Hellbender Race [Nightmare] Special Edition

A unique race style assault map with all UT2004 vehicles and new weapons like the OMFG gun. This is the special edition, bigger and tastles...


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A unique race style assault map with all UT2004 vehicles and new weapons like the OMFG gun. This is the special edition, bigger and tastless than ever, screw the innocent!

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Download 'ashellbenderracenightmarese.zip' (23.05MB)


Name: Hellbender Race [Nightmare] Special Edition

Version: 6

Required Packages: Latest Patch with the ECE Bonus Pack and included system files

Description: A unique race style assault map with all UT2004 vehicles and new weapons like the OMFG gun.  This is the special edition, bigger and tastless than ever, screw the innocent!


Dump AS-HellbenderRace[Nightmare]-SE(Uncut).ut2 to UT2004/Maps
Dump ConfexiaX.ogg to UT2004/Music
Dump OMFG and TIMPRV files to ut2004/System
Start up UT2004 and play!


Original creator of Hellbender Race - FU
Hellbender Race [Hardcore]&[Hellbound] by )o( Stormblade
Hellbender Race [Nightmare] by .eVil. Cap D

Bust a Groove 2 - Clap Your Hands

Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

Big Gay Al - Back That Azz Up

Chris Rock - Table Dance
Trick Daddy - Let's Go

OMFG Gun by Rachel 'Angel Mapper' Cordone
OMFG2 Mod by Gav Brown
eVil Hellbender Skin by Biggsy.:LLS:. & (MwM)Cyrus
Nude Tamika by Endre 'KoX' Bodi
AA Hellbender by Tim 'T-Shinzon' Shin

All other custom content and map work by eVil eMpire

Known Issues: This map is known to lag when server gets full.  Also it might crash and restart the server every once in a while.

*New Stuff*
Changes From Final (v5):

-The LLS fairybender is now drivable, has regular skins, and has been renamed to the Minibender
-The Bitch Slapper is now the eXtreme eVil Hellbender (it's 15% bigger, has 2000 health, and is still activated through a trigger)
-eVil Manta replaces the regular manta (darker in color, different horns, and a 50% greater jump)
-Various texture Changes (Different fake movie ads and insults)
-Improved and tweaked alerts
-Additional vehicles (Four more mantas, another cicada, and raptor) spawn after 2nd objective is completed and all final turn turrets are destoryed
-New Assault Cinematic Opening
-Better Alternate Ending
-Spear Hellbenders replaced with random vehicle spawner (randomly spawns 1 of 7 different hellbenders, a scorpion, or the shitter)
-New 3rd floor to pussy room
-New strippers in pussy room (nude tamika)
-Improved bot support (Still not perfect, but better than before)
-And many many MANY other little things all over the map

-eVil Hellbender
-eXtreme eVil Hellbender
-Rear Turretless Hellbender
-Anti-Air Hellbender
-Stormblade's Homobender

Changes From PreFinal (v4):

-Dual OMFG Guns are back (but Hidden)
-Added Live Scoreboards and other random messages
-Made it harder for people to cheat
-Added several decorations and other Miscellaneous Crap to improve on the look of the map
-Added a secret alternate ending
-Fixed a mistake with the Anti-Air Hellbender escaping
-Better ending (Great new emitters)
-Various texture Changes
-Half the vehicles have different horns
-The Raptor handles like the cicada in a few ways, to improve on flying.
-More Alerts, removed some stupid ones.
-Pussy Room has gotten pimped out (as in the looks are much better)
-Added Second floor to pussy room

- eVil Hellbender
- The Bitch Slapper
- Rear Turretless Hellbender
- Anti-Air Hellbender
- LLS Fairybender
- Stormblade's Homobender

Other Vehicles
- Scorpion
- Manta
- Cicada
- Raptor
- Paladin
- Tank
- The Shitter

Changes From v3:

-Dual OMFG Gun replaced with regular OMFG Gun (to help prevent server lag cause of rocket spam)
-More and More Alerts
-Added spear hellbenders
-All New Bigger and Better Pussy Room

Changes From v2:

-Balanced the map, Defenders don't get mantas from the start, both teams get them after 2nd objective is completed
-Longer Retrigger Delay on the Dual OMFG Guns Alert
-Concussion Rifle Removed
-Added another jump to first part of the track
-Added some mindless pawns to run over at jumps
-You get extra points for destorying key vehicles
-One New Redeemer alert Sound (Amber Alert Sound)
-Small Tweaks to make Map look better
-And a few extra funny alerts

Changes From v1:

-There is now a retrigger delay on the OMFG alert, since that was the main attration to this map, and everyone when for that all the time and all you here is holy shit over and over again
-The roads has been retextured, bloodly tiles fit the nightmare atmosphere perfectly
-The concussion rifle was added for more fun
-More funny alerts has been added
-Tank spawns for 3rd objective
-Better bot navagation
-Mantas spawn for attackers for 3rd objective
-All of the clan bashing has been completely removed

Changes From Hardcore v6:

-New Backdrop
-New BG Music (ConfeniaX)
-Added Anti-Air Hellbender, SPMA, Paladin, Cicada, Mantas, and Scorpions to the mix
-Added Dual OMFG Guns
-Added a few new alerts
-Added bot navagation
-Brought back the many redeemer pick-ups from the overdrive version (in an all new room)
-New Ending (LMFAO)
-Several new textures on various things around the map :D


Daryl Washington aka .eVil. Cap D


Yahoo Messager

This version was made from everyone's requests.  Yes, I actually listen to everyone and make your ideas happen.  Thx for the support, keep the suggestions and ideas coming.

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