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-====================- -===Nate's Map Pack=====- -====================- Created by: Nate the Bad Ass Web Site: http://af...


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-====================- -===Nate's Map Pack=====- -====================-

Created by: [AFO]Nate the Bad Ass

Web Site:

Music: Anti-Logic - Sonic Mayhem

Tools used: UnrealEd Adobe Photoshop 7 My Brain

Maps Included: ONS-Struggle (Final) ONS-Torlan4x4 (Beta) BR-Atmosphere (Final) DM-Cam (Final) CTF-Voy2k4 (Final)

All maps made and designed by me with the exception of: DM-Cam CTF-Voy2k4

These are my remakes of "Star Trek Elite Force" maps made by Raven Soft

Music is copyrighted by Sonic Mayhem

-===========================================================- -===========Given Freely to the UT community================- -===========================================================-

If you would like to modify this map, send an email to then go for it. I would also like to see the finished product!

-===========================================================- -===========================================================- -===========================================================-

Contact with bugs and ideas for improvement

-===========================================================- -=======Come play on AFO's server -=======Come vist me at ========================- -=======and =======================- -===========================================================-

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