Map for "Killing Floor" Mod. Cooperative game mod. Fight Zombies, large and small -- some half visible others too big to miss. Buy weapons /...


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Map for "Killing Floor" Mod. Cooperative game mod. Fight Zombies, large and small -- some half visible others too big to miss. Buy weapons / change / sell and trade them at the Trader's. There are Online Servers.

This is a big, dark and dangerous map, but the main thing is it's survivable. There are places to run...

Links for the mod files to play this map KF-GothicV3 can be found at http://www.killingfloor.freedomsnet.net/forums/ GothicV2 is on the KF Servers but V2 has no music.

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Download 'kfgothicv3.zip' (11.93MB)

KF-GothicV3 for the mod game, "Killing Floor" (a mod (MODified) addon for Unreal Tournament 2004 (PC: UT2004).

KF-Gothic. Biotics has spread to the countryside and caused many weird effects.  KF-Gothic, just a stroll in the country or maybe a wander through the many tunnels - left or was it right?!  The house on the hill where the Trader stays is a fairly safe retreat from the zombies, maybe...  Watch out for Aunt Doris.


Copy KF-GothicV3.ut2 to UT2004KFMod20MapKF-GothicV3.ut2.  Copy Gothic.ogg (music) to UT2004KFMod20MusicGothic.ogg


Changes:  I would've left V2 alone, because I'm doing a couple of other maps, but MadMax made music for Gothic so I fiddled around.  MadMax: www.madmaxmusic.co.uk (also at: http://www.moddb.com/members/189169/mwinteringham.  Other changes to Gothic are optimization and unique static meshes. Caves are bigger for the monsters.  Entrance to house area especially optimized + new door.  House itself optimized -- Trader area too.  A spotlight was bogging the place down, so kicked it out. Another spook added as well although Death still greets you.  But the map's still big, so it's clunky to start, although it gets going.  Beerwolf Room added because he whinged there's not enough rooms! Had to leave the chainy in because of the boos when I suggested getting rid of it.  If you don't usually have your music on, do yourself a favour, try MadMax's Gothic music -- it's bloody unique.


First the Killing Floor Mod Team for a great mod!  AND textures, meshes, sounds, music and their haaard work.  UT2004 team, I can't forget them!

And for KF-Gothic, thanks also to:
http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/index.php. Has many useful short sounds (and long ones). Here's the people at Freesound whose great sounds I added as supplements:
15025_reinsamba_dinosaur1_dn2.wav.  An ambience lurking in the bushes.  It made me jump!  SplishSploshSplosh.wav - Kids in water, but it suits the ambience.
Loved fear2.wav it's in with the ambience.  (001.wav - haunting, but sadly I didn't use it.)
Horror-scream.wav, very nice!
ERH.  2great sounds: Grod 11 animal.wav - another ambience lurker. And creaking silver birch 3c.wav. Sorry no birches, but the wind and creaks fit exactly with the rickety old bridge!  Well I think so...
Hanstimm. HTcryoutloud.aiff.
Sound of death!
Several juicy door creaks.  Terrific!
Sfx_heavy door.wav used for guess what? -- in an upper house door in the map.  Nice sound!
E-water drip-echo.wav.  A must-have sound for the cave and the house' basement!
I think I used spooky springlaf.wav... I'm gunna have to make notes next time!
Sound of stone upon stone with Porte pierre2.wav.  Ideal for the moving fireplace.
Whisper2.wav.  Nice ambience for the house and also for the eyes.
Grandmither's Piano(28).wav - the ghost piano player. I would like to have used more of the piano notes.

I also went to http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/soundfx/human.shtml
The website says: "PIR did not create these human sounds and scream sounds and cannot grant absolute permission for any use other than personal."
KF-GothicV3 is personal, free and made for fun.  I can't name the people who contributed the sounds below, because the PIR website only has file names, which I copied  and pasted...
From their site I used: witchl.wav; monster.wav; witch_laugh.wav; creaky_1.wav. Thanks to whoever made the sounds,


(I mention the links I used, but each site usually has other tuts and links):

Angel Mapper. http://angelmapper.com/tutorials/
To the point tutorials!
http://architectonic.planetunreal.gamespy.com/tutorials/first_level_part6.html  This link is howto, step by step terrain.
ATI, Cubegen
http://ati.amd.com/developer/cubemapgen/index.html for Cubesmaps.  A free program that helps with cubemaps.  Cubemaps screwed with my head at first, but the CubeMapGen program helped clarify what went where and which way up.
Ezkeel at Decyber.
http://www.ezkeel.com/Design/Build/zones.htm  Good basic explanation of UED zones.
DG Unreal.
Great explanation of Fluidsurfaceinfo http://www.lilchips.com/dgunreal/ldut2k4-fluidsurfaceinfo.asp  
America's Army.
Many detailed and useful tutorials for UED. http://manual.americasarmy.com/index.php/Dusk_Tutorial
Hazel H.
http://www.newmedia.lincoln.ac.uk/thodgson/games-design/workshop12.htm  It's a school or something, but it had some UED explanations.
Killing Floor Forums: http://www.killingfloor.freedomsnet.net/forums
Mappers Underground Forums.
http://underground.igsclan.com  Some serious mappers
If you want to make a cubemap, go here: http://www.slayweb.com/tutorials/tut1.php
%252Bpclsoftbody%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG. A very good emitter explanation.
UDN http://udn.epicgames.com/Two/AdditionalTerrainTips.html The link is to terrain and I have about 9 other bookmarks to the UDN site.
http://blitz.unrealplayground.com/tutorials. Nice and to the point tutorials.
The fantastic artwork of Alien vs Predator: The http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0370263/  See it all there if you haven't already a dozen times!
http://www.photoshopbrushes.com/brushes/19.htm crowskull
"by Xarlieb:All Photoshop Brushes featured on this site are free for download for commercial and non commercial use. The only thing I do ask is if you do use my brushes, that you credit me with a link from your website to this site:
http://www.photoshopbrushes.com/resources.htm or simply add a text link to your page linking to this site."
http://www.drweb.de/textures/textures - stone / rock
http://www.aversis.be/ ground_dirt01.jpg
http://www.blender.org + Goofos and Doc Holliday for their Blender exporters.

You have persmission to use what you can from GothicV3, just give me credit: ASnipe34 (thesnipe34 at gmail .com.)  If it's a sound file, mention me / Gothic and the soundfile maker (listed above) credits.

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