Klasnic Ultimate Collection Complete

Ultimate Collection Complete - 48 characters for UT2004 with CTF4 support by Klasnic (31MB RAR)


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Ultimate Collection Complete - 48 characters for UT2004 with CTF4 support by Klasnic (31MB RAR)

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Download 'ultimate_collection_full_ut2k4.rar' (31.14MB)

Ultimate Collection Complete (Final)

Description:  48 new characters for UT2004, all with 4 team support.

Author:  Klasnic

Email:  None



Extract (unzip) all files into your UT2004 installation folder in the folders listed below;





UT2k4's greatest skinner ;)  UT2k4's greatest skin pack ;)  Now, I retire from skinning gracefully.  I'll still be very active in the community but I am heading in other directions - whether it's mapping, modelling or whatever remains to be seen (following the release of the next UT game).  See you then!

This pack completely replaces Ultimate Collection Part 1 (plus patch where applicable).


For future Unreal Tournament files by this author visit http://www.iol.ie/~klasnic


Distribution: You may freely distribute the Umod installer or archive as long as it's kept intact and not changed or disseminated in any way.

Copyrights and Trademarks;

These characters are all ©2005/©2006 Klasnic.  You may not alter, disseminate, reverse engineer in part or in whole any of the files included in this archive without my express written consent.  No character is to be included now or at any time in the future in any compilation other than one of my own making (should I choose to do so).


Unreal® Tournament 2003 ©2004 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA.

Unreal and the Unreal logo are registered trademarks of Epic 

All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their 
respective owners. 

Unreal Tournament 2004 was created by Digital Extremes and Epic Games,

Manufactured and marketed by Infogrames, Inc., New York, New York, 
a subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment, S.A., under license from 
Epic Games, Inc.

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