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Welcome to Flag Domination 2004! For those that are new to this, the idea is, as you may have guessed, a cross between Capture the Flag and...


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Welcome to Flag Domination 2004! For those that are new to this, the idea is, as you may have guessed, a cross between Capture the Flag and (Double) Domination. A map has either two or three flags, each of which starts in a neutral location somewhere in the middle. Each flag has a designated spot for each team to capture it, and (except in Scavenger or Incursion mode) flags may be stolen once they are captured.

Capture points are marked with a rotating hologram showing the flag's symbol. Press the M key while carrying a flag to see the route to your capture point. The HUD will also show you in which direction the capture point lies, and in Vehicle Flag Domination the radar map will highlight the capture point's location.

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Download 'flag_domination_v31_umod.zip' (8.14MB)

Flag Domination 

by David Catmull
uncommon AT uncommonplace DOT com


.ut4mod package: 

Double-click on the FlagDomination.ut4mod file and follow the instructions. 

On the Mac version, you'll need to use the Terminal to install the files. 
Assuming UT2004 is in your Applications folder, and the Flag Domination package 
is on your desktop, the command will be as follows (all on one line): 

/Applications/Unreal\ Tournament\ 2004.app/System/ucc-bin umodunpack -x ~/Desktop/FlagDom/FlagDomination.ut4mod 

.zip package: 

Extract the contents of the archive into your UT2004 directory. 

On the Mac version, you can use the "Merge contents into destination" option in 
StuffIt Expander's destination preferences, or you can install manually: expand 
the archive and then copy the contents of the folders into corresponding folders 
in your [home]/Library/Application Support/Unreal Tournament 2004/ folder, 
creating any that don't already exist. Don't replace any folders that are 
already there (like System); just add to their contents. 

Vehicle Flag Domination 

VFD plays on Onslaught maps, with flags and capture points placed automatically 
where the power nodes and cores would be. 

These are the vehicle rules: 

As in Vehicle CTF, if you enter a Manta, Raptor or Cicada while carrying any 
flags, you will drop your flags. 

Vehicles around a flag base are neutral, but can only be used by a flag carrier 
- except of course for Mantas and Raptors. 

In the Rounds and Timed modes (see below), capturing a flag activates all nearby 
vehicle factories and turrets, just like completing a power node. The effect of 
stealing a flag is determined by the Vehicle Expiration option. 

Scoring modes: Rounds, Timed, Scavenger, and Incursion 

There are four scoring modes: 

Rounds (as in Double Domination) 

A team must hold two flags for ten seconds to score a point. Some maps have 
three flags, which adds another dimension to it: 

The first two flags you capture are the ones that count; they will flash in the 

To break a domination, you must steal one of those dominated flags. 

If you have all three flags when the countdown ends, you get 2 points instead of 
1. It even counts if you capture the third flag at the last second. 

If you have all three flags and a dominated flag is stolen, the countdown resets. 

Timed (as in UT Domination) 

A captured flag scores one point every 10 seconds, or 15 in VFD. The interval is 
controlled by the Time To Score interval. 


You score a point each time you capture a flag. The flag reappears at its home 
base after 10 seconds. 


Like Scavenger, but inverted - you must go to the enemy capture points. 

Flag Points 

With the Flag Points option, each flag has a limited number of points that can 
be scored from it. This means that the pace and strategy of the game will change 
over time as the easy flags get used up. 

If the flags do not have enough total points left for the losing team to catch 
up, the game ends. A bar in the HUD will show this: the colored portion shows 
how far ahead a team is, and the white portion indicates the total points left 
before the game ends. With Timed scoring, there will also be a countdown for the 
projected time that this will occur; the countdown may be a bit erratic as flags 
are captured and stolen. 

If the teams are tied and no more points can be scored, then a sudden death 
round begins where each flag has one point on it. With Rounds scoring, this 
happens when only one flag is left and domination cannot be achieved. In the 
other modes, it happens when all flags have expired. 


So far there are eight maps: seven conversions and one original. 

FD-Orbital2: This is my favorite: a three-flag map with three levels of gameplay. 
The sniper's nest becomes the Circle Flag's domain; the lower part of the main 
room is for the Square Flag; and deep in each base the Trangle flag is captured 
where the original CTF flags went. 

FD-ElecFields: A conversion of CTF-DE-ElecFields from the DE bonus pack. 

FD-TechDream: A conversion of CTF-TechDream by Cory Spooner (with permission). 
If you have trouble finding it, the Middle Flag is captured in the back of each 
base (remember the M key). 

FD-Avaris: The flag layout is similar to Orbital2, but of course with less Z 
action. The narrow ledges around the center building make it pretty exciting. 

FD-DoubleDammage: The interesting thing about this map is the B and C flags are 
hard to capture but easy to steal. If you have translocators enabled, that is, 
and in fact I don't recommend playing this map without them. 

FD-Disclosure: The bomb goal anterooms are now the A Flag rooms, and the hotly 
contested B Flag is captured in the sniper's nests overlooking the center area. 
[I am considering turning the minigun room into a C Flag room] 

FD-Canyon: The bomb goals are replaced with capture points, and the spawning 
pools are also capture points. All three flags spawn on the bridge. 

FD-Ethkantes: An original creation, aimed at showing a little more of the range 
of layouts possible with Flag Domination. 

