Jefe's Milkdrop Loading Screens

A few trippy wallpapers and loading screens. Have fun staring at them like I do.


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A few trippy wallpapers and loading screens. Have fun staring at them like I do.

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Jefe's MilkDrop Loading Screens

New loading screens, different concept from my previous efforts. All of the images were created using the Winamp visualization, Milkdrop. What you're getting here barely scratches the surface of what is possible using Ryan Geiss's brilliant visualization.  

Included are several 1024x728 jpg examples of what you're getting.  

Version history:

beta - (2004/07/20) same as now, just needed a good readme file. 

1.0 - initial release.  (2004/09/01) I was planning on adding additional screens, but my main pc is down, so I've decided to release as is. 

How to install:

Extract Jefeloadm.utx to UT2004/Textures
Open the folder UT2004/System.  Find your User.ini file and open it using Notepad, or your favorite text editor.  Search for the following section in your user.ini:

et cetera...

And add the following to the list: 


If there are any that you don't want to use (such as the default UT2004 loading screens) just add a ";" in front of the entry for it so that it looks like this:



You are allowed to mirror this loading screen pack as long as this "read me" file is kept intact and I am credited as the author.  Please email me or send me a message if you plan to do so.  

Jeffrey_d_99@y.a.h.o.o.c.o.m   (remove excess periods)
Jefe on the Atari messageboard -

Previous Work:

You can download my  first loading screen volume here if you are interested:

And my second loading screen volume:

Meryl UT2004 (Some of the new skins are based on images from this loading screen pack. )

Atari thread:


Additional Downloads and Information:

You can grab Winamp 5 (Now bundled with Milkdrop) at

Latest version of Milkdrop

Additional presets for Milkdrop  (Rovastar, update, dammit!!! ;P) 

To activate Milkdrop, first press crtl + k to bring up the Visualization plug-ins tab of the Winamp preferences menu.  Select Milkdrop from the list, and configure as desired.   Once Milkdrop is selected, you can press ctrl + shift + k to activate it while music is playing.


Ryan Geiss for creating Milkdrop, the guys at Winamp forums for the great presets.

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