Hellbenders - Built Tough

Hellbenders - Built Tough ...


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Hellbenders - Built Tough

Made by: Agent 007 A.K.A. Agent Jackson, Flap-jack.

Total runtime: 25 seconds.

Description: Funny commercial for a Hellbender, with a twist. This Thankyou all so much for viewing this...short. During summer break I had a friend over and just me and him made this for fun. Just was looking for something to do. I hope you enjoy.

Contact: Email: tommykraft@msn.com. MSN: tommykraft@msn.com. AIM: piealpha6792351.

Legal/Disclaimer: This video is not made by, nor is supported by Epic Games or Atari. If you wish to host this on a site, use it for own project, do it only with express permission from me, Agent 007.

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