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For those of you that have played Counter-Strike, you will all see the similarities. One team is the Special Ops teams from aro...


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For those of you that have played Counter-Strike, you will all see the similarities. One team is the Special Ops teams from around the world, the other is the opposers of the Special Ops. When you spawn you only start with a pistol and will need to buy weapons and ammo. You need to reload on your own too, no auto-reload. The weapon models are extremely well done, the guns that I have actually seen in the real world look very much alike what they do on the UT2k4 engine. I haven't had the chance to play this mod too much, I played one map and started to drool all over the place and had to stop. A few downfalls I found, the bots aren't too good, they work fine and buy guns, but I have seen better bots. Another thing is that some buttons weren't bound right away, I had to go in and bind my reload button and buttons to enter the shopmenu and buy ammo. Other than that I haven't found anything wrong with this excelent mod.

After release, 1.39 was reported to have framerate loss on some system setups, so we've optimized the new effects (and some old ones) to perform better, and added some new configuration defaults to ensure an even smoother play experience. Some other changes were made to ladder climbing and other various game aspects, so make sure you read the changelog found here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Configuration files are reset by the .exe installer, to ensure everyone uses the new default performance settings. Although a reset is not required, we highly recommend everyone do this! Servers DO NOT need to reset their configuration files and should use the .zip version.

The files with "Patch" in the name require v1.39 to be installed first. The files with "Full" in the name do not require a previous installation. Both of these can be found below under the appropriate headers. So if you're installing Frag.Ops for the first time. Install 1.38 full --> 1.39 patch --> 139.b

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Download '' (62.66MB)

:: Contents ::

1) General Information
2) Performance Tweaks
3) Technical Information (Possible Fixes!)
4) Known Issues
5) Team Members and Contributors
6) ChangeLog

:: [1] General Information ::
Q: What are "Binds?"

A: A "bind" is referring to a key/mouse/joystick button that is "bound" to a certain function in the
game. For example, if you opened your FragOpsUser.ini located in UT2004\FragOps\System, you'd find that the "R"
key is bound to Reload, which reloads your gun.

Q: How can i add a bind?

A: You can either manually add binds in your FragOpsUser.ini, or using the ingame console by typing
&quot;set input <key> <function>&quot;, for example:
set input R Reload
would do the same thing as in answer #1. There is also the ingame &quot;controls&quot; settings page, where
you can set up most of the basic controls in an easy-to-use visual interface.

Several binds are listed below which cannot be found in your control settings. They generally require
manual configuration.

a) Weapon Binds:

SELLWEAPON -- sells your currently held weapon back. Note that melee weapons can not be completely
^_ removed, only replaced by trading it for another.

BUYPRIMARY or BUYSIDEARM or BUYMELEE <weapon id#> [attachment slot#]
Buys a primary weapon matching the id# you enter.
^_ if you enter an attachment slot# as well, it will attempt to buy the weapon as well
^_ as the selected attachment. Attachment slots are as follows:
^_ 0: stock
^_ 1: attachment 1 (if available)
^_ 2: attachment 2 (if available)
^_ 3: both attachments (if available)
^_ If you do not have enough money for the weapon AND the attachment, it will only
^_ purchase the weapon by itself. If you are not on the team that can buy the weapon
^_ you desire, it will not buy it at all.

BUYGRENADE <grenade id#>
Buys a grenade with the specified id#.
^_ New grenades will automatically go into the first empty slot you have. If you already have
^_ a full grenade inventory, it will only replace the primary when buying. You must
^_ sell off your secondary grenade first if you wish for a new one to be placed there
^_ when using this bind.

BUYARMOR <Armor Level>
Buys Armor at the specified Armor Level.
^_ If no level is entered it defaults to light armor. If your armor is damaged and you
^_ wish to repair it, just buy it as usual and it will automatically repair and subtract
^_ the money needed.

example: typing &quot;BuyPrimary 1 3&quot; into your console would buy an SMP45 with all its attachments,
as long as you have enough money. 1 would be the weapon id# (listed below) and 3 would
specify all attachments. Whereas typing &quot;BuyPrimary 1&quot; would only give you a
stock SMP45.

b) Ammo Binds

Buys ammo for your currently selected weapon.

example: If you type &quot;BuyAmmo&quot; into your console by itself, it will only buy one magazine.
If you type &quot;BuyAmmo 1&quot; into your console, then it will attempt to buy the maximum ammo
your weapon can hold or as much ammo as your current amount of money allows, whichever
comes first.

c) SPECIAL NOTES: BuyBinds follow the WeaponSell system, therefore any weapons you buy that replace
other weapons will readd the replaced weapon's money to your inventory.

