Until you play around with this mutator, you have no idea how powerful it can be. In a nutshell, it allows ANY game actor to be replaced by...


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Until you play around with this mutator, you have no idea how powerful it can be. In a nutshell, it allows ANY game actor to be replaced by ANY other actor in a map. In the screenshots, I demonstrate playing br-anubis with a hellbender replacing all shield pickups and Udamage replacing the redeemer. This is just a simple application, you can get as wild as you want with it.

The game does not get more customizable as this!!!

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MutEffects Mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004

Author Mark Caldwell aka Warhead of the Reliquary

To install, unzip the zip to the UT2004 directory.

In the mutator configuration screen there is a help section with
many topics explaining how to use this mutator.

This is a library of configurable effects and pickups for modifying the game. 
These modifications can be done using the mutator setup screen or the map editor. 
Many different types of games can be made without the need for many mutators.

There is a large library of objects called Effects. 
Each effect contains a small ability which can be used in the game, 
such as Fly, Invincibility, Speed, Jump etc. 
The effects change game actors. 
An actor is any object that exists in the game, such as players, pickups, 
weapons, vehicles, flags, balls, etc etc. 

These effects can be placed directly on actors or inside pickups. 
Pickups can give effects to actors when they are picked up. 
Pickups can also contain any number of other pickups and give them to the player picking it up. 
Any actor can be receive effects and pickups, not just players. 
This is unlike the normal game, where only players can get pickups. 
Some effects only apply to players, such as Fly, but other effects, 
such as Size(make an actor bigger or smaller) can be applied to a wide variety of actors. 
A large number of different games be be made by simply placing effects directly on actors, such as players. 
You could make a game where all players fly, or jump higher, go faster, etc. 
Existing mutators like Instagib, Low Grav, Vampire, etc etc can all be performed with this single mutator,
and so much more, as any combination of effects can be placed in the game. 
With the actor replacement ability, the Arena mutator is taken to the next level, 
as many kinds of actor replacements can be made, not just a single weapon replacement.

There is a large library of pre-packaged pickups which use these effects. 
The pickups can be changed, and new pickups can be made.

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