Necris Ghosts Skin Pack 2

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Some people find ghosts kinda cool....


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5744 5
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Some people find ghosts kinda cool. Others find 'em creepy. But one thing remains the same - spectral entities are popular in most if not all video games.

Essentially what we have here, is two of the Necris models, smacked with shaders to convert them into ghostly apparitions. Not too difficult to do... provided you know how... but in all it's simplicity it works rather well. There's a male and a female, for the sake of gender equality.

I've seen a lot of spectral conversions of models in my time, and usually, they have some form of error. A bit of dodgy clipping, some sparklies, a few jaggies, etc. These ones are just as smoothly done as the original models, aside from being transparent, but eh, they're ghosts - we can forgive them for a little transparency... right?

As cool as they are, they sure have some badass camo. These things blend with most environments very well, so anyone facing one of these kids down is going to have to be a good marksman and hot on the eyesight.

Well, you can see from the screenshots what it is you're getting, so enjoy if this is your thing.

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Download '' (1.84MB)

Author: ParkisG

Additional credit: to 'Deathchild' for the use of his NecrisTeam2k4 Skin Pack,
Also if you have the Editors Choice Edition update, you wont need the animation file(.ukx) to install.

Released:  October 2007

Necris Ghosts Skin Pack 2 for UT2004

Put Necrisghosts2.utx file in the UT2004\Textures folder
Put Necrisghosts2.upl file in the UT2004\System folder
Put NecrisAnim.ukx    file in the UT2004\Animation folder     (you may already have this file from ECE bonus Pack)

After that, go into the Main Menu ~ Settings ~ and under the Player tab ~ you can select character there.

I also have 3 other ghost skin packs - Ghosthunters Skin Packs 1 and 2, and also Necris Ghosts Skin Pack 1

distribute as you wish :)

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