d) The primary weapon buy id#'s are:
0)=Rygarr MP99
6)=Red Dragon
7)=Red Dragon
12)FP N90
13)FP N90

e) The sidearm weapon buy id#'s are:
2)=Arctic Eagle
3)=Arctic Eagle

f) The grenade buy id#'s are:
0)=High Explosive
4)=Smoke Red
5)=Smoke Yellow

g) The melee buy id#'s are:
1)=Combat Knife

h) The armor buy id#'s are:
0)=Light Armor
1)=Medium Armor
2)=Heavy Armor

## SwitchTrait bind

i) Trait id's for SwitchTrait are
12)=Bloody Mess

:: [2] Performance Tweaks ::

Any manual .ini changes you make are done at your own risk. Some of these may boost your performance,
some might make it worse. Experiment before playing online.

a) Possible increase:

open FragOps.ini
change OverrideDesktopRefreshRate to True
change DesiredRefreshRate to the highest possible refresh your monitor can handle.

you should see a nice little fps boost.

b) Another possible increase:

open FragOps.ini
change bCapFrameRate to False
change MinDesiredFrameRate to 40.000

c) If you're noticing pauses or slowdown when players first come on the screen, it's because
player skin preloading is off by default. This balances load time with performance, since
we cache all weapon skins no matter what this is set to. If you have a fairly quick pc, you
can get rid of these pauses by opening FragOps.ini, find the section labeled
and change
bPreloadAllSkins=false to bPreloadAllSkins=true
This will increase map loadtime, but you will no longer get any pauses.

:: [3] Technical Information ::

a) Starting the game:

Use the included links to start the game in windows. Linux users can use the linux package and start
the game from the included script.

:: [4] KNOWN ISSUES! ::

-- BulletHole projectors occasionally darken/discolor terrain (ut2k4 bug)
-- Taclight isn't as bright on terrain (ut2k4 bug)

:: [5] Team Members and Contributors ::


contact: :: Team Leader :: Public Relations



3D Models
*FakeID, G0st, Zinh

3D Animations/Sound

2D Skins/Textures
*HedHunta, Sever, Lumpy_Milk, DeadGuy, ShoT

*nessy, Ben, KilEmDed, Ektophase, Tank-Bird , Vee, PureHybrid, HellRider, sHokAzUlU

PC Testing
*Hardcor3, NathanYuy, poiz, HighPriest, Cyko

Mac Testing

Public Relations/Recruiting

*Chris aka TheBouncer

map mesh credits:
Gusher of prefablab provided several meshes,
parkar( and skalman( also provided several meshes.
Mr.Glock of Static Reality contributed several mesh as well.

other credits:
Melee and Sidearm player animations provided by Michael Hegemann aka HEGI.
2 Muzzle Flash meshes and 3 Flash Textrures provided by Michael Hegemann
aka HEGI. Original bullet hit effects designed by Mr. Evil. Thanks! :)

Awesome main menu music provided by Justin R. Durban aka Edgen. His other works
can be found at

:: [6] ChangeLog ::


- Yet another ladder system prototype. This time we have strafing again,
but keep the jump+left/right ladder leap. The physics are custom and
much smoother than the old way, much easier to exit/enter ladders, and
no more position warping. There are also some leg/up down movements for
the player models now.
- Grenade pickups can now be shot to explode, although take 3x as much
damage as primed grenades to do so. Only available on HE and Napalm

- Lowered amount of blood effects spawned, for performance
- Reduced maximum spawned bullet shells, for performance
- Switched bullet shells to cylinder collision, for performance
- Optimized all hit effects, now require one less spawned actor
- Optimized dynamic light firing triggers on 3rd person weapons
- Reduced time period of dynamic lighting on grenades, for performance
- Reduced particle count on several other ingame effects, for performance
- Made newer, better-performing bullet splash effects
- Improved the angle and orientation of bullet water splashes
- When the person you are spectating is killed, you will be temporarily
switched to 3rd person to watch his/her death
- Both teams receive $50 less per round
- Army Cross now awards $1000 instead of an AP for balance reasons
- Both Silver Star and Army Cross can no longer be received in a 1v1, for
balance reasons
- Darkened colors on wood impact effects
- Improved random viewpoint selection when first joining server
- Lowered sound volume on snow bullet impacts
- Default IRC channel and server now point to the mod's

- Fixed ladder deaths
- Fixed spectator camera lock after just joining a game
- Fixed missing &quot;Allow 3rd Person Spectating&quot; text in game rules setting
- Fixed &quot;when spectating a poisoned player poison indicator stays into the
next round&quot;
- Fixed IRC settings not saving after being changed, this appears to be
a UT2004 issue

