Authors Description: You have a swelling headache that will eventually cause your head to burst. However, you can prevent your cranium from being blown apart by fragging others. If you are lame and forget to cure your headache despite the on-screen warning, don't fret, you can still redeem yourself. Anyone who is too close to you when your headache goes critical will also feel the brunt of your cranial rupture's destructive force.

This mutator comes with two options: you can determine the rate at which your headache worsens and you can determine the percentage you heal your headache per frag. For small maps or a high number of players I recommend using a higher worsening rate and for larger maps or a low number of bots I recommend using a slower worsening rate. As you play with this mutator you will get a feel for what should be used in what situations. Remember, have fun and don't let your headache get the best of you!

Personally, I love this mod. I played Timesplitters 2 for ages when it came out and that had a gametype called Vampire in it, which is very similar to this, kill people to stay alive. It's fast, fun and painfull :) Great mod we all have to play with here - It'll be interesting in an Onslaught match. By the way, does getting a node decrease your headache? If someone knows feel free to let us know :)

~Szico VII~



A mutator for UT2004

Made by: 	Tristan 'Giganerd' Griffith

Version:	1.0
Started:	4-8-2004
Finished:	4-10-2004

Simply extract Headache.u and Headache.ucl into your ../UT2004/System directory.  If you plan on using this over a network don't forget to add Headache to your ServerPackages in your UT2004.ini file.

Contact Info
Feel free to email me with comments, questions, or concerns at: [email protected]

Thanks to
Epic, Digital Extremes, Psyonix, Streamline Studios, Atari, and the entire Unreal Series community. 

Legal Stuffs
You may only redistribute this mutator if the following conditions exist:
- the entire zip file is intact and unchanged and includes this Readme.txt
- you are not gaining any profit, etc. from the distribution of this file

If you modify this mutator in anyway please give me credit as well notify me of your changes.

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