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A wonderfull package of loading screens AND wallpapers. The attached pics are 3 of 10 I think, so download the file to see the rest.


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A wonderfull package of loading screens AND wallpapers. The attached pics are 3 of 10 I think, so download the file to see the rest.

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Download '' (7.14MB)

Jefe's Loading screen pack 2b 

 Most of the loading screen packs I've seen have featured high-res character art from the UT2004 fan site kit prominently.  That's nice on a few loading screens, but seeing variations on the same formula over and over.... well, you get the idea.  I wanted to do something different, so I've made a set that features map and in-game character shots. I've also included wallpapers of most of the loading screens in this set.  Enjoy!
Version history:

2a - prerelease suckaz.... Featuring the Mars Attacks model in DM-CBP2-Archipelago, Deinonychus in DM-Nirvana][, Taliah in DM-CartwrightHall[FuT], and lastly a pretty shot of ONS-Torlan, the reason most of us bought UT2004. ;)

2b -  1st release.  Updated Taliah and Deinonychus screens (original version of the dino screen is still in the texture if you want to use it). Added shots of ONS-Apocalypse, earth viewed from CTF-Faceclassic (If this one looks familiar, it is because it used in my menu theme), Effigy (in Ons-Ascendancy in case you were wondering), Layla of the Danger Girls skin pack (pictured  in DM-CBP2-Masurao), Magdalena and Kitty pictured in ONS-TorlanNights, and the cold-hearted Sasori in DM-CBP2-Tensilesteel.  Ok, I made that up about Sasori. ;)

How to install:

Extract Jefeload2b.utx to UT2004/Textures
Open the folder UT2004/System.  Find your User.ini file and open it using Notepad, or your favorite text editor.  Search for the following section in your user.ini:

et cetera...

And add the following to the list: 


Remove the ; from the first raptor entry if you want to use the original.

....and two bonus screen for you N64 fans:


If there are any that you don't want to use (such as the default UT2004 loading screens) just add a ";" in front of the entry for it so that it looks like this:



You are allowed to mirror this loading screen pack as long as this "read me" file is kept intact and I am credited as the author.  Please email me or send me a message if you plan to do so.  

Jeffrey_d_99@y.a.h.o.o.c.o.m   (remove excess periods)
Jefe on the Atari messageboard -

You can download my  first loading screen volume here if you are interested:


FireCrack for information on creating loading screens, Various map-makers and modelers for the images featured, everyone who has commented on and helped improve my work.

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