Lucifer 2K4



The evil one from downstairs has returned.



ilename: Lucifer-2004
Version: 2.1
Author: EvilEngine
Release Date: 9-8-2004


Originally for UT2003, this version has been updated for UT2004 with new animations, and textures as well as some cosmetic changes to the model's mesh itself.
To get rid of some blockiness, more polys were added to the shoulders and horns to give the model a less boxy look and more sleek.
Contains teamskins(I kept it simple so don't complain, I can't please everyone) and custom ragdoll.
The model is slightly larger than standard models so hopefully no problems will result from that.
Have fun.
The mesh was designed by GrindonitX(GrindonitX (at) hotmail.com).
So thanks to him for his hard work on this great model.
Minor mesh modifications, texturing, bone rigging and animations by me.
Fixed some vertex wieghting on his neck and back, so theres no more of those sharp angles when crouching.
Added the ThroatCut animation that was missed in version 2.0

Type of File: Model
Custom Static Meshes: No
Custom Textures: Yes
Custom Animations: Yes
Custom Sounds: No
Custom Music: No


Bugs, Errors, Comments, Questions?
Send to: EvilEngine (at) earthlink.net

Website: http://evilengine.deviantart.com/


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