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Spring, 2007. The war against global terrorism has ended.

Late in 2005, NATO passed a resolution allowing military operations t...


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Spring, 2007. The war against global terrorism has ended.

Late in 2005, NATO passed a resolution allowing military operations to take place in the private sector, due to a failing economy and severe lack of soldiers to secure the now-devastated eastern hemisphere. Hundreds of private Mercenary corporations immediately sprouted, offering to pay their employees steep sums to fulfill their contractors' needs. Tens of thousands of jobless fighters answered the call for work. And then it all went to hell.

The corporations became immensely powerful -- and rich, thus becoming more unscrupulous towards the contracts they accepted. The jobs often bordered on terrorism. NATO was powerless to stop them, with many major operatives now holding key positions in the council. In a last ditch effort, they called upon all 1st-world countries to train elite Special Ops units to help combat this powerful threat -- their leaders offering to pay the same price for men as the Mercenary corporations. The year is now 2007. The world is at war. There is no good, no evil -- nobody seems to be able to tell what either is anymore. The only thing that matters is the next paycheck... and where it comes from determines your alliance.

Choose wisely.

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Download 'fragopsv21setup.exe' (462.51MB)

:: Contents ::

	1) General Information
	2) Performance Tweaks
	3) Technical Information (Possible Fixes!)
	4) Known Issues
	5) Team Members and Contributors
	6) ChangeLog
	7) Final Notes

:: [1] General Information ::
Q: What are "Binds?"

A: A "bind" is referring to a key/mouse/joystick button that is "bound" to a certain function in the
game.  For example, if you opened your FragOpsUser.ini located in UT2004\FragOps\System, you'd find that the "R"
key is bound to Reload, which reloads your gun.  

Q: How can i add a bind?

A: You can either manually add binds in your FragOpsUser.ini, or using the ingame console by typing 
&quot;set input <key> <function>&quot;, for example: 
set input R Reload
would do the same thing as in answer #1.  There is also the ingame &quot;controls&quot; settings page, where
you can set up most of the basic controls in an easy-to-use visual interface.

Several binds are listed below which cannot be found in your control settings.  They generally require
manual configuration.

a) Weapon Binds:

SELLWEAPON -- sells your currently held weapon back.  Note that melee weapons can not be completely
	^_ removed, only replaced by trading it for another.

BUYPRIMARY or BUYSIDEARM or BUYMELEE <weapon id#> [attachment slot#]
	Buys a primary weapon matching the id# you enter.
	^_ if you enter an attachment slot# as well, it will attempt to buy the weapon as well
	^_ as the selected attachment.  Attachment slots are as follows:
	^_   0: stock
	^_   1: attachment 1 (if available)
	^_   2: attachment 2 (if available)
	^_   3: both attachments (if available)
	^_ If you do not have enough money for the weapon AND the attachment, it will only 
	^_ purchase the weapon by itself.  If you are not on the team that can buy the weapon
	^_ you desire, it will not buy it at all.

BUYGRENADE <grenade id#>
	Buys a grenade with the specified id#.
	^_ New grenades will automatically go into the first empty slot you have.  If you already have
	^_ a full grenade inventory, it will only replace the primary when buying.  You must
	^_ sell off your secondary grenade first if you wish for a new one to be placed there 
	^_ when using this bind.

BUYARMOR <Armor Level>
	Buys Armor at the specified Armor Level.
	^_ If no level is entered it defaults to light armor.  If your armor is damaged and you
	^_ wish to repair it, just buy it as usual and it will automatically repair and subtract
	^_ the money needed.

example: typing &quot;BuyPrimary 1 3&quot; into your console would buy an SMP45 with all its attachments,
	as long as you have enough money.  1 would be the weapon id# (listed below) and 3 would
	specify all attachments.  Whereas typing &quot;BuyPrimary 1&quot; would only give you a
	stock SMP45.

b) Ammo Binds

	Buys ammo for your currently selected weapon.  

example: If you type &quot;BuyAmmo&quot; into your console by itself, it will only buy one magazine. 
	If you type &quot;BuyAmmo 1&quot; into your console, then it will attempt to buy the maximum ammo 
	your weapon can hold or as much ammo as your current amount of money allows, whichever
	comes first.

c) SPECIAL NOTES:  BuyBinds follow the WeaponSell system, therefore any weapons you buy that replace 
	           other weapons will readd the replaced weapon's money to your inventory.

