Kranial Mappack #1

Very much respect for this author. What we have here is a nicely done mappack for UT2004. It covers nearly all of the major game types: DM...


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Very much respect for this author. What we have here is a nicely done mappack for UT2004. It covers nearly all of the major game types: DM, CTF, and ONS. The author has quite an imagination...each map has it's own theme, and I found no two to be alike. You can tell, no doubt, that a lot of time and thought was put into this pack! Here are some map descriptions from the author...


On a planet covered in city, there are bad parts of town, and then there are BAD parts of town. Built on the cheap by corporate giants, sector 34 was never meant to last long, and the only remaining structures of any value are the com towers that still burn bright to the sky. The once booming light industries housed there have moved on to more profitable places, and the inescapable rusting ferrocrete now houses more crime lords political dissidents than real workers. Crime is not just a way of life here, it's a religion. The winners get to leave this place. And the losers? Well, you aren't one of *those* people, are you? I sure hope not.


The only thing that's colder than the average temperature up here are your relations with the other team. Give them a warm welcome....


RGB gas processing facility was never in red numbers. Owning company - RGB United - can't know what the problem is because Rubingas and Bigryum are extremely valueable. And RGB United is also the only company who posses the secret of how to trasform Garnitum into these two precious substances.

Transformation process however requires regular breaks at night... and here came the Liandri with the idea to use the facility for their bloody sport. RGB facility is well-suited for CTF because of its shape. And spectators love to see people falling into the Garnitum too.

Of course - Tournament Lease for night costs something... and yes, RGB United really can't know what the finacial problems are about.

2 maps left without a description are DM-KG-Vega and ONS-KG-LunarSurvey. Vega is a multi-level map intended for 2 players, though I found room for 4. It has an indoor/outdoor theme inside vegetation covered caverns. LunarSurvey I found to be quite impressive, especially the transportation! If your teammates hog all of the vehicles - not to worry! There is a network of motorized platforms that will transport you all over the lunar base. Unlike most ONS maps, each power node station is pretty much unique, and the power core bases are beautifully built. Hope to see this one on some ONS servers.


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Download '' (68.51MB)

Deliverable: Kranial Mappack #1



Team (alphabeticaly): Bob The Beheader, CyMek, Derjan, Evolution, GreenLoves, Hointar, N3oDoc,
  Pandemonium, Pipux, Sjosz, Virgo47

Support/mascots/loves/affairs: oliver 'raz' G :-), Nereid, Slainchild, Hazel.H, Dregs, BIOS
  and possibly others mentioned in appropriate readme files.

Thank you Skaven for your great music tracks:

Mappack contains following maps:
CTF-KG-Chill (Sjosz)
CTF-KG-Decrepit (CyMek)
CTF-KG-RGB (Virgo47)
DM-KG-Vega (GreenLoves)
ONS-KG-LunarSurvey (Hointar)

Package content (like it should be extracted into UT2004 installation directory):

Consult corresponding readme files in Help directory for copyright and additional information.

Kranial Games
April 2007

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