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MOMO was created by the famous scientist Joachim Mizrahi to resemble and replace his daughter, Sakura Mizrahi, who tragically died at the age MOMO now appears to be. For this reason, Jr. (who knew Sakura) has a special connection with MOMO. Before Sakura died, she asked Jr. to take care of her "sister", MOMO. Juli Mizrahi, the wife of Joachim and mother of Sakura, is unsettled by MOMO, because she is reminded of Sakura. MOMO is programmed to feel human emotion, unlike other Realians, and wishes desperately for attention from Juli, whom she considers her mother. The cyborg Ziggy (Ziggurat 8), assigned to protect MOMO, acts as a father figure for her (it was, in fact, MOMO who gave him the nickname "Ziggy").



Unreal Tournament 2004 Plugin Player Skin:

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           MOMO Mizrahi ("Multiple Observative Mimetic Organicus") 

by XenoAisam ([email protected])
Original model from KDR_11k(sion) and re-skin concept from xenosaga character, Momo(not really Momo)

   Unzip (with subfolders intact) into your UT200X directory.

   v1.0 [24-06-2006]: Initial release, (first time doing this!!)

But MOMO isn't just the sweet sidekick. When MOMO was created, Joachim Mizrahi planted something 
special inside her, called Y data. This data is said to have the ability to affect the entire world, 
and is the object of desire for many organizations and people. 
In Episode 2, Jin describes the like this: I discovered that all manner of 
data from all existing phenomena is gathered together within an area of space. And beyond that lies 
a special place only described in the Y-Data. In episode 2, Albedo gets hold of the Y-Data from MOMO 
and uses it to recover the hidden (and thought to be destroyed) Miltia, the place where the Realian 
uprising occurred (Miltian conflict) and where U-DO and the original Zohar reside.

Texture remake discription:
	Momo = cellshading texture
	Realian-Series = Blinking red light and if you look at their face, her eyes is blinking 

   This model may only be redistributed with the readme intact and free of charge. Any modifications to the model must be properly declared in a file included in the archieve (can be appended to this file) and credits must be given properly (that doesn't just mean my name, but yours as well, after all I don't want to get blamed for some third party's modifications to the model).
   Selling this model isn't just disrespectful of my work, it's a rip off and, more important, making money of other people's intellectual property (that constitutes copyright infringement).

Since this model is distributed for free, I will not accept liability for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by the proper or improper usage of this model or any associated content. If you, for some reason, had to pay money for this, smack the scammer a good one and demand your money back.
Momo and Realian is copyright of xenosaga properties

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