Ghost Hunters

Semi-transparent versions of eight popular characters.


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Semi-transparent versions of eight popular characters.

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Author: ParkisG

[email protected]

Ghost Hunters Skin Pack for UT2004

Put GhostHunters.utx file in the UT2004\Textures folder
Put GhostHunters.upl file in the UT2004\System folder

After that, go into the Main Menu ~ Settings ~ and under the Player tab ~ you can select character there.

I got the idea for doing this when I was making skins for my new map DM-Haunted_Halloween2,
obvioulsy with all the killing there's got to be some ghosts. 

I did search SkinCity and found out that someone else has tried this, but I did not know this
untill after I had completed these skins, I will realease more Skin Packs just like this one.

distribute as you wish :)

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