d) The primary weapon buy id#'s are:
	0)=Rygarr MP99
	6)=Red Dragon
	7)=Red Dragon
	10)FP N90
	11)FP N90
e) The sidearm weapon buy id#'s are:
	2)=SG PRO
	3)=SG PRO
	4)=Arctic Eagle
	8)=Golden Eagle
	9)=Golden Eagle

f) The grenade buy id#'s are:
	0)=High Explosive
	3)=Smoke Red
	4)=Smoke Yellow

g) The melee buy id#'s are:
	1)=Combat Knife

h) The armor buy id#'s are:
	0)=Light Armor
	1)=Medium Armor
	2)=Heavy Armor

## SwitchTrait bind

i) Trait id's for SwitchTrait are
	12)=Bloody Mess

:: [2] Performance Tweaks ::

Any manual .ini changes you make are done at your own risk.  Some of these may boost your performance,
some might make it worse.  Experiment before playing online.

a) Possible increase:

open FragOps.ini
change OverrideDesktopRefreshRate to True
change DesiredRefreshRate to the highest possible refresh your monitor can handle.

b) Another possible increase:

open FragOps.ini
change bCapFrameRate to False
change MinDesiredFrameRate to 40.000

This makes the game attempt to maintain a 40 fps framerate at all times. Just
a little extra padding if you're having slowdown.

c) If you're noticing pauses or slowdown when players first come on the screen, it's because
player skin preloading is off by default.  This balances load time with performance, since
we cache all weapon skins no matter what this is set to. If you have a fairly quick pc, you
can get rid of these pauses by opening FragOps.ini, find the section labeled
and change 
bPreloadAllSkins=false to bPreloadAllSkins=true
This will increase map loadtime, but you will no longer get any pauses.

:: [3] Technical Information ::

a) Starting the game:

Use the included links to start the game in windows.  Linux users can start the
game by simply typing &quot;./ut2004-bin -mod=FragOps&quot; where ut2004-bin is the name
of your UT2004 binary.

:: [4] KNOWN ISSUES! ::

-- BulletHole projectors occasionally darken/discolor terrain (ut2k4 limitation),
   and therefore have been disabled
-- Taclight isn't as bright on terrain (ut2k4 limitation)
-- There are certain compatibility issues with Intel video chipsets.  Please
   consult our forum at for support with this.
-- Botmatch is only meant for practice, as AI will not provide the full
   experience that an online game will due to unfinished AI code.

:: [5] Team Members and Contributors ::


contact: :: Team Leader :: Public Relations


SquirrelZero - Founder/Team Leader, Programming, Textures, Interface Art, Level Design, Sound, Music, Web Design
FakeID - Co-Founder/Art Leader, Weapon Models/Skins/Animations, Player Models/Skins/Animations, Vehicle Models/Skins, Map Static Meshes, Graphic Art
Zephyr - Co-Founder, Weapon Animations, Player Animations, Sound
Memnon - Leader of Marketing and Public Relations, Sponsorship Negotiation, Team Member Applications
Sever - Lead Skinner, Weapon Skins, Static Mesh Skins
Ektophase - Co-Lead Level Designer, Level Design, Map Static Meshes, Textures
KilEmDed - Co-Lead Level Designer, Level Design, Map Static Meshes, Textures
Hellrider - Level Design, Map Static Meshes/Skins, Textures
Tank-Bird - Level Design, Map Static Meshes/Skins, Textures
Vee - Level Design, Textures, Content Advisor
Digital Angel - Level Design, Textures
Silky - Weapon Animations
SithLegend - Vehicle Rigging, Destroyed Vehicle Meshes, Map Static Meshes, Textures
G0st - 3rd Person Weapon Models, Map Static Meshes, Textures
Purehybrid - 3rd Person Weapon Models, Map Static Meshes, Textures
DarthXan - Character Voice Acting
ShoT - Weapon Skinner

sHoKaZuLu - Level Design, Map Static Meshes/Skins, Textures
Hardcor3 - Lead Tester
Santaduck - Lead Macintosh Tester, Maintainer of FragOps Mac Kit
The Bouncer - Web Design, Team Bouncer ;)
Reco][l - Map/Game Loading Screen Art
Integer - Graphic Art
Shadow Wolf - Tester


Lumpy Milk


map mesh credits: 
Gusher of prefablab provided several meshes,
parkar( and skalman( also provided several meshes.
Mr.Glock of Static Reality contributed several meshes as well.

other credits:
Melee player animations provided by Michael Hegemann aka HEGI.
2 Muzzle Flash meshes and 3 Flash Textrures provided by Michael Hegemann
aka HEGI. Thanks! :)

Angelheart for creating DM-RelicsRedux, for without it we would have no
WAR-RelicsRemix.  Thank you Angelheart.

