New Egypt-SkinPack

On board is a new Model, 3 new skins for well-known models and an Easter Egg in form of a hard core pink version. As usual there are up to 4...


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On board is a new Model, 3 new skins for well-known models and an Easter Egg in form of a hard core pink version. As usual there are up to 4 team battles supported.

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----------------     UT 2004 - SkinPack - Team Star Blade     ----------------

---------------------------------General Info---------------------------------
Version: 1.00

Authors: Markus "MäxX" Rotter (Skinning)
         Thomas "Thanatos" Wedge (Modelling)

Contact: (MäxX)
         (Thanatos` profile @ BUF)

Suported bio languages: English

File Contents: *MaxxEgypt.ukx

Used Editors: JASC Paintshop Pro 8
              Upaint 1.1
              UEdit 3.0
              Notepad XP

Compatiblity: Tested with Unreal Tournament 2004 (Retail Version+)

WIP-Thread @ BUF:

+ Place the .upl and int files in the System directory
+ .ukx file goes to Abimations-folder
+ .utx files into the Textures directory
+ .psk file goes into \uPaint\Meshes if you want to use it for skinning or
  previewing and the .jpg into the help folder (optional)

--------------------------------Additional Info-------------------------------
There is a hidden bonus (and very pink) version of Condor included. Due it has
no teamcolors it has the status DUP. If you want to see it (you have been
warned!!!!) just open the tsb.upl and switch the Menu="DUP" parameter to "SP"
or simply "".

-----------------------------------known Bugs---------------------------------
There are some small issues with the new Egypt model

-------------------------------Words by the author----------------------------
It started as a small joke of a skin for a friend of mine (I use to call her
my godess, so it was clear an Egypt-char should be used).
After some tries the skin got better and better and I chose to give her some
minions. Unfortunately I didn`t manage to get her face properly into the game
so I tried to make another one, which turned out really beautifull IMO.
Finally I decided to make a whole egyptian team for use with my ADSU-project
and here it is. It`s really a pity there are only a few good egyptian skins out
there, skinning them is pretty funny ;)
TBH, I`m really satisfied with the pack, due I learned pretty much about skinning
and delivered more than just "recycled recolored" ones.

--------------------------UT2k3/4-Works by the author---------------------------
#Team Snake Eyes (9 Skins - 4 MercFemale, 4MercMale, 1 CyberneticMale)
#Team Snake Eyes - Part II (7Skins - 3 MercFemale, 3 MercMale, 1 CyberneticFem)
#Team Snake Eyes - Patch v.1.15 - unreleased due total new version planed
#Team Snake Eyes - Version 1.20 (Splitted in 4 parts - Alpha to Delta)
#Team Silver Talon - Wing Abel (in cooperation with Mr. Bee, 4 MercMale skins)
#Team Silver Talon - Wing Baker (12 Skins - 6 MerfFem, 2 MercMale and 4 JugMale)
#Stefanie Special
#Team Star Blade (4 egyptian skins - 2 male, 2 female)

#UT-Classic-VoicePack (5 original UT sounds) - unreleased
#Team Snake Eyes - Cobra

#Alternate DUP Switch Utility - currently WIP

----------------------------UT-Works by the author----------------------------
#Team Snake Eyes (1 male soldier, 1 female soldier - both with 4 faces)

------------------------other UT Stuff by the author--------------------------
*Themes for Handies
#Nokia6600 - UT-Logo Theme (of course in 4 Team-colors *g*)
#Nokia6630/6680 - UT-Logo Theme (also compatible with Nokia 6600)

-------------------------------Special Thanks to------------------------------
*The Epic-Team for making this rockin`game!

*SaD and klasnic for their always kind support *thumbsup*

*All people posting in my WIP-thread providing me hints, clues and ideas or
 just for their nice comments and good time.

*the_rex, MacTom27, Random_Elite and all other guys n`gals were truly a great
help in the WIP-thread! Thank you so much!

*MacTom27 again for that totally wicked sick bio-text for the hidden pink char.

*You for downloading, enjoying and reading this crap

This inoffical addon is provided as is and is not supported in any ways by
the manufacturer or publisher of the Unreal Tournament-Series.
You use this at your own risk! The authors cannot be held responsible for any
data-loss or other damage on your PC due the usage of this product (In the
original version of this addon there were no dangerous files purposly
You may freely distribute this file, as long as it is unchanged, all files of
the original zip-file (see listing above) are included and no fee is charged.
If you want to change the files, use a part of my work for yourself or charge
a fee for making it available, you have to ask me for permission and give 
me credit.
By using or providing this addon you agree with this license terms!

You have to enjoy the package ;)

----------------------------------End of File---------------------------------

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