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Two versions of a Hellions female character. One is unmasked and wearing leather, the second masked and wearing latex. Both have full CTF4...


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Two versions of a Hellions female character. One is unmasked and wearing leather, the second masked and wearing latex. Both have full CTF4/TDM4 support.

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Description:  Two versions of a Hellions female character.  One is unmasked and wearing leather, the second masked and wearing latex.  Both have full CTF4/TDM4 support.

Author:  Klasnic

Email: klasnic@iol.ie <-  NB anyone sending me attachments will need to mail me first as all mail with attachments is automatically removed without me seeing them.



Extract (unzip) all files into your UT2004 installation folder in the folders listed below;





As above plus for server admins who might wish to push this content to clients, copy the following file from the zip's Server Only folder to the server's UT2004\System folder;


Open the server's UT2004\System\UT2004.ini file and add the following under the [Engine.GameEngine] section;


If you want the redirect files (uz2) to speed up client downloading you can get them via GameServers.Net (wonderful redirect site).  The links are;




I used the name Yelena as a tribute to Yelena Isinbayeva for her many great achievements this year and for being such an inspiration.  Getting new world records every time I've watched is no mean feat!  It's people like her who strive to excel that drive me to do the best I can in whatever I do.  The Yelena character is not meant to look like her ;)  The second version, Zinaida (pronounced zeenahEEdah) was made as an alternative to the first rather than making a single player duplicate.  The tattoo on her arm is the Chinese symbol for danger (FYI).  I'll go back to the previous formula for making single player duplicates with the next as I want to make more use of the Green/Yellow skins for anyone that doesn't play 4 team gametypes (including myself) and doesn't want a lot of versions of the same character.  I've debated dropping support for 4 team gametypes because of the extra filesize but given it's little/no effort to make them I'll continue to do them as long as there's a demand.  Thanks to everyone for the comments, feedback and many emails - Too many names to list here.  Thanks also to Virax @ Planet Unreal (http://www.planetunreal.com) for putting info re. Vrykolakas2k5 and Nikita on the news and to hal @ BeyondUnreal (http://www.beyondunreal.com) for the kind comments in the news too.  Finally a shout out to the guys and gals on BuF and FragBU.


For UT200X files by this author, updates, a full list of download mirrors and contact information visit http://www.iol.ie/~klasnic


Distribution: You may freely distribute the Umod installer or zip archive as long as it's kept intact and not changed or disseminated in any way.

Copyrights and Trademarks;

While I don't normally copyright anything I do and am usually amenable to people using my stuff once they ask, in recent times I've found my work plagarised, disseminated and stolen.  Also, I've seen work by other authors stolen and posted as original by others - hence this new part;

This character is ©2005 Klasnic.  You may not alter, disseminate, reverse engineer in part or in whole any of the files included in this archive without my express written consent.  Any person found doing so will be publically named and shamed on my web site, in public forums and in future readmes at the very least.  That is all ;)


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Unreal Tournament 2004 was created by Digital Extremes and Epic Games,

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