- New MIS-Backdoor objectives
- All maps with ladders updated


- Added new realtime shadow engine, settings are under shadows
in detail menu
- Added first person spectating and serverside option to enable
or disable 3rd person spectating
- Added new &quot;Ultra Violence&quot; mode with new blood effects, spreading blood
pools, larger blood splatters
- New 1st/3rd person shell ejections, much more realistic physics, shells
stay after firing, eject while scoped, react to water entry, and have
a nice shiny shader applied to the skin
- Added new traits &quot;Convict&quot; and &quot;Outcast&quot;

- Friendly fire will no longer take you out of the resting state
- Readded colored screen flashes for napalm and poison damage
- Lowered USP weapon priority, was choosing USP over rifles when
using the SwitchToBestWeapon() command
- Headshot damage upped 10%
- Reduced knife stab and machete stab range. Not necessarily for balance
purposes, it was just rediculously high and unrealistic.
- Raised jumping recoil 10%
- Sped up 3rd person animation enforcement code
- Looking away from a flash grenade will now minimize the effect
- Ladder climbing is different now. You will not be able to strafe,
instead, when first grabbing the ladder you will be placed in the
center. Using the jump/crouch and forward/back keys you can go up
or down. If you hold down &quot;jump&quot; and press the left/right keys you
will leap left or right off the ladder.
- DSR will now eject shells

- Fixed an interact exploit allowing people to move in the preround
- Fixed an accessed none in taclight and laser projectors
- Fixed picking up two grenades causing second grenade to not be
shown in buymenu.
- Fixed an odd weaponflash/fire sound problem in 3rd person, this
should remedy the &quot;player's gun fires for no reason after entering
a new zone or emerging from behind bsp geometry&quot;
- Fixed adminreset not resetting time properly
- Fixed &quot;unable to reload secondary akimbo weapon if primary has full
- Fixed an exploit involving jumping and resting
- Fixed &quot;Ladder Launching&quot;
- Fixed weapon muzzle flash while scoped occurring in incorrect location
- May have fixed &quot;weapon fires but no bullets come out, have to drop
weapon to fix&quot;

- Official support for MIS-DowntownBank is now dropped
- Added MIS-UptownBank
- Added MIS-Waterplant
- Fixed FPS issues in MIS-Alcatraz

- Added support for bullet water splashes and water rings
- Added support for ladder strafing added in UT2004 v3236
- Added &quot;SwitchTrait&quot; function for quickly switching traits
during preround or while dead ONLY.
- Added traits &quot;Bloody Mess&quot; and &quot;Grunt&quot;
- Added missing mercenary arm mesh for Red Label
- Added more information when spectating to make it a bit more

- HeadShot damage upped 8%
- Reduced P90 recoil by 10%
- Adjusted 3rd person sidearm positions to fit better in hands
- Akimbo system received a 100% rewrite. &quot;Yes, we can rebuild it.
We can make it stronger, faster, better.&quot;
- Raised 3rd person footstep sound radius
- Readded animation enforcement to stop wrong 3rd person weapon
animation being used
- Several traits rebalanced: Bomber, Sprinter, Pyro, Ex-Cop, Ninja,
- New method of opening the team select menu, should fix several
connection problems
- Grenade timers all reduced by 0.1 seconds
- Using new ragdoll for females
- Updated the scoreboard with new graphics and features
- Choosing a random team now automatically picks a trait for you, but
if you have one already selected it will use that instead.
- Included a better-looking masked beret female mercenary model

- Fixed sellweapon bind giving back wrong amount of cash
- Fixed buyarmor bind from taking away too much money when repairing
- Fixed objectives able to end round after round already over, same
with people changing teams or leaving the game setting off the
endround checker.
- Fixed when last person alive on one team is kickvoted, the round
does not end
- Fixed missing impact sound on flash grenades
- Fixed a resting loop
- Fixed a buymenu-related money exploit
- Fixed retrieval objective carrier keeping/dropping objective after
- Fixed flash grenade effects continuing after death
- Fixed some layer ordering on the HUD
- Fixed accessed none in Killed function
- Fixed accessed none in Died function
- Fixed cost of secondary grenade not being updated in buymenu
- Fixed a weapon hand setting problem that sometimes caused odd
positioning/invisible weapons
- Fixed inaudible footsteps
- Fixed incorrect labelling in speech menu
- May have fixed a mapchange crash

- Fixed a hole in alcatraz causing low fps and player deaths
- Fixed a bad antiportal in TrainingArena

----- Final notes
We all hope you enjoy our little mod. Shouts to Clan LV, XGMR, DNA, and CB4.

-Team Frag.Ops

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