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What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a first-person shooter team game modification. The most recent release is Jailbreak 200x for Epi...


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What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a first-person shooter team game modification. The most recent release is Jailbreak 200x for Epic's renowned Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004. The Jailbreak team also released UT Jailbreak, for Unreal Tournament, and the press center for this older version is also available. Stay out of Jail!

In Jailbreak, like in many other game types, your objective is to frag the opposing players—but unlike other game types, fragged players go straight into safe custody in the enemy jail when they're killed. To get them out of there, one of their teammates will have to fight his way into the enemy base and trigger the jail release switch that's hidden there (Jailbreak!). It is your task to defend your prison release switch and to free your own teammates when they're in jail. If your opponents manage to get all members of your team in prison, the opposing team will score a point, and your team will die a horrible death.

Jailbreak strongly focuses on team play and forces players to take on different roles for their team as the game goes on—defending their release switch, going into offense to frag opponents, or attacking the enemy base to release your own team members from prison. You'll have to be a versatile player to survive and win a game of Jailbreak.

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Download 'jailbreak2004bumod.zip' (118.58MB)

Jailbreak 2004b (SP2)
Copyright 2002-2004 by Team Jailbreak <team@planetjailbreak.com>

For feedback, suggestions and bug reports, visit

  PlanetJailbreak               http://www.planetjailbreak.com
  PlanetJailbreak Forums        http://www.planetjailbreak.com/forums/

For technical information on mapping or creating code for Jailbreak, visit

  Unreal Wiki                   http://www.unrealwiki.com
  Jailbreak Developer Network   http://www.planetjailbreak.com/jdn/


UMod Installation

* Double-click the installer file and follow the instructions on the screen.

Zip Installation

* Extract the archive into your game base directory. As the archive contains
  subdirectories, all files will be placed in the right locations. In case that
  doesn't work out, here is where the files should be placed:
    *.u     System\
    *.int   System\
    *.det   System\
    *.frt   System\
    *.ucl   System\

    *.ogg   Music\
    *.uax   Sounds\
    *.xml   Speech\
    *.usx   StaticMeshes\
    *.utx   Textures\

    *.txt   Help\
    *.bmp   Help\
    *.html  Help\Jailbreak\
    *.css   Help\Jailbreak\Styles\
    *.jpeg  Help\Jailbreak\Images\
    *.gif   Help\Jailbreak\Images\

* Open UT2004.ini, look for the section already containing several lines
  starting with "ServerPackages=" and add the following lines to it:



Search your game directory for files matching the following patterns and delete
those files:


Open UT2004.ini in a text editor and remove all lines starting with the
following patterns:



Jailbreak for Unreal Tournament 2004
Jailbreak Service Pack 1

Copyright (c) 2002-2004 by Team Jailbreak <team@planetjailbreak.com>
Contact <feedback@planetjailbreak.com> for feedback.

This mod is freely available for noncommercial use. For commercial use and
distribution, please contact the Jailbreak team <team@planetjailbreak.com> in
advance for permission.


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