Modified combat with improved shield guns, shock rifles and rocket-grenadelaunchers. Kaboom was originally designed for 1vs1 or 2vs2 online DM and TDM matches, however you'll be able to play it in all gametypes (i-CTF excepted), with a different number of players, and offline. In a default Kaboom match you get two weapons only: a KBSR Rifle and a KBRG Launcher.

The KBSR Rifle is an improved shock rifle that enables operators to use primary fire mode for headshots too.

The KBRG Launcher is a Rocket-Grenade Launcher. In primary fire mode it shoots instant rockets, no tracking, no charge-up time. In alt-fire mode it shoots a single powerful grenade. This is a sticky grenade: we mean, it sticks to everything (ceilings, walls, people and so on). By tapping alt-fire again, you detonate the grenade. If you die after throwing a grenade it will explode. Grenades consume more ammo than rockets.

All ammo pickups will be replaced by KBSR Ammo (blue) and KBRGL Ammo (red), depending on which kind of ammo pickup they were.

Have fun.



Kaboom 1.1
a Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004
by Mischa & Folletto Malefico '@

Changes from Kaboom 1.0:

KBSR Rifle: 

increased ammo per box (was 8, now is 10);

a shock combo now consumes 4 ammo instead of 5.

KBRG Launcher: 

reduced the delay on secondary fire rate, enabling users to detonate 
a grenade quicker; 

increased ammo per box and starting ammo (was 6, now is 8); 

increased momentum on rocket: you are now able to rocket-jump, at 
approximately the same level of a full charged shield-jump;

now you need 3 ammo to launch a grenade, instead of 2;

slightly reduced the grenade splash-damage.

Shield Gun: replaced by an ES Gun (Enhanced Shield Gun). 

Primary fire: no self-damage, slightly increased damage radius, faster 
charge-up time; Alt-Fire: quicker regeneration rate. 

Changed crosshairs for all weapons (you can still use different 
crosshairs by changing settings in the weapon data-base, or in 
the user.ini file, weapon names are: Kaboom.ESGun, Kaboom.KBSRifle, 

Configuration menu: now you are able to change your weapon inventory 
to anything you want, you may play a 'ES Gun only' or 'KBRG Launcher 
only' or 'KBSR Rifle only' match, or mix up weapons by enabling more 
than one of them, or even play without weapons (we don't see any 
reason why you should, but you can); by default settings, you will 
start with a KBSR Rifle and a KBRG Launcher. 

Added an option to the configuration menu, Ammo Regeneration; by 
selecting it, weapons will regenerate ammo when it's consumed (doh), 
and ammo pickups will be removed. 

If you select a shield only, translocator only, or no-weapons match, 
all ammo will be removed; if you select any combination including the 
KBSR Rifle and excluding the KBRG Launcher, all ammo will be replaced 
by KBSR ammo; if you select any combination including the KBRG Launcher 
and excluding the KBSR Rifle, all ammo will be replaced by KBRG ammo.

Finally, there have been some other general tweaks. 

Description (Kaboom 1.0)

From the mutator configuration menu you can add/remove translocator 
and select which kind of weapons you want to play with. By default 
you will play a Kaboom Match with KBSR Rifle and KBRG Launcher. 

The translocator will not be allowed in Onslaught game-type. 

KBSR Rifle and KBRG Launcher use the same keys of shock rifle and 
rocket launcher, the ES Gun uses the same key of the Shield Gun. 
You can change weapon priorities and crosshairs in your weapon 
database panel or in your user.ini file. 

In Last Man Standing health and ammo pickups are always allowed, and 
players never start up with maxed out ammo. 

In Onslaught & Assault there are no weapon-lockers or ammo pickups, 
weapons regenerate ammo; vehicles, turrets and powernodes regenerate 


Copy the .u, .ucl and .int files to your UT2004\System folder.
If you want to run a server, add a ServerPackages=Kaboom line at the 
end of the server packages list in your UT2004.ini file.

The 'Source' folder contains all Kaboom scripts, you don't need it 
to play, but feel free to have a look. If it helps you developing 
your own mut/mod, providing that's nothing commercial or violating 
a copyright, please give us some credits.

Thanks to

RennyManJr, JollyRulez, Glorfind3l, TrustNo1, Clan G, Udokuoio 


Everything has been proudly coded in notepad :P


You can use this program COMPLETELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. 
The software is provided to you 'AS IS' and WITHOUT WARRANTY OF
ANY KIND, express, statutory, implied or otherwise, including
without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for
any particular or intended purpose. The authors will not be liable 
for data loss, damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss 
while using or misusing this program.

You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this mutator, i.e. 
put it on a CD or any other electronic medium that is sold for 
money without our explicit permission. You MAY distribute this 
mutator through any electronic network (internet (web/ftp), 
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave 
the archive intact.


homepage: http://www.unrealskills.com/kaboom/

irc: irc.quakenet.org - #entrophy #ut.it #editing.it


(C) 2003-2005 by Mischa & Folletto Malefico '@

Existing code for Unreal ® Tournament 2004 
Copyright © 2004 Epic Games, Inc.

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