A dark robot designed specifically for assassinations.


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A dark robot designed specifically for assassinations.

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Download 'iie.zip' (2.07MB)

Thank you for downloading the I-I-E skin for UT2003.

It didnt take too long to make, but I am satisfied with the result. I think it turned out nicely.

By Longorn


Copy the IIE.upl to C:\UT2003\System

Copy the IIE.utx to C:\UT2003\textures

Copy these lines to the bottom of your XPlayers.int which is located in C:\UT2003\System:

iie="Name:  I-I-E |Age:   3 Earth years|Race:   Death Drone mark II||Data:|An assasin, clouded by mystery. Many believe that this droid is responsible for several hits on imperial politicians. It is said that I-I-E may be working for the anuban government, another rumor is that its a freelancer, and that it picks its targets all by itself. It is unclear why the droid has now appeared in the tournaments.||"


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