FreezeGUTS is still in beta. There are several known issues which will be removed with a later release (hopefully). But there ar...


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FreezeGUTS is still in beta. There are several known issues which will be removed with a later release (hopefully). But there are for sure also unknown bugs. If you encounter any problem or if you have any suggestion for optimization, please, let me know.


Team Radar: The team radar shows the location of your team players. It does NOT show the position of the enemy!!

Legend: red dots: living team mates blue dots: frozen team mates normal size dots: team mate is on the same level bigger dots: team mate is above you smaller dots : team mate is below you

Thawing Behaviour: A frozen player starts with zero health. In order to get unfrozen he needs 100% health back. Each second of melting 2 health points are added to a frozen player. Each second a team player stands beside and thaws a frozen player 20 health points are added. That means, it would take about 5 seconds max to thaw a frozen team player. If you have enough adrenaline you can speed up thawing by initiating self-healing. It is possible to kick frozen players out of the world so that the really die and would not come back to the current round!

Thawing AI: The chance that a bot AI decides to thaw a team player depends on the bot skill but will be at least 30% if a frozen team player is in range. The chance increases with the number of frozen team players. A bot will try to thaw the nearest frozen team player if he does not get thawed already. The decision is based on radar visibility. So a bot might decide to thaw a team player even if there is no direct path or line-of-sight. If so, the bot will try to find a path to the frozen team player. But on the way he might also decide to thaw somebody else. So don't get your hopes up to much ... :-) If vehicles are involved a bot might even come faster to the rescue. Advancing a frozen team player by vehicle the bot will leave the vehicle as soon as he is close enough for thawing. Bots can also perform self-healing using adrenaline as users can do.

Player Table HUD: On the left side of the HUD player tables show the frozen state of your team players and of the opposing team. For your own team the current health state is shown. The table order differs for frozen and alive players: alive players are sorted by score frozen players are sorted by health So the topmost frozen player in the list will be the next one thawed.

Scoring System: Scoring system which gives extra score points for full thawing and also score points when killing some frozen player by dodging him over the edge... normal kill : 2 points frozen kill : 1 point (dodging frozen pawn over the edge) own frozen kill: -1 point (dodging frozen team player over the edge) full thaw : 2 points (thawing for more than 3 seconds in a row) part thaw : 1 point suicide : -1 point (jumping over the edge all by your own)

Overtime: During overtime frozen player do not melt and can not be thawn anymore. Only adrenaline self-healing should work. During overtime health is drained from alive players. Overtime life drain: health drain cycle is set to 5 seconds each drain cycle there is a 80% chance health gets drained from a living player 5 health points are drained per drain cycle

Misc: Support for FriendlyFire: with FriendlyFire enabled the instigator will take damage when shooting on a team player and might run the risk to freeze himself. Spectator HUD displays radar, freeze player table and thawing status. It shows your own health and adrenaline state. Team colored icy texture and liquid shader on frozen pawns. Team based relocation of all players at round start (from Nico de Vries BTFA4UT3). When frozen you will hear some louder thawing sound shortly before fully thawn. You will hear that sound even if you are spectating other players. Support for DM, CTF, DOM, ONS, and VCTF maps. Without the game type specific objects and objectives. Vehicles are fully supported Console messages are in team color. So you can quickly see if an own team player or a player from the opposing team is back in the game.


L7: FreezeGUTS is based on "FreezeTag_B2" from L7 who introduced this gametype to UT2004. Many thanks to L7 who give the source code for the community for free use.

Nico de Vries: Nico developed the BTFA Freeze mod for UT3. His version of the freeze gametype introduced a fully new and fresh gameplay. I tried to adapt some of his gameplay ideas and concepts to gain a similar feeling for UT2004. I am very grateful that Nico gave the permission to adapt his concepts and use his code.

Borysses: Many thanks to borysses for his icy texture which is used within FreezeGUTS for frozen players.

Sly: for bug finding and his great recommendation for adding support for VCTF and ONS maps with vehicles ... I really like that :-)

Epic: Credits go to Epic for the game UT2004 itself and for providing the means for game enhancements to the community.

Tester: Last but not least credits go to the GUTS online testers falvis, nemesis, bingobongo and stalker! Hopefully we got most of the bugs out :-)

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