MapMixer is a game administration Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004. Working in both single and multiplayer modes, it gives you extended co...


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MapMixer is a game administration Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004. Working in both single and multiplayer modes, it gives you extended control over your game by managing the options that maps are invoked with. It allows you to easily personalise settings for each map in a session, including Game Type, Mutators, Player Counts, Bot Skill and Bots, with optional rule and mutator randomisation. MapMixer provides it's own map list system which includes the ability to handle game types on a per map basis. It can be invoked as a standard mutator although it provides it's own hook into the game main menu and where you can launch the game session.

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What's New?
The History section of the complete HTML documentation (see Help folder) provides full details of what's new in this release.

Key Features
o Custom Map Lists created with MapMixer's own enhanced Map List Editor
o Each map in a Map List can have it's own individual Game Type, Game Rules, Mutators, Player Counts, Bot Skill and Bots.
o Auto create the session Map List from a list of game types, switching in various different ways.
o Custom Game Types
o Customisable Game Type Lists and Game Rule Lists, including rule randomisation
o Global Map Defaults, so default Game Rules, Mutators, Player Counts, Bot Skill and Bots can be defined globally per map for each Game Type
o Map List Shuffling and Game Type Distribution
o Map List Resuming
o Auto-insert Favourite Maps into the session Map List
o User Map Rating and Comments
o Map List Filters
o Custom Mutator Lists that contain separate lists for each Game Type
o Mutators can be enabled, disabled or randomly enabled
o Automatically adjust number of players for each map in various levels
o In-Game key-assignable Map List navigation
o On screen client HUD displays current map info, next map, next map plus screenshot and match switch countdown.
o Server based Session Statistics that clients can display on-screen automatically or manually.
o In-game Client Config and Admin Menus
o Client configurable Show Scoreboard at start and end of match plus Show Stats at Match End with customisable countdowns
o Game Type and Author can be shown in the map loading screen.
o End-game Map switch on or off with customisable countdown
o Auto Client Administrator server logins
o Admin Server Settings Lists
o Game session can be launched from the MapMixer Config Menu (Standalone, Spectator, Listen and Dedicated)
o A shortcut to the MapMixer Config Menu can enabled, so it is accessible from the UT2004 Main Menu
o Global config settings can be saved and recalled in-game
o Now distributed with optional addon "BotMixer" that provides extended bot roster features
o Console commands

!! HTML documentation is provided and is recommended reading.

To install, simply extract the distribution archive and copy the contents into your UT2004 folder, keeping the same directory structure.

** Please DO NOT manually create a ServerPackages line in your UT2004.ini file for ANY of the MapMixer packages, as MapMixer will handle this itself.

MapMixer 2.30 is now packaged with the optional add-on BotMixer (v1.05), that provides extended Bot Roster features. So there is no need to download this add-on separately (unless updates are released).

Staying Up-To-Date
Be sure to check the MapMixer website for further updates:

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