Awesome main menu music provided by Justin R. Durban aka Edgen.  His other works
can be found at

:: [6] ChangeLog ::

[v2.1 update]

- Added the Sig Pro SP2022 sidearm with 4 attachment configurations
- Added sniper breathing, hold breath with AP
- Bots now know how to reload deployable and vehicle weaponry
- Added some more stylish health bars for vehicles
- Added team radar to WAR gametype (tracks vehicles, buildables, deployables,
  build zones, teammates, and objectives)
- Added bigger, gorier blood spray, and some truly nasty wall splats
- Added retinal burn/motion blur effect to flash grenades
- Added visible armor levels on player models, those with detail at high or
  super high get nice shader effects on the armor
- Statistics return! The classic end-round statistics screen is back with
  improved score calculation and more data, and a new personal stats screen is
  available upon dying or at the end of each round. True to form, the personal
  stats screen will provide the player with tons of data.
- Added some horizontal sway when firing all weapons, predictable (with practice)
  and controllable, worsens the longer that rapid consecutive shots are fired
- Bots now choose a random set of armor instead of always medium
- Added impact sounds to weapon pickups
- Added buckshot decals to shotgun hit effects
- Added support for UT2004's exploding barrel kill messages
- Added alt-fire lunge attack to combat knife, if attack lands it is instant death 
  and the player will lose his knife (it will be stuck in the victim)
- Added a new map loading screen by Int
- Added clientside ammo count prediction (eliminates the &quot;ghost shot&quot; problem
  on extremely lagged or saturated connections)
- Added a new experimental recoil system that works independantly of ping
- Added a system that increments the losing team's money reward higher and higher
  the more they lose, so the poor don't keep getting poorer and the rich richer.
- Added high-res bullet shell textures

