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I was rushin to get somewhere so just look at the readme for info on what to do. ill fix up this description later. THIS MOD IS AWESOME! (>...


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I was rushin to get somewhere so just look at the readme for info on what to do. ill fix up this description later. THIS MOD IS AWESOME! (>^_^)>

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UT2004 Content Mania - Mutator
Manic fun on any map. 

Run the SetupMod script or copy all files in to the '<UT2004>/system' folder. 

Mutator - 'Content Mania' 
Add objects like vehicles and extra weapons to any map. Save your settings to use again and again. Manic fun on any map.

It should work with any of the standard game types. Deathmatch requires an additional mutator to support Bots. 

Things You Can Add
Vehicles Factory - vehicles start here and once the vehicle is destroyed another one is created at this position (Only supports Onslaught vehicles) 
Vehicles and Turrets - this is a different option to the above and just adds the vehicle or turret once 
Weapon Pickups - these are just the weapons spinning in the air. A bit untidy so use... 
Weapon Pickup with Base - these are the spinning weapons plus the base that marks thier location 
Ammo Pickups - add extra stuff lying round 
Other Pickups 
Health and Super Health Chargers - the 25 and 100 pointers 
Shield and Super Shield Chargers - the 50 and 100 point ones 
Double Damage 
Decorations - just stuff you may want to embellish the map with 
Custom Items - you can add your own menus with your own choice of items on 
Add the 'Content Mania - Setup' mutator. Host your level as normal without any other mutators loaded. Run round your chosen map and at the point you want to add a new object, press the fire button of your 'Setup Mania' weapon. This is the weapon you were given as the default, at the start. You can change to this weapon using the normal 'NextWeapon' and 'PrevWeapon' keys, normally the mouse wheel. 
The popup menu has various options. The first to set is the 'File As' name for the object you are adding. You can have as many separate files as you like, each is only used on the map you are currently using. 

You can also chose if all the vehicles in the level are unlocked or if you want to set each vehicle's team individually. This option is saved and used when you Play the map using this file. 

Now select the object you want to add and you can fine adjust the location. Some objects will need to be added slightly above the ground so adjust the Z value, if necessary. Remember to press the 'Add Object' button. 

If you don't want to add anything, just press the 'Continue' button. If you want to see what the map will look like in play, press the 'Test Fit' button to drop objects in to the map. Remember to move out the way of any objects first. 

You can remove or edit any objects you have already added, just select the item from the list and press the 'Remove' or the 'Edit' buttons. 

Some ojects have extra options that can be set. For example, you can set the Team number for vehicles. 

Selecting the files to play with each map
Use the configuration menu of the 'Content Mania - Setup' mutator to select the files to use for each of your maps. Each map may have multiple files, but only the one selected here will be used. 

Add the 'Content Mania - Play' mutator before playing. 
You can not have the 'Content Mania - Setup' mutator loaded at the same time as the 'Content Mania - Play' mutator. 


The above is all you need to know to use the mutator. The following goes in to more detail for those interested. 

Custom Menus and Stuff
You can add your own menus with your own items on them. 
To be able to successfully add items of your own choice, you will need an understanding of the Unreal Object structure, classes and their names. You can find the names from either UnrealEd or the Unrealscript source code. Some objects are complex or have bStatic or bNoDelete set to true and will not work, you will only establish this by trial and error. Only items which are Sub-classes of the Actor class will work. 

You need to manually add the items to the jcbContentSetup.ini file. You can only add to your own new menu names, the 'Vehicle Factory' and the 'Vehicles and Turrets' menus. 

Edit jcbContentSetup.ini
Use NotePad or any text editor. The file 'jcbContentSetup.ini' can be found in the '<UT2004>/system' folder. You can add any number of extra classes that will be shown on the Custom Stuff List. 
Use the full name of the class including the package name. for example: 'jcbContentMania.ActJCBHealth' 

Example: jcbContentSetup.ini
CustomMenu=(sMenu=&quot;Custom Items&quot;,sName=&quot;Friendly Name&quot;,sClass=&quot;SomePackage.Class&quot;)
CustomMenu=(sMenu=&quot;Custom Items&quot;,sName=&quot;Barrel&quot;,sClass=&quot;UT2k4Assault.DECO_ExplodingBarrel&quot;)
CustomMenu=(sMenu=&quot;Custom Items&quot;,sName=&quot;DOM A Symbol&quot;,sClass=&quot;XGame.xDomA&quot;)
CustomMenu=(sMenu=&quot;Vehicle Factory&quot;,sName=&quot;AP Predator Attack Helicopter Factory&quot;,sClass=&quot;APVerIII.PredatorAttackHelicopter&quot;)
CustomMenu=(sMenu=&quot;Vehicles and Turrets&quot;,sName=&quot;AP Predator Attack Helicopter&quot;,sClass=&quot;APVerIII.PredatorAttackHelicopter&quot;)

Items added to the 'Vehicle Factory' menu must be the Vehicle class not another Factory class. 

