Junk Mech 2k4



Port over of the Ut2003 Junk Mech:)



Handle: Slyrr
E-Mail: [email protected]
website: http://home.comcast.net/~gregfisk/

Special features:
Animated taunting TV screen
Custom skeleton/animations - with spinning gears, swivelling camera
Custom voice - grating mechanical taunts and complete orders roster

reworked/reassigned animations!
five NEW taunt screens!
drives vehicles!

Attn: If you want to see the mech's DATA in the Player selection screen, then you must open your Xplayers.int file, (located in the SYSTEM directory) and add this line among the other player data.  In SINGLE PLAYER, if the info is NOT in the xplayers file, you won't be able to assign him as a team-mate - the game will crash!  So it behooves you to put this line in your Xplayers.int file:

JunkYardMech="Name:  Junkyard Mech|Age:   N/A|Race:  Artificial Lifeform||Data:|Built from discarded remnants and fueled by a rage only the abandoned can feel, the Junkyard Mech has proved more than a match for the most sophisticated droids and fighters in the tournaments.||"

Installation:  Just use the UMOD wizard, and the proper files should be put into their proper places. But just in case, you can also manually put in the files to their directories:

JunkMechSkins.utx = UT3K/Textures
JunkYardMech.ukx = UT3K/Animations
JunkVoice.u = UT3K/System
JunkYardMech.upl = UT3K/System
JunkMech.ka = UT3K/KarmaData

Then just pick the Junkyard Mech from the PLAYER screen.

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