Onslaught Maps 

When playing Vehicle Flag Domination on Onslaught maps, flags are placed either 
automatically or as specified in the FlagDom.int file. 

Automatic placement looks for power nodes in the center of the map to place the 
flags, and nodes near each base for the capture points. ONS-Crossfire, for 
example, works well because it has enough nodes for all three flags. 

Flag placement works on all standard maps, though it may fail on some others. 
There must be at least one central power node, plus two others for the capture 

Custom placement uses a string in the FlagDom.int file to specify where the 
flags and capture points go. Currently there are four specifications, for Dawn, 
Torlan, Icarus, and Dreamus (a third-party map). Each string is laid out like 

"Map Title|A Flag Base|B Flag Base|C Flag Base|Red A Capture|Red B Capture|Red C 
Capture|Blue A Capture|Blue B Capture|Blue C Capture" 

The map title is the title as it appears in the map selection screen or in the 
scoreboard, which may be different from the file name (ie ONS-Icarus is "Icarus 
Plaza"). Each location is given as the name of a power node, PathNode or some 
other kind of NavigationPoint. The name of an object can be seen in UnrealEd by 
double-clicking it and opening the Object section. Usually it's the class name 
followed by a number, like RoadPathNode27. If you have suggestions for custom 
flag placements, even for custom maps, feel free to e-mail them to me. 

Known issues 

The map list for VFD shows power link setups; this currently cannot be avoided. 

Bots in vehicles follow flag carriers too closely 

Some Onslaught maps have bot pathing issues which are more of a problem in FD (see 

The hanging banners in FD-Disclosure are white instead of red and blue. I've 
also seen this happen in the Bombing Run version. 

Some banners in FD-Canyon come out black. 

Bots don't always make the best choice about which flag to pursue. 

Flags look wrong (transparent on one side) on some graphics cards. 

Problem maps 

Some Onslaught maps have bot problems that can only be solved by fixing the 
paths in the map. These include: 

ONS-ArcticStronghold: Bots can't reach the A flag capture points because they 
are on raised platforms with no JumpSpots. 

ONS-Ascendency: Bots can't capture the A flag because the power cores are not 
connected to the navigation point network. 

ONS-CBP2-Brassed: Bots on the blue team can't capture the A flag because the 
blue power core is not connected to the navigation point network. 

Future features 

Option to respawn players at the beginning of a round, including sudden death 
rounds in Timed and Scavenger modes. 

Option to choose scoring mode at random. 

Allowing flag carriers to steal any vehicle. 

Custom flag names and symbols on ONS maps. 

Changes in 3.3 

Timed Scoring now works differently: instead of 1 point every second, it's every 
10 seconds (or whatever the Time To Score setting is) 

Works correctly when a B flag capture point is placed at the power core location, 
enabling a new custom placement for ONS-IslandHop 

Works with maps that use ONSTurrets.u (specifically ONS-TIM-SlateSE) 

Custom flag placment for ONS-TIM-SlateSE 

Added "Vehicle Expiration" option: locked vehicles can be unlocked or blown up 
when the flag is stolen 

Fixed path whisps in VFD, and changed the way they work in general to be more 
consistent with other game types 

Players get points for capturing flags 

Fixed vehicle teams and sudden death rounds in Incursion 

Fixed LOD settings on all screen shots to work on systems with detail set to low 

Changes in 3.2 

Fixed some cases where the B flag base was not placed 

Improved placement of C flag 

In Scavenger and Incursion modes, turrets and vehicle factories around capture 
points are always active 

Added custom placement for ONS-Perimeter 

End game camera focuses on a flag base (Rounds/Timed) or the last scorer (Scavenger/Incursion) 

Changes in 3.1 

More ONS maps will have 3 flags on them 

Uses the correct announcer voice 

Fixed a bug that caused neutral vehicles to appear around the red B flag capture 

Fixed capture point beacons all having the same symbol in net games 

Fixed some maps having a C flags with no capture points for it 

Bots with flags prefer faster vehicles 

Added custom flag placements for ONS-ArcticStronghold, ONS-Dawn, ONS-Crossfire, 
ONS-Severance and ONS-Dreamus 

Fixed a couple of problems in the handling of custom flag placements 

Bots do the right thing when a flag carrier is in the passenger seat of an 
Excessive Scorpion 

Changes in 3.0 

Ported to UT2004 

Added Vehicle Flag Domination 

Added Incursion scoring mode 

Various bot AI improvements 
since 3.0b4: 

Improved flag placement on certain types of ONS maps 

The player icon in the radar map follows the rotation of the object being viewed, 
unless it's not a Pawn 

Changes in 2.0.1 

Fixed all known network problems 

Flags and capture beacons look better on less powerful graphics cards 

The Flag Points bar obeys the HUD opacity setting 

Bots no longer use AssaultPaths when capturing flags - just for stealing them 

Changes in 2.0 

Added new scoring options: timed, scavenger, and flag points 

Fixed the bug where the second flag in 2-flag maps would get spontaneously 

Flag symbols are shown in the scoreboard 

Added capture point markers 

Pressing M while carrying multiple flags shows routes to all capture points 

Changes in 1.1 

Option to carry multiple flags at once (including bot support) 

Changes in 1.0.1 

Minor AI improvements 

Turned off flag lighting between rounds 

Fixed alpha textures in FDxTeamBanner 

Three versions of black flag skin in FDFlags.utx 

Flags are not reset at the end of the game

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