General Lee

General Lee v1.0 - June 27, 2004

by Flynn

This was my first attempt at making a vehicle for UT2004. My primary focus was to get a veh...


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General Lee v1.0 - June 27, 2004

by Flynn

This was my first attempt at making a vehicle for UT2004. My primary focus was to get a vehicle working in game, therefore I skipped a number of details I didn't want to waste time on if the process was going to be too difficult to see through to completion. I have to say, now that I've got it working in game, it really wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be.

This version of the General Lee is all fun with no guns. I made it pretty fast so you can catch some serious air off the right hill. While you're in the air you might want to try out that horn. ;) Now that I've got this first version complete, I'm going to start working on a completely new version from the ground up.

It'll have: an interior and see through windows like the Hellbender, miniguns on the front, a bit higher poly model with a lot more detail, a more detailed skin with a shiny environment map, possibly a turret, and a lot more work on the physics. This version however is final. My son and I have play tested it for several hours and it works very well. There are a few glitches like the front tires popping through the hood for a second when you land off a big jump, and when it is destroyed you see the Scorpion exploding, but those are very minor things that don't take away from the fun.

To install the General Lee:

1) Copy dukestex.utx to your UT2004/Textures folder.

2) Copy GeneralLee.u to your UT2004/System folder.

3) Copy ONSGeneralLee.ukx to your UT2004/Animations folder.

To use the General Lee:

1) Start an instant action ONS game. (you have to be on red team)

2) Open the console.

3) Type god to turn on godmode so that the General Lee does not kill you when it spawns on top of you.

4) Type summon generallee.onsgenerallee

5) Type god to turn off godmode.

6) Have fun!

(Tip: if you want to summon more General Lee's you don't have to type the summon command again, you can hit the up arrow in the console to back up through previous commands you've typed.)

Feel free to use the General Lee however you want. If you want to add it to a map, go ahead. If you want to edit it, send me an email [email protected] and I will send you the source files. (source textures with layers, unreal script class file, and model)

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