Jailbreak 2004 Service Pack 1

Bugs fixed for Service Pack 1 (2003a/2004a)

Server 136063 – Frequent server crashes. – public thread 136155 – Servers frequently report...


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Bugs fixed for Service Pack 1 (2003a/2004a)

Server 136063 – Frequent server crashes. – public thread 136155 – Servers frequently report "N/A" ping and don't react to UDP game state requests. 136156 – Web admin interface (and web scoreboard) doesn't react anymore after a level change. 136040 – Web scoreboard "Join server" link uses unreal:// instead of ut2004:// on UT2004. 136023 – Accessed None log spam by JBInterfaceHud and JBLocalMessage on dedicated servers. Might be related to server-side demo recording tools. 136386 – Some netcode fixes to improve network performance. One of them is particularly worth noting – see "May 31, 2004" on Mychaeel/Developer Journal.

Gameplay 135985 – Some players respawn in jail if a map is played with too many players for its size. 136512 – Connecting players occasionally get wrongly llamaized. – public thread 136183 – Enhancement: Added an option to always favor human players over bots for arena matches. 136072 – Enhancement: No momentum transfer by the Shield Gun to players not participating in a jail fight. 136290 – Enhancement: Added bot call signs to scoreboard. 136465 – Enhancement: Surveillance cameras are deactivated for jail-fighting players and during the execution sequence. 136382 – Release announcements for enemy team not played for jailed players. 136168 – Teleporter add-on transports players to the wrong base. – public thread 136374 – Not all players are showing up on the scoreboard. – public thread 136374 – Last Man played even if not the last man, occasionally. Probably related to the previous bug; JBTagPlayer did not register in the linked list correctly on client side upon rejoining from spectator mode. – public thread 136430 – Arena cam does a long "zoom-in" movement and/or "tracks" a fixed point in the map for a short time after being activated.

User Interface 136000 – Players are unable to join another game (of a different game type) after selecting "Jailbreak" once in the server browser (or having it selected from the previous game). 135362 – Temporary key bindings keep popping up when somebody joins the server. 135362 – Enhancement: Pressing Alt-Fire instead of Fire permanently hides the auto key binder dialog (until the auto key bindings change). 136356 – Some loading screens, map preview images and panorama maps appear blurred at low texture settings. 135972 – Enhancement: Fall back to default voice if voice pack cannot be loaded. (That happened to our beta testers after the default voice pack name was switched after the last internal release.)

Mapping 136347 – Enhancement: Added full support for vehicles in Jailbreak. 132123 – Numerous fixes and enhancements in JBMonsterSpawner, and made bots shoot at monsters which try to kill them (just for the fun of it).

Manual Information on creating human ladders updated. Links in navigation bar now work on case-sensitive OSes. Other Known Issues (third-party bugs and problems) Double-clicking the installer just pops up Windows's "Open file with" dialog. Your .ut2mod or .ut4mod file association is broken. WORKAROUND: Download UT2kx Regcheck and run it to fix your file associations. Installer doesn't detect installed UT2004 and refuses to install Jailbreak. Frequent mess-up caused by other installers. WORKAROUND: See this public thread for details and a workaround. Patch installer doesn't detect a previous installation of unpatched Jailbreak 200x and refuses to install the patch. The previous installation of Jailbreak 200x is only detected if you used the UMod installer to install that, too. WORKAROUND: See this public thread for a workaround. Can't connect to standard gametype servers anymore. Known UT2004 bug relating to custom game types. Fixed as of Jailbreak 200Xa (Service Pack 1). WORKAROUND: Install Jailbreak 200Xa (Service Pack 1), or see this public thread for details and a workaround. Jailbreak doesn't show up in the server browser. Yes, it does. Scroll up! :-) Jailbreak Web Scoreboard redirects to an incorrect IP address on reload. The web server's external IP address isn't properly detected by the game. WORKAROUND: See this public thread for a workaround. Wrongful "Speed Hack Detection" on servers. Known UT2004 bug. Epic is working on fixing it for the next patch. WORKAROUND: Here are the settings for UT2004.ini with which you can disable Speed Hack Detection: [Engine.LevelInfo] MaxTimeMargin=0.0 TimeMarginSlack=0.0 MinTimeMargin=0.0

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