Madeline Carroll Voice Pack v0.8

MadelineCarrollVP_v0.8.zip —


This is a voice pack of the desirable teen actress Madeline Carroll. Shes one of my cute and talented actresses that breaks the Hollywood phenomenon (or should I say a young Hollywood star); roughly I can do some more things yet to come. This is my second VP that is for a child/teen star Ive been made. This VPs latest version [0.8] is a stable release, so tested well and no more bugs but it is not complete yet, also have filling the Acknowledgment and Friendly Fire events, and there are some cheap quotes in the Taunts section that are closely (not sure) understand, similar to the two VPs of mine (AnnaSophia Robb and Hailee Steinfeld) and Sergeant Todds Young Anakin Skywalker VP. Her voice is flawless charm in attitude and I hope you guys like this major example of VP can do, things to see me get some action :P. The sounds are in 8-bit mono, 22 kHz PCM format, PAL audio in either DVD or Blu-ray quality by which I'm currently using these two. :)

Samples: Specimen 87 has reached the final stage of the test grid. You're just virtually challenged. I feel sorry for you. What do you do if you like somebody, but they don't like you back?

Contents: 16 Acknowledgments 0 Names 15 Friendly Fires 4 Orders 11 Other/Miscellaneous 25 Taunts


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