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The Inventory System is a mutator which enables the player to get credits for damaging monsters. This can be used to buy items from the in-g...


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The Inventory System is a mutator which enables the player to get credits for damaging monsters. This can be used to buy items from the in-game shop which has thing like ammo, double damage, and AOE healing items. Tons more items and perks can also be purchased. The system has its own leveling/stats system for a longer replay experience.

In addition to this awesome array of features, this mod also has over 30 missions, the ability to turn into creatures and to summon vehicles and auras. The player has the ability to trade items and weapons using the Trader Gun.

This is a great mod which adds many neat and interesting things. An Inventory System would be enough, but the author includes so much more. To view some questions and answers you might have about the mod, please revert to the readme.

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Download '' (1.47MB)

I Deadrico/Daedriok did not make this or help make this in any way. (Credits Go to these awesome people.[Mysterial,oe_The_Monkey,Super_Sonic,and Testers]For info on what each on did go to the bottom of the readme.) GREAT MODS GUYS ! ! !

Its OK to mod this as long as you give the creatures credits for is creation.

The inventory system is a mutator which enables you to get credits for damaging monsters for example, and use these credits to buy items from the ingame shop which has thing like, ammo, double damage, and AOE healing items and lots more. it also has its own leveling/stats system.
It also features over 30 missions, the ability to turn into creatures and to summon vehicles and auras.
You also have the ability to trade items and weapons using the Trader gun.

*Changes from v45*:
-Removed all references to
-Slightly updated the help menu.
-Removed the need to have libHttp.

*Required Mods/Files*:

DruidsRPG200 - included

*To Install*:

Place the following folders to your UT04 Dictionary (textures and system).

The PHP files in the BetaSource46 folder are for multiple servers to use the inventory system at once.

Please don't ask me how to use these files unless you know PHP well.

UI.php - is the file needed to connect to the inventory database. the unrealscript file connect to this file and then from that file to the database, configure the settings for your database inside ui.php and save it.
uidb.sql - is the mysql database, so if you want to make your own import that into your database.
SaveCombiner.php - is a php script that will combine 2 inventory files into 1 and convert it into a mysql database import file, which can be used to combine 2 seperate server ini's into 1 for use on the inventory database.
DatabaseSaver.php - saves the database everytime its called. this should be called using a server cron job.
DataRemover.php - removed player data which haven't played in a while from the database when this script is called. this should be called using a server cron.job.
All those file below go into a remote directory where the mutator script will interact with them.

NOTE: All the files above are for the new version of sonicrpg which isn't completed and needs a little more coding. So if you do code it which i have no objection against, please give me credit. Also this requires you to have mySQL, installed on your remote directory.

*Question and Answers*:

Q1. How do i bind a key to an item?
Q2. How do i use an item manually?
Q3. Do i keep my credits and items when i die or leave the server?
Q4. There are only 15 items, but Ive heard about more, how can i get them?
Q5. Ive bought 7 different items from the shop but can only see 6, whats wrong?
Q6. How do i get credits?
Q7. I cant buy anything from the shop, why?
Q8. How can i contact the creator?
Q9. How can i trade?
Q10. What can i trade?
Q11. How can i change the key that is pressed to accept a trade request?
Q12. How can i change the key that is pressed to open the inventory?
Q13. Why are there 2 options to get rid of items in my inventory?
Q14. An item in the shop hasn't restocked for ages, is it a bug or what?
Q15. How can i make items?
Q16. Is it possible to get rid of the Mission Tracker?
Q17. How can i rebind the key i have to hold to use the selected items 1-9?
Q18. How can i hide or show the class icons?
Q19. How can i hide or show the how key tray?

A1. To bind a key to use an item in the inventory do this command in the console: 'set input key here InvItem1' without the ' ', this command will use the item in slot 1 when you press the key you have bound it to, change the last number to change the item it will use.
A2. To use an item manually first open the inventory menu then right click on the item you want to use and choose: Use , this will do what ever this item is meant to do and decrease how many you have by one if it worked.
A3. Yes you do keep all your items and credits if you leave the server or die due to the automatic saving of them to a log file, which means that you could leave the server with 5000 credits and come back 5 months later and they would still be there unless the server admin had deleted them.
A4. To see all the other items the shop has to offer, first open up the shop, then click the next of back buttons which will scroll you through the pages of the shop which keeps other items in, all these items work the same way in buying them as others and the writing near the top of the screen shows what page you are on.
A5. It works the same way as the shop does to store other items on different pages, just click the next and prev button in the inventory to scroll through each page.
A6. To get credits you must either damage a live player or tank or damage an AI (Monster, Bot etc...), the credits you get are based on the amount of damage that you do.
A7. Some of the reasons why you cant buy are that you haven't got enough credits to buy that item (The cost can be see by highlighting the mouse over the item you want, left clicking on the item or going into its information.) or you aren't right clicking on the item and selecting one of the 3 buy options because left click just tells you what items it is and the price.
A8. Send an e-mail to [email protected]
A9. To trade you must first switch to the trader gun (default key is 0, which may need to be pressed more than once) then aim on a person by right clicking on them and to send them a request you must press left click, once that is done a trade request will be sent to them and if they accept it will open the trade menu.
A10. You can trade inventory credits and items, but some items cant be traded.
A11. To change the key to accept a trade offer you need to type: 'set input key here Trade Menu' in the console without the ' '.
A12. Typing: 'set input keyhere Inventory Menu' in the console without the ' ' will change the key that opens the inventory to the key you specified.
A13. There are 2 options to get rid of items, sell and destroy, the reason for that is that some items you will not be able to sell so you must either trade them to someone or destroy them.
A14. Each item has its own individual restock time spanning from minutes to days, depending on the item. So if the item isn't in stock it might be worth buying it off of someone that already has it.
A15. To make an item you first need to gather a few items, you need a item creator for the item you want to make and the crystals that are needed to create it(it says how many in the item), you also have to bare in mind that you need the right amount of creation points to make the item, if you haven't got enough you cant make it. Once you have these things all you have to do is use the creator and it will take the crystals and turn them into the item you are making. (Crystals + Creator = Item - Crystals)
A16. Yes, just type 'ToggleMissionTracker' in the console or just cancel or complete your current mission since it will automatically disappear if you have no mission active.
A17. Type 'set input keyhere ItemHoldKey' in the console, replace keyhere with the key you want and remove the ' '.
A18. To hide or show the class icons on screen type: 'ToggleClassIcons' in the console.
A19. To hide or show the hot key tray on screen type: 'ToggleHotKeyTray' in the console.


Mysterial - making the RPG mutator that a lot of the code was taken from.|
oe_The_Monkey - making some images for the inventory including the class icons.
Super_Sonic - for creating the inventory.
Testers - for helping test the inventory for bugs etc...

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