Makoto is the newest development in artificial life technology: An android that was born by an artificial mother. This was meant to improve...


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Makoto is the newest development in artificial life technology: An android that was born by an artificial mother. This was meant to improve both the production and personal development of the androids. Makoto was created by the Raumflotte, a loose alliance of Gods, dragons, demons and androids, as their newest combat android. Unfortunately, the natural reproduction process isn't as unproblematic as it was thought to be, unlike the "perfect" constructed androids, Makoto has several flaws and underdevelopments. The one mentioned most often are her breasts, even though they were intentionally kept small (unnecessary weight and ressource usage). Makoto also has a very "flawed" psyche, very succeptible to fears and acting without thinking. Because of this (and a little pulling of strings by her parents) she was thrown out of the military and forced to live the live of a civillian. The usual depiction of robots in art made her (for some reason) believe that she will die soon and be forgotten. Oblivion is her worst fear since it is often claimed that robots don't have a soul and thus will just cease to exist once they die. She's striving to do something memorable in her life, even though she doesn't yet know what that will be (Saving the wold? Leading the android race to world domination? Kill Bill Gates? So many choices...). She's an avid gamer and her real world fighting style mimics that of the FPS games she plays. Since her body is regenerating quickly (that means total destruction -> full health in 5 seconds) due to the nanobots in her blood she fights deathmatches even in real life and rarely bothers with protecting herself, just trying to cause the most damage. Sometimes she hunts Illuminati or takes down Black Helicopters just for fun and even though she knows there are world-spanning conspiracies at work, she isn't paranoid, she sees herself as the hunter and knows that no force on Earth could stop her. Overconfidence is her biggest problem, though... Makoto is a character in a hobby-project a few friends and me are working on. She wasn't originally made for UT2003/04, I just decided it'd be nice to have her in that game. The portrait mimics the style of how bosses will be introduced minus the big, red, flashing word "Warning!" (yes, I know, that's normal for SH'M'UPs, not RPGs, but who cares?).

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Unzip (with subfolders intact) into your UT200X directory.

Or open the zip file and drag the:
.UKX file into C:\UT200x\ANIMATIONS
.UTX file into C:\UT200x\TEXTURES
.UPL file into C:\UT200x\SYSTEM

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