- Increased pellet spread on shotguns by 10%
- Increased driving torque on stryker, had trouble getting up hills
- Stryker harder to tip over now
- Lowered Arctic Eagle recoil by 8%, increased firing rate
- Greatly reduced explosion momentum from grenades and LAW projectiles
- Increased responsiveness when shooting grenade pickups
- Limited the amount of vehicle impact sounds per second, and disabled
  them when friendly fire is off
- If a player dies within the wave window time, it will no longer tell
  them they can respawn for that wave
- The 8x speed loader costs $100 more, and CXP 20 more
- Increased size of blood bursts by 1/3
- Improved collision on stationary MG's
- Disabled vehicle/turret use when scoped with regular weapons, unscope first
- Increased UMP and MP9 damage falloff (although up close they'll be deadly)
- Players now only receive 1 LAW resupply every second wave
- Reduced impact velocity when vehicles hit players on own team
- Weapon pickups will now fly twice as far when shot
- Increased general net update frequency on 3rd person firing effects
- Removed impact sounds from stationary MG's
- Bringing up a scope while sprinting will now cancel the remaining sprint
- Improved ammunition network replication performance
- Some taunt animations were readded: point, halt, beckon, and throat cut
- Greatly improved memory and CPU usage in weaponry
- Improved responsiveness of recoil and hit feedback in network games
- Improved 1st person FAMAS, DSR, and Red Label weapon positions
- Reduced 1st person glove texture size for performance
- Vehicles will now disappear after not being used for 60 seconds
- Raised volume of DSR fire sound
- Rewrote ancient armor and locational hit detection code
- Reduced silhouette cutoff and &quot;wall shadow&quot; effect
- Improved performance in keybind exploit checker
- Made sizes of blood splats more random, less repetitive
- Extended water viewfogging to spectating players as well (note that removing
  this does not affect what's mentioned in the notes on water fogging below)
- All falling damage less than 20 is now tossed out, wrote custom falling damage
- Improved HE grenade explosion effect
- Reenabled behindview toggle in botmatch for level design scale testing
- Made DE, AK103, USP, UMP and 8X fire sounds punchier
- Increased world collision friction of player model ragdolls
- Increased size/lifetime of bullet water rings
- Revamped blood splat code, moved some code clientside to save network bandwidth
- Reduced ringing sound volume on flash grenades, reworked flash amplitude
- Vehicle startup and shutoff sounds now have much smaller hearing radius
- HE Grenade explosion timer has been reduced to an even 3 seconds and radius
  has been reduced by 10%, explosion effect completely redone
- TRG42 will now eject a shell when bolting
- M4 (known as Comanche ingame) has changed names to &quot;Commando&quot;, has new fire sound
  sample courtesy of Hoak
- Further improved breaking glass effect
- Improved skins on some weapons
- Brought back the old v1.1 random death calculation system (TRG42 headshot bodyflips
- Reduced polycounts on player models (without sacrificing detail) by ~700, and
  heavily optimized skeletons -- the result is a 50% reduction in data uploaded to
  the video card per model per frame, a large performance boost.  Also improved
  general model deformation; many parts like the vest and pouches now have rigid
- Added a setting to War_Objective_Destroyable to allow targetting by LAWs
- Merc urban skin now has brown pants to be more distinguishable from specops
  urban skin
- Bullet tracers will no longer be visible when firing at objects up close
- Remade all bullet hit effects
- Reduced sound volume on all weapon folly by 10%
- Dirtied jeep tire texture
- Improved network performance and responsiveness of all true projectile
  weapons (includes grenades and LAW)
- Players now take impact damage from velocity in any direction, not just straight
- Reduced speed mods on Assassin and Sprinter traits slightly
- Reduced shadow breakage and improved performance in shadow projectors
- Reduced overall vehicle view distance range
- Realigned all 3rd person weapons to accurately fit hands of player model
- Lowered minimum crouch height and movement speed
- Temporarily disabled akimbo knives while animations are remade
- Players with light armor will now be more vulnerable to headshots due to
  lack of helmet
- Reduced default size of font in console
- The BUY button will no longer close the buy menu if cash is less than 0
- Players can no longer use scoped weapons if their head is below water
- Vehicles now break glass upon impact
- Initial team displayed in team select menu when joining a server will now
  default to the team with the least players
- Rearranged map loading screen layout
- Removed player model pain animations again, were interfering with new hit
- Slowed firing rate and reduced UMP damage by 5% per bullet
- Raised Super 90 3rd person volume
- Armor purchasing has changed: selecting your armor set will be free unless
  your current armor is damaged. Changing damaged armor will cost $75, the
  same as repairing it.
- Retrieval objectives in WAR will now return to their starting positions after
  being dropped for 60 seconds
- Listen server has been disabled for now

