JB Atlantis Gold



The Gold version is here! Loads of bugs fixed and gameplay/flow greatly improved.



                      JB-Atlantis-v2 ReadMe

Map		: JB-Atlantis-v2
Version		: 2
Released	:	:  August 22, 2005  Original DOM map released 9/2002
Author		:  Ed Duke-Cox
Conversion	: "Da Croo"

Place the map file (.ut2) in your UT2004 map folder.
Place TeamSpecificPhysicsVolume.u in your System folder.
                       Map Information

Gametype	: Unreal Tournament 2004 JailBreak
Name		: JB-Atlantis-v2
Player Count	: 3-10

Acknowledgements and Thanks

To Zed Maestro for showing me how to implement a drowning execution.

To Sjosz, author of Aquatica for the Medusas that are so beautiful in Atlantis.

To SuperApe for the VariableTimedMover.  Very handy item SuperA.

To all the members of the JB forum that chimed in with encouragement, ideas, help and feedback.

GLecter for advanced bot pathing and defense scripts, anti-portals, touch ups her and there, the drowning arena idea (and helping to make it a reality) and God only knows what else he did in the map.  Great Work!  It is very much appreciated even the parts I didn't like.

Vatcilli - thanks so much for your time, patience, being my sounding board and helping me learn so much more about mapping and handling difficult parts of map construction and just being there to help and encourage when I need it.

Extra big thanks to INIQUITIOUS for problem solving, texture creation, troubleshooting and in the company of Hazel for masterful bug hunts.

To Hazel H. for coming to my rescue with the emitters, anti-portals and do's and dont's.

                    Copyright Information

Thanks to the original author.


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