Johnny Magnum 2K4 V3



Sweet model with a western theme... kinda reminds me of something you would see in a Serious Sam title:)



Johnny Magnum: version 3.0 released on 12.08.04 (now with four way team skins!)

Brent Webb ([email protected]) has created team skins for this new release, thanks Brent!)

Model Name              : Johnny Magnum
installation directory  : the UT2004 root folder
Author                  : Eli Heuer (tagheuer)
Animations		: Used UT2003 female Merc animations
Sounds			: no new sounds
Email Address           : [email protected], [email protected]
Website URL		: www.eliheuer.com
Model description       : 

Additional Credits to   : Epic, Digital Extremes

Thanks to               : My mom, dad and grandmother, Bruce Sharp, Scott Martin, Chris Liles,
			  everyone who helped with the ais game art club, Nadine and Brent Webb.

Supplemental Credits    :Thanks goes out to NotoriousBIC for Helping test and sort the files :)
Added by Brent Webb     :Thanks to [NBS]Flak, Nathjan and Nightstormer for testing and support.

* Play Information *

Four Team Support       : Yes (Red, Blue, Green, Gold)
New Sounds              : NO
CTF Skins               : yes 
Custom Voice            : Yes (beta)

* Construction *
Poly Count              : 2383 polys
Skin Count              : 1 texture at 512x512
Base info               : 
Software used           : 3Dsmax 5.1, Photoshop, UnrealEd
Known Bugs              : none, if you find one email me.
Build/Animation time    : I worked on this off and on for a few months.

* How to use this model *

put johnnymagnum.ukx in to Animations folder
put johnnymagnumd.utx in to Textures folder
put johnnymagnum.upl in to System folder

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