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A new look and even more detailed than the 2k4 version, given full CTF4/TDM4 support with changes to default and team colours. Custom species included.




Description:  A new look and even more detailed than the 2k4 version, given full CTF4/TDM4 support with changes to default and team colours.  Custom species included.

Author:  Klasnic

Email: [email protected] <-  NB anyone sending me attachments will need to mail me first as all mail with attachments is automatically removed without me seeing them.



IMPORTANT:  Before you begin, please ensure your UT2004 installation is patched to v3339 (Patch 5) or greater as this is required for online compatibility...  The latest version at this time is v3355 (Patch 6).

Patches can be downloaded from http://www.unrealtournament.com/ut2004/downloads.php#patches

IMPORTANT:  Using this character online, you 'may not' be able to connect to servers running the SafeGame mutator, because of the custom species script included.  It will, however, connect to servers running AntiTCC (version C final) and I've tested it extensively to verify this.

Server admins running SafeGame have options if they want people using this character to connect (although I've not been able to test this) - Refer to the mutator's ReadMe file and the section relating to bAllowSpeciesType is the one may need changing ;)

Extract (unzip) all files into your UT2004 installation folder in the folders listed below;



To anyone who may have gotten the first 2k5 version of this that was posted on my site, sorry this overwrites that 2k5 version but you'll always have a limited release that few people have.



First of all, who is Vrykolakas?  A vampire-like creature from Greek folklore.

Now that that's out of the way...  The original Vrykolakas was always my favourite (along with Dmitri) of everything I'd done to date.  Updating him for 4 team gametypes allowed me to go back and change a few more things about him.  I added a lot more detail on the way and tried to make the team colours themselves more dynamic.  He doesn't replace the original Vrykolakas as personally, I still use that myself, but I far prefer this one.  This new version is probably my favourite even above Dmitri and the later Dmitri2k5.  Anyone who likes this will probably like his female counterpart too, Nikita.  Enjoy!

I'd recommend using this character with species statistics enabled (under the mutators section) to get the most from the character and to experience the gameplay the way I intended it ;)


For UT2004 files by this author, updates, a full list of download mirrors and contact information visit http://www.iol.ie/~klasnic


Distribution: You may freely distribute the Umod installer or zip archive as long as it's kept intact and not changed or disseminated in any way.

Copyrights and Trademarks;

While I don't normally copyright anything I do and am usually amenable to people using my stuff once they ask, in recent times I've found my work plagarised, disseminated and stolen.  Also, I've seen work by other authors stolen and posted as original by others - hence this new part;

This character is ©2005 Klasnic.  You may not alter, disseminate, reverse engineer in part or in whole any of the files included in this archive without my express written consent.  Any person found doing so will be publically named and shamed on my web site, in public forums and in future readmes at the very least.  That is all ;)


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