- Fixed disabled jeep upgrade (sorry!)
- Fixed being unable to exit vehicles in some seat positions
- Fixed incorrect kill message for stryker grenades
- Fixed strangeness with left handed weapon positions
- Fixed wave window time desynching from actual server time
- Fixed jeep rear gunner not rotating sideways to follow vehicle movement
- Fixed fists 3rd person animation looking like rifle animation
- Fixed ragdolls not playing if player dies on a turret
- Fixed players not playing correct animations immediately after exiting
  or entering a vehicle
- Fixed able to keep buymenu open while changing teams
- Fixed your own grenades giving you CXP in WAR
- Fixed overly large destroyed vehicle models
- Fixed a typo causing a major imbalance in Structures/Mechanic/Weapons
  stats. Upgrades are now processed and achieved in the intended way.
- Fixed players getting extra damagedone awarded for grenades
- Fixed jeep free gunner not seeing ammunition go down/up while firing
  or reloading, view also no longer clips seat mesh
- Fixed Accessed Nones in loadout menu, taunt anims, bots, akimbos, LAW pickups,
  and blood pools
- Fixed a muzzle flash memory leak in the red label shotgun
- Fixed secondary weapon in akimbos not moving out of view while building
- Fixed slight visual artifact when reloading the FAMAS
- Fixed bayonets triggering a muzzle flash when spectating in first person
- Fixed 8X shots not being counted when considering pistol medals
- Fixed vehicle headlights not working in net play
- Fixed visual inconsistencies (3 arms visible on screen for very brief time)
  when reloading akimbo weapons
- Fixed &quot;holding fire button while reloading deployable weaponry causes weapon
  to stop playing fire sound until trigger is released and pressed again&quot;
- Fixed vehicle occupants not dying when vehicle is destroyed
- Fixed a problem in botmatch where the JOIN button would occasionally force
  you back to the main menu
- Fixed a bug with MG tracers and hit effects not appearing at certain angles
- Fixed &quot;double reload sound&quot; when spectating someone who is reloading
- Fixed LAW model displaying incorrectly in WAR loadout menu
- Fixed AP not refilling to max when respawning
- Fixed team select menu opening in demo recordings
- Fixed empty speech bind menu
- Fixed a bug in WAR spawn protection, you now have 2 seconds of invulnerability
  immediately after spawning
- Fixed &quot;unable to start dedicated server from ingame GUI&quot;
- Fixed a memory leak in the team select menu
- Fixed grenade/LAW selection in buymenu, added right click support
- Fixed an M240/sandbag exploit that essentially made players invincible
- Fixed some miscellaneous LAw issues
- Fixed secondary akimbo weapon ammunition not being restored to full at start
  of round in WAR games
- Fixed &quot;player is unable to pick up LAW in WAR game&quot;
- Fixed FriendlyFireScale setting not affecting the WAR gametype
- Fixed a SellWeapon and BuyInventory money exploit
- Fixed wave respawn message from appearing during gameover wait period
- Fixed default crosshair displaying randomly when respawning in War
- Fixed overlapping weapon switch/pickup messages
- Fixed some scoreboard layout overlaps
- Fixed shells not ejecting from primary weapon when using akimbos
- Fixed retrieval objectives disappearing if a vehicle blows up with its
  carrier inside
- Fixed armor choice not being reflected in loadout menu if choosing while dead
  (only affected WAR)
- Fixed water bullet splashes not showing while zoomed or using hidden weapons
- Fixed throwing melee weapon and bringing up fists causing player to end up
  with no weapons at all
- Fixed missing TRG scope texture
- Fixed double MBT LAW entry in weapon settings menu
- Fixed a footstep bug that could cause very distant players' footsteps to
  sound nearby and come from the wrong direction
- Fixed an accessed none with the HUD quickbar and build zones that have not
  set empty item slot resources to 0
- Applied some various animation edits, mostly fixes weird thumbs/hands in
  some weaponry
- Improved memory management in vehicle weapons
- The unzoom click sound will no longer interrupt gunfire sounds
- May have fixed &quot;players stay zoomed if using a scope at map change&quot;

- On new hit detection: hit detection is now very accurate. Players of previous
  versions will immediately notice how much more difficult it is to hit people,
  because the hit area was so large pre-2.1 you could literally shoot 1-2 feet
  away from the body into thin air and cause damage. In this version, you can
  shoot between people's legs, next to their heads or arms, and the bullet will
  pass through. If you shoot thin air it will hit thin air. While this will cause
  some frustration i'm sure (increasing the difficulty of a game will always do
  that), accurate hit zones are very important for this mod and in time we hope
  you realize this is for your benefit as well, as all this does is decrease the
  luck factor. The better you get, the more this will benefit you.
- On the Med Station: Health boosts will only work after the first wave you
  survive, but the level 2 and 3 MedStation upgrades can be used at any time.
    * Level 1 heals moderate wounds instantly. Provides a 40 HP boost up to 100.
    * Level 2 provides a 40 HP boost and a special endorphine vapor. Temporarily
      reduces resting time for 20 seconds.
    * Level 3 provides all of the above, plus a stimulant booster to reduce pain
      response. Essentially functions as an extra 5% armor for 20 seconds.
  It is used by entering the ventilation area and pressing your Interact key. You
  can also only use it once per wave no matter which upgrade level.
- On horizontal recoil/sway: there are some things you can keep in mind to help
  predict and control horizontal weapon recoil.
    * The weapon is more likely to recoil to the right if using right-handed
      weapons and vice versa for left. Hidden weapons use the same settings
      as right-handed.
    * The horizontal recoil will worsen the longer the trigger is held down. Firing
      in bursts will keep the recoil effect to a minimum; almost non-existent.
    * Crouching and standing still will reduce the effect greatly.
- Fogging and water: there is something in underwater fogging that seriously
  disagrees with our mod at the moment, so the following problems are evident:
    * Fog is not visible in water while alive
    * Fog will become immediately visible once dying
    * Fog sometimes won't remove itself from the camera if player dies underwater
  We are letting you know we are aware of these problems, and we hope to find
  the cause sometime soon.