39a - First released version [alpha]
This is released for testing only. 
40a - Add Edit button

41a - Add Vehicle Factory [beta]
A 'Vehicle Factory' will spawn another vehicle after the first has been destroyed. 
42a - Better suggested heights
Speeds up placing objects. 
43a - Minor changes to Vehicle Unlock code
In a few cases vehicles can spawn after all the unlock code has run. This change picks that up so all vehicles are unlocked. This also means that all vehicles on the map are unlocked. 
44a - Fixed Rotation, weapon swaping and unwanted Bots
Vehicles should now appear the way you face. Stopped weapon swaping so you keep the Setup Mania weapon. Bots do not join Deathmatch games during the setup. 
45a - Added Double Damage

46a - Removed non-functioning turrets
Also added shield and double damage pickups in Setup 'Test Fit'. 
47a - Renamed Assault Turrets
Assault turrets do not respawn. All except the Minigun Turret and Ion Cannon are automated sentry weapons. The Assault Minigun Turret can be used by players. The Energy Turret from Onslaught can also be used by players and will respawn a short while after it is destroyed. The Assault Energy Turret is a completely different weapon and will, most likely, destroy any players getting near it! 
49b - Added 'Decorations and Stuff'
This new section includes the vehicle mounted guns that don't function off of the vehicles. Eventually other static objects will be added. 
50a - Remember last menu location

51a - Additional pickups

52a - Tidy up code for pickups
Unfortunately previous setup files are no longer compatible. To update, simply edit any Shield or Health base and select the new equivalent from the Other Pickups list. 
53a - Attempt to fix the bug where vehicles appear white
Some vehicles do not have a neutral skin, so it no longer sets the team before spawning the vehicle. 
54b - Split in to two packages [CHANGE TO jcbMania.ini file format]
This makes the download of the server package over 50K smaller.
The Added Objects are now in the MutJCBPlayMania section rather than the MutJCBSetupMania section of the jcbMania.ini file. See the web site: for details of how to convert older files. 
59b - Reconfigured to create a Server_Admin version
This is ONLY for use if you use a Public Redirect site. Only do this if you realy must. There is a separate ReadMe file, in the server_admin folder, which contains more details. 
60a - Moved the configuration menu to the setup mutator
Reduces the download size to its minimum. 
62a - First Final Release

63a - Added custom menu items
Manual entry in to jcbContentSetup.ini file. Add any new menus you like. 
66a - Improved custom menu
You can now add to the built in 'Vehicle Factory' menu so that additional vehicles work! This lets you use vehicles from other mods like AirPower. 
71a - Set Vehicle Teams
You can now have the vehicles, team locked, like they are in Onslaught games. 
72a - Can add custom items to the 'Vehicles and Turrets' menu

Known Limitations
Only Onslaught vehicles will be automatically added to the 'Vehicle Factories' menu
Only vehicles which are a sub-class of 'Onslaught.ONSVehicle' will be detected for use by the 'Vehicle Factory'. The built in factories have 'bNoDelete=True' which can not be spawned from within the game. This mutator adds its own factory, which is a sub-class of the Onslaught factory but which can be added to the map. Custom Vehicles can be added to the 'Vehicle Factory' menu and will usually work. 
Play using a Dedicated Server - Vehicles appear locked but are not
Vehicles from a 'Vehicle Factory' always have the lock symbol even if they are not locked. Despite the symbol, the vehicle will be locked or unlocked, as per the settings for the level. 
Vehicle AI
Although this mod allows any game type to use vehicles it does not change the AI for the Bots. In some game type, like Deathmatch, the Bots may not use the vehicles. There are other mutators that resolve that problem. Try looking for 'Vehicle_DM_AI_Mutatorv1.0' on UT200X HQ. 

Using the Package to play Multiplayer on a LAN or the Internet
The Server UT2004.ini file has to be set up correctly for this package to fully work on the Client. If you have used the included SetupMod script, it has probably been done for you. If not, then, register the package on the server machines and make sure the latest files are copied to the Client machine. 
If the files are not present on the Client they will automatically be copied when the Client joins the match. 

The UT2004.ini file is in the '<UT2004>/system' folder. Edit it using Notepad to add the package files to the ServerPackages in the [Engine.GameEngine] section. 

This package name is 'jcbContentMania' 

Edit the UT2004.ini file as follows: 


It should only be necessary to do this on the machine acting as the server. 

This package will only work with Unreal Tournament 2004
Not For Unreal Tournament 2003. 

This mod or mutator has been tested on the following systems: 
Game: Unreal Tournament 2004 
Patch: v3236 
Bonus Packs: 
Graphics Hardware: nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600, GeForce FX 5600 and ATI Mobility Radeon M6 (laptop) 
Operating System: Windows XP Pro and XP Home 
This Mods Home - 
Official Game Home - 
Atari Support - 

Similar or Comlimentary Mods:
AirPower Mod - Have a read of their forums for details. 
Rand Weapon Swap - Mysterial's UT2003/UT2004 Mods web site. 
Vehicle DM AI - Look for 'Vehicle_DM_AI_Mutatorv1.0' on UT200X HQ 
WoRM2k4 - For details see the Atari Forum or the author's web site or just download the beta. 
WeaponStuff - For details see the Atari Forum or download it from the author or a mirror

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