A UT2004 mutator to increase gore. And really, this is a LOT of blood we're talking about :)

~Szico VII~


A mess...


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A UT2004 mutator to increase gore. And really, this is a LOT of blood we're talking about :)

~Szico VII~


A messy, messy modification, which adds a whole new level of meaning to the word "mess". Messing with the amounts of bloodchuncks* and blood decals, it populates the arena of a yet unspeakable mess with a whole new mess of mess to mess with during a mess. Messy.

*having multiple, grim-looking skulls and outer limbs flying out of a single body can be quite mind-shattering, actually.

Mirror mutator: Meathunk 2004.

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Gibalicious 2 [UT2004 version - 20th March 2004]

Miles Asvachin [ ]

[email protected]

Dedicated to King Mustard and all the other sick sadists at the Atari Forums


A UT2004 mutator to increase gore.


Put the following files in the indicated directories:

Gibalicious2.u                             ->        UT2003\System                           ->        UT2003\System
Gibalicious2.ini                           ->        UT2003\System
Gibalicious2.ucl                           ->        UT2003\System


Add the mutator like any other. The mutator can be configured (add it to the selected mutator list then click on 'Configure Mutators' in the bottom right corner of the screen). There are two configurable properties:

    * Always gib: If ticked, players will be gibbed on every death.
    * Gib factor: The number of gibs will be increased by this factor. Setting very high will slow down your computer. Setting ridiculously high may cause a crash.

Both options are client-side.

If you run a server with the mutator, you must add the package to the server packages list in UT2004.ini. Add the line ServerPackages=Gibalicious2 under the section labelled [Engine.GameEngine], making sure there are no spaces at the end of the line.

Changes since UT2003 version:

    * Both settings are now client-side.
    * Settings no longer persist until game is exited.
    * Works with custom weapons now.

Known bugs:

    * None!

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail them to me.

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