- Added WAR-WinterStorm by KilEmDed
- Added WAR-Predator by Ektophase
- Fixed karma ragdoll collision on many map objects
- Added MedStation support to Relics, optimized performance, fixed a couple
  sticky spots and the fog HOM effect when zoomed on some rifles
- Updated MIS-Nightfall, MIS-MetroCity, and MIS-ArcticShatter with various
  improvements and fixes
- Fixed some poly flipping in MIS-WaterPlant, rebuilt with uncompressed lighting,
  lowered volume on some ambient sounds
- Official support for MIS-Factory has been dropped

[v2.0: Tides Of War]

- Added &quot;War&quot; gametype
- Added Build/Deploy System
- Added HUD quickbar for building
- Added War_LevelInfo map actor for configuring key War map settings
- Added War_BuildZone map actor, can be attached to capturable objectives
- Added War_PlayerSpawn map actor, can also be attached to capturable
- Added buildables: Sandbag Wall (3 levels), Sniper Tower (2 levels)
- Added &quot;Mongoose&quot; 3 passenger ground vehicle
- Added &quot;STRKV4&quot; 6 passenger Armored carrier (with mounted .50ae cannon
  and concussive grenade launcher)
- Added CXP system
- Added male voice set: American Marine
- Updated Team Select menu with new layout/faster code
- Added weapon: 8X Enforcer revolver
- Added weapon: Fists (uses same great mouse-tracking melee and clash
  system, try altfire too!).  Please note that you will not see blood
  from a fist hit unless you strike the head.
- Added new 1st person weapon arm model, skins now change to match 
  team and uniform texture
- Added new version of the MBT LAW, now used as an anti-vehicular
- Added dead body agitation when grenades explode, and shooting dead
  bodies now makes them react to gunfire.  This works 100% in online
  and network play.
- Added &quot;Version&quot; server detail when browsing game servers
- Added new fonts for all ingame messages
- Weapon pickups, grenades, and other movable objects will now splash
  and disturb water, and sink more slowly
- Added ker-PLUNK splash sound when grenades and weapon pickups hit water.
  The volume and pitch the sound plays at depends on the object's 
  velocity. Sounds very real.
- Added small water rings to bullet splashes
- Added tooltips to armor and grenades in buymenu
- Added base mutator class FOMutator.  For future mutator additions, and
  to ensure the mod isn't using UT2004 mutators.  All authors of current 
  FO mutators will only need to make 1 tiny change (extend FOMutator 
  instead of Mutator) to their mutators and recompile.
- All new ultra-gory blood effects, tweaked for performance
- New directional hit animations, including one for headshots.  These 
  anims are used on 3rd person player models when struck by a bullet
- Added random gunfire sound pitch effect, concept courtesy of Hoak
- Added togglable vehicle headlights, triggered with &quot;Special Fire&quot;
- Added vehicle HUD
- Added FO-style recoil and reloading to vehicle weapons
- Added locational vehicle grenade damage: the closer to the gas tank,
  the more deadly the effect
- Added weapon light flash effect to vehicle weapon also
- Added new controls: Quickbar hotkeys
- Added new knife/machete attacks: AP Lunge, and AltFire Thrust
- Added new objective system created specifically for War.  Highly intuitive,
  and comes with an ObjectiveManager actor for mappers to have a one-stop
  spot to modify and create all their objectives.
- Added locational vehicle hit effects; shooting headlights/taillights makes
  a glass hit effect, chassis creates sparks, tires a burst of air, etc
- Added automatic scoreboard resizing
- Added Team Deathmatch mode to War, used by WAR-UrbanBay
- Added 5 new death cries

