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What is the Matrix? The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your windo...


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What is the Matrix? The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to Church, When you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

MonkeyMatrixMoves is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 which simulates both bullet time and some of the amazing aerobatics seen in the film 'The Matrix'.

This build was submitted to Phase 3 of Epic's make something unreal mod contest.

Bullet Time Bullet time slows down the gameplay. Everything slows down, including weapons, player movement and projectiles. When you have adrenaline (more than the minimum required, which you can set in the mutators config menu) press you bullet time activation key. This key bind can be changed from the UT2004 controls tab in the UT2004 settings menu.

Double Jump Similar to the UT2004 double jump, but can be performed at any time, not just when you are at the top of your first jump. Can be used to gain extra hight or to dodge projectiles in mid air. Simply press jump when you are in the air.

Crouch Hover Allows you to hang in mid air. While in crouch hover, you can shoot and change weapons. Is limited to 7 seconds and can only be used once per jump. When in the air, hold crouch. You can end the hover early by letting go of crouch.

Air Dodge Allows you to spontaneously change direction while in the air. While in the air, double tap either forward, backward, left or right depending on the direction you wish to air dodge.

Super Jump You jump higher than normal. While on the ground, hold crouch then press jump.

Wall Run Allows you to run along walls. When next to a wall, dodge towards the wall to start the run. Hold down the same direction you dodged in to keep running, press jump to flip off the wall. MonkeyMatrixMoves Mutator Allows MonkeyMatrixMoves to be played with standard UT2004 gametypes (Not onslaught or assault). Use the mutator config menu to select arena or instagib and change various game settings, including minimum adrenaline usage per bullet time activation.

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Download '' (269KB)

Configuring the Matrix
REMEMBER: Set your bullet time key bind in the UT2004 settings menu, on the
controls tab. 

The mutators config menu
When selecting MonkeyMatrixMoves as a mutator from the mutator selection tab on
'instant action' or 'host a multiplayer game', first click on the mutator, and
a button labeled 'Configuration' will appear in the bottom left of the menu.
Click on this button to enter the MonkeyMatrixMoves v1.2b config menu. 

Use bullettime
When turned off, cannot slow the game down. This setting does not effect bots,
so make sure you turn off bot support too (see below for details). If matrix
moves are set to only in bullet time then there will of course be no matrix
moves either. 

MatrixMoves only in bullettime
When turned off, players can use the new stunt-like moves at any time. When
turned on, players can only perform the stunts while using their bullet time

Use Matrix Weapons
Turns on/off the projectile bullets and trail effects etc. when in bullet time.
Turning this off can reduce problems with other mutators. 

Dual Assault Rifles
When on, all players spawn with dual assault rifles automatically, rather than
just one assault rifle. 

Minimum adrenaline usage
This is the minimum amount of adrenaline that must be used each time bullet
time is activated. This is here to stop people from start/stop spamming with
bullet time in online games. 

Minimum adrenaline to start
This is the minimum amount of adrenaline that the player must have before they
can start bullet time. This is also to stop people from on/off with bullet time
in online games. 

InstaGib, Zoom InstaGib, Arena, Remove Superweapons
These are replacements for the UT2004 mutators. 

Bullet Weapons Only
This will replace all weapons and ammo with only bullet-firing weapons, e.g.
minigun and assault rifle. 

Maximum Hover Time
This sets the maximum amount of time a player can crouch hover for before the
hover automatically ends. Setting this value to zero results in crouch hover
being disabled. 

Adrenaline Regen based on Players
Will automatically set the adrenaline regen rate depending on the number of
players currently in the game. 

Adrenaline Regen Rate
If Adrenaline Regen Based on Players is turned off, this allows you to set the
regen rate manually. This is the number of seconds it takes to regenerate 2
adrenaline points. 
e.g. a setting of 1 indicates every second a player will get 2 adrenaline

Bots Activate Bullet Time
When selected, bots will use their adrenaline to activate bullet time. Turn
this off if you want to be superior to the bots. 

Enable UT2004 Combos
When turned on, this allows players to use the speed, invisible, berserk and
booster combos like in normal UT2004, aswell as the bullet time combo. 


Installing the Matrix
ut2mod version
To install MonkeyMatrixMoves from a ut2mod, just double click on the ut2mod
file. This will launch an install program, just follow the on-screen
instructions and point the installer to your UT2004 directory (usually

zip version
For people with linux, you can install MonkeyMatrixMoves from the zip version
available for download on the internet. Simply use a zip archive extractor like
winzip to your UT2004 directory (usually c:\UT2004\). 
Zip file location:
Proleague Site 


Multiplayer Matrix
Does it work in multiplayer?
Yes, it does. Go forth and frag! 

How do I find a server?
In the UT2004 server browser, select the filter tab and set the 'Any mutator'
to 'This mutator' and then select MonkeyMatrixMoves in the new combobox that
appears. Then, select a gametype, DM, CTF, BR etc. and then click the 'refresh
list' button, and wait for the servers to start appearing. 


Changes in this Version
Changed name to MonkeyMatrixMoves2004 to signify porting to UT2004. 
Added new onion skin bullet time effects to players movement. 
Added some new misc. configuration options. 


Server Administration
For those of you who are running servers, here are some details about
configuring the mutator from ini files, etc. 

The mutator can be configured via the MonkeyMatrixMoves.ini file, which will be
created after the first time you run UT2004 with MonkeyMatrixMoves2004


Known Bugs/Issues

Bullet trails and other trail effects may continue through walls before finally
Gamespeed settings in game rules tabs for servers or instant action will not
work. The game will always start at 100% speed regardless of these settings.

Found a bug?
Email MonkeyCircus or [Apoc]Death at the following addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]


The making of the Matrix
Quick history of how MonkeyMatrixMoves was developed
MonkeyMatrixMoves started life as MonkeyMatrix v1b, a simple and quite lame
mutator developed by Adam ""MonkeyCircus"" Bradley. This was a first ditch
attempt at simulating bullet time in UT2003. Since then, MonkeyMatrix was
developed into a pretty decent UT2003 mod with a new gametype and some pretty
cool slow-motion fraggin' action. Then came APOC Matrix Moves, brain child of
Rob ""[Apoc]Death"" Gutermuth. Still under development at the time, this UT2003
mutator was a perfect addition to the Matrix theme, allowing players to do a
whole host of cool stunts by pressing different combonations of keys. So,
MonkeyMatrix became MonkeyMatrixMoves, to signify the splicing of the two mods.
Then, upon the release of UT2004, work began on MonkeyMatrixMoves2004. 

Who are the people involved in MonkeyMatrixMoves development?

Adam ""MonkeyCircus"" Bradley
MonkeyMatrix original design and coding.

Rob ""[Apoc]Death"" Gutermuth
APOC Matrix Moves original design and coding.

Thanks to the following people for testing, feedback and reporting bugs:
Nick ""Your_Mum"" Pascoe
Glenn ""Genoshin"" Chiu
Jason ""DarkElvis"" Watkins
Scott Berger

And thanks to all you guys for playing MonkeyMatrixMoves!

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