	---	/System

Skin: Jared "-Tj-" Matsushige
Model: Hide
Special thanks: The Atari and SkinCity communities

Felina Haynesworth
Age:  18
Race:  Cat/Human Crossbreed
	The Tournaments have always been a crowd-pleaser. Revolting at first glance, almost everyone now accepts the Tournaments as a valid means of venting agression, satiating the population's blood-lust in a controlled and orderly fashion, and a proven money-maker.
	Not long after the introduction of the first legally-organized Tournament, a small group of 64 people, calling themselves "COABEL" (the Civilian Opposition Against Bloodsport Entertainment Legalization), organized a protest outside one of the many Liandri facilities. Unhappy with the protestors' distaste of the tournament, a local mob boss ordered his men to 'suppress the crowd' and 'show them the light'. 49 men, women, and children died on the scene; another 9 died in hospitals from their wounds. Influenced by the very same mob boss who issued the order, the press published the oppression as "a minor public disturbance that was peacefully dissolved."
	After the incident, COABEL moved underground. Separated from most of society, the COABEL leaders fought hard to find ways of ending the Torunament permanently. It has grown since then, amassing nearly 100,000 people to their cause.
	Felina, a youth concieved accidentally from a CAT-race mother and a human father, fights in the Tournaments under her own free will for the COABEL cause. With the idea that elimination of all other Tournament contestants will result in the subsequent downfall of Tournament popularity, she fights to try and end the Tournament forever. Little does she know that her mission is against the COABEL way of life...

	This skin took quite a long time to create. Being my first skin, I didn't exactly know how or where to start. I only knew that I wanted a skin of my own for my favorite model in UT2004, Marygold. I also needed some practice with my texturing skills. Around 60+ hours later the skin pack is complete, 16 skins in all (8 body, 8 face).
	The Marygold model is included in this pack, though slightly modified. I've made her slightly smaller against the original, making her look more petite and less imposing. Of course this is meant to throw you off, as she is quite deadly, especially in her Pinky Suit.
	Felina's costume design is based off of my own personal style and a style cues from my favorite Japanese model kit maker Kip. If you know their kits I'm sure you can see some similarities.
	Special thanks goes out to Hide for creating such a cool model and for helping me out with some important items. Without him this skin may not have come out as good as I think it did, and may not have even come to light.

Legal Stuff:======================
US Copyright law says whatever is created is instantly protected. However, it's very hard to inforce this online, especially with something that's made for free-of-charge distribution. Hence I can only really ask that you DO NOT MODIFY THE CONTENTS OF THIS PACKAGE AND THAT THIS PACKAGE BE DISTRIBUTED WITH ALL FILES INTACT. Also, YOU MAY NOT SELL THIS BY ITSELF OR AS PART OF ANY OTHER PACKAGE WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. Hey, I worked hard on this, as did Hide with his model. :)

I believe that concludes this ReadMe.txt file! Enjoy!

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