- Blood pools now stop pooling if the body is moved, and start new pools
  once settled until the player can no longer bleed.
- Completely reanimated entire weapon arsenal
- Disabled terrain bullet holes for now, too many graphical errors
- People who die with only fists out will now drop their best weapon
  instead of nothing.  Stops people switching to fists to avoid giving
  up their weapon.
- Rewrote some code in the dying state, should offer a slight performance
- Darkened unselected choices in main menu
- Removed decapitations for bayonets, knife, and machete.  They're still
  there for one special weapon, which can only be found and not bought.
- Improved performance and responsiveness on some hit effects, especially
  when using shotguns
- The CT42 can now only hold 5 rounds as opposed to 10
- Increased default wait at map start to 25 seconds instead of 20
- Considerably improved network performance on 56k connections, moderately
  improved network performance for high-speed connections
- New, punchier MP5 fire sound
- Improved DSR1 skin
- Improved DSR1 fire sound
- Improved Super90 fire sound
- Reduced Red Label double barrel shot by 4 pellets (should have been done
  back in 1.35 when the rest of the pellets were scaled down)
- Now using Zephyr's improved dead body ragdoll
- Improved performance for the Dynamic, RealTime, UltraReal and Godlike
  shadow settings
- The role of the UMP has changed: it will recoil slightly more, but deal
  6 points more damage per shot.  It will however lose a lot of damage
  at distance and its bullets won't travel as far.
- The MP9 has been similarly changed, but not as drastically.  It doesn't
  lose as much range but doesn't gain as much damage either.
- The P90 received a slight range increase and has now been reduced to
  $1250 for the mission gametype
- Improved Golden Eagle skin
- Darkened metal parts of UMP skin
- Improved performance in retrieval objectives
- Explosion emitters specified in destroyable objectives/dynobjects can
  now be edited or custom classes used
- Briefing screens now use real wrapped text, much more scalable
- AK103 received range reduction but initial bullet power is higher
- New Scoreboard graphics/layout
- Improved performance when drawing HUD and Scoreboard
- Player models don't rotate in the team select menu anymore
- Reduced speed multiple of Light Armor
- Resynched and improved weapon folly sounds
- Improved body bullet hit sounds and grunts
- Both TMP and MP7 received range reductions
- Roundstats has been temporarily disabled while a completely new personal
  and team stats system is created to replace it

Because of new animations, we made the following changes:
- the TRG42 and DSR1 now take 0.6 seconds to select instead of 0.3.
- TRG42 reload time reduced by 1/2 second
- the TRG42 now takes an extra 1/4 seconds between shots
- Grenades will throw faster after releasing the fire button.
- The combat knife is now swing-per-click like the machete and fists

- Fixed &quot;Botmatch&quot; title reading as &quot;Instant Action&quot;
- Fixed some extra spaces in descriptions
- Fixed blank line in mod community menu entry
- Fixed missing &quot;play voices&quot; text in audio settings menu control
- Fixed knife head hits counting as &quot;headshots&quot; in accuracy calculations
- Fixed 3rd person animations sometimes resetting to rifle position
  online no matter which weapon the player held
- Fixed bayonet attacks causing muzzle flashes
- Fixed a memory leak in weapon tosses
- Fixed body flying in air after dying from a midround team change
- Fixed missing bolt animation from unscoped CT42 fire
- Fixed an objective update bug in Obj_InteractObjectives when TriggerTime
  is 0
- May have fixed players setting their name to an empty string
- May have fixed underwater deaths leaving player camera fogged
- Fixed an Accessed None in CheckEndRound()
- Fixed &quot;instant stab&quot; bayonets, damage is now done when gun is fully

- Bot support is existent, but limited.  There may be some visual
  abnormalities in vehicles using custom weapons systems, but this
  will be resolved shortly.
- Weapon loadout binds have been disabled in War for a short time
  while some issues are worked out, use the loadout menu.
- Female player models are removed because of model proportion issues and
  time constraints.
- Playing on a listen server may produce undesirable side effects.  Please
  use only dedicated servers when playing Frag.Ops.

- Added new map: War-RelicsRemix (by Angelheart)
- Added new map: War-UrbanBay (by sHoKaZuLu)
- Added new map: War-ShadesOfBlue (by Vee)
- Added new map: MIS-NightFall (by Digital Angel and Ektophase)
- Added new map: MIS-Factory (by Tank-Bird)
- Official support for MIS-OpCan[Ni] is now dropped.
- MIS-Waterplant - fixed a few text errors, min/max player numbers, and
 some odd looking shaders
- MIS-ArcticShatter - fixed a small grammar issue in the briefing
MIS-MetroCity - improved mercenary AI pathing

:: [7] Final Notes ::
We all hope you enjoy our little mod. Shouts to Clan LV, XGMR, DNA, and S3.

-Team Frag.Ops aka Pandora Studios

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