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A simple yet very fun mutator (I'm suprised how fun it was), this mutator turns any match into an Instagib match with a twist: you get to ch...


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A simple yet very fun mutator (I'm suprised how fun it was), this mutator turns any match into an Instagib match with a twist: you get to choose how your victim dies. In other words, when you make a kill with you instagib rifle, you get to choose how the victim reacts to it. You can choose the victim to ge trownback, turned into a skeleton, or simply gibbed (for those who don't know what gibbing means, gibbing means tearing/blowing your enemy to pieces0, or you can have the mutator randomize the kill method. You can also customize the death method for both the primary and secondary fire, so you can gib one person and throwback another at will. Both firemodes will stay the same, however; only the death method changes.

Again, a surprisingly fun mutator, I would recommend this for a download and a tryout.

Semi-Personal Note: This mutator was created by Lulolwen for CHAKA, a Gaming Forums Moderator, after he requested this mod via a thread in GF. Thank you very much Lulowen for doing this. I think that you have created something that is suprisingly fun and keep up the good work!

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Download '' (6KB)


Multiple death types- Standard gib, skeletize, knockback, or random(changes on player death)!

Slow-Mo Corpses- A ripoff of the stock mutator customized for IGCustom by allowing you to determine how quickly the bodies move and how long they stay around. To better appreciate the Karma Engine using the "Knockback" death type.


How to install

Simply place IGCustom.u and IGCustom.ucl in your System folder. My extremely efficient code will take care of the rest.


Author's greetings

Hey, this is Lulolwen{FSS} saying thanks for downloading this simple mutator.

Humble, aren't I?

This mutator was created for CHAKA on the message boards. It was originally distributed to CHAKA and the ~KOS~ clan @ If it gets somewhere else or you have a complaint or feature idea, please let me know. I'm curious where this mutator ends up and what people think of it so please respond.


Known Bugs

-Rarely, the "knockback" type will get stuck on the geometry and the body will not fly anywhere. I don't know why this is or how to fix it.

-Skeletize doesn't work with Cybernetic or Robot classes... Hoping to fix in another version.


Contact Info
AOL Instant Messenger: Lulolwen
MSN Instant Messenger:

Feel free to contact me with anything IGCustom-related or with more ideas/recruitment notices.


Coming Soon!

Hopefully next version will contain flaming death, knockback controls, gib amount controls, gravity, and game speed, as well as a custom weapon skin for the ~KOS~ clan. If you would like your clan's logo or name on a custom weapon skin, see my contact information.

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