Node Runner (Final)

This vehicle moves at the same speeds as the manta. It shoots raptor projectiles at a high rate. Its a 2 seater and the second driver contro...


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This vehicle moves at the same speeds as the manta. It shoots raptor projectiles at a high rate. Its a 2 seater and the second driver controls the rear gun. It also as really high acceleration. You can also use crouch to lower the vehicle. Pretty similar to the manta. It has 250 health

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Download '' (2.08MB)

Vehicle:    NodeRunner Final V1.05 (PUBLIC)
Game:       Unreal Tournament 2004
Author:     Mark Rossmore (WickedPenguin)
Copyright:  Ā©2004 Wicked Penguin Corporation
Web Site:
E-mail:     [email protected]

If you have any suggestions/comments, or if you use this vehicle in a game or map, please let me know! I'd love to see it in action! E-mail: [email protected]

Release: May. 29, 2004


The NodeRunner is a vehicle designed for high velocity hit and run operations. As it approaches its target, it can lay down a powerful, high-density stream of fire from its forward mounted cannons. While deadly with only a driver, it is truly a menace with the addition of a second player in the rear turret. As the pilot barrels in it at the target, the gunner can lay down additional fire on the target, or defend from vehicular and personnel attacks.

=== WEAPONS ===

- Driver
  * Primary: Plasma Cannons
  * Alt-Fire: Guided Missiles
  * Crouch Button: Manta-style Dive (i.e. le Pancake maker)
- Gunner
  * Primary: Minigun
  * Alt-Fire: Zoom


To play on a LAN or to use it on your hosted online server, you need to add the following lines to your UT2004/System/UT2004.ini file. They go inside the "[Engine.GameEngine]" section. 


For more info, check out this thread:

Thanks to eXo2004 for the help. 


When you create a new game, just the NodeRunner mutators from the list. This mutator allows you to:

- Choose which vehicle you want replaced with the NR
- Choose which NodeRunner you want (Minigun Turret or Chargebeam Turret)
- Choose your firepower (Final, reduced strength, or brutal Beta 3.1 strength)


This is not a Manta. While it can strafe some at a stand still, your primary steering while underway should be with the mouse. Point it where you want to go and you're on your way. 

=== FINAL V1.05 Modifications ===

- Fixed issue with no dead mesh
- New, all-powerful mutator (THANKS BIG CHEESE!!!!!!)

=== FINAL V1.0 Modifications ===

Big thanks to Evile for helping with the UV map 

- Minigun and Chargebeam versions now co-exist instead of replacing each other
- Mutators for each version that replace the Manta
- Reduced damage inflicted by minigun bullets
- Reduced rate of fire for plasma guns
- All-new skin featuring a great deal of detail and camoflage
- Blue and red skins now available
- Removed Charging bar

=== BETA V3.1 Modifications ===

Big thanks to BigCheeese for creating the Mut and Factory! 

- Added NodeRunner Mutator (when selected, replaces Manta on all maps)
- Added ONSNodeRunnerFactory

=== BETA V3 Modifications ===

- Added Guided Missiles from Raptor 
- Adjusted hover altitude to add more clearance
- Removed Jump capabilities
- Turret Adjustments
  * High rate of fire (0 seconds)
  * Shortened charge time
- Increased health to 250
- Centered plasma cannons
- Increased entry radius to compensate for altitude increase

=== BETA V2 Modifications ===

- New Turret model
  * Lower profile for better visibility
  * Reduced firepower by half
- Improved forward weaponry
  * Higher rate of fire
  * Increased projectile speed
  * Reduced damage by 1/3
- Increased ability to strafe at a standstill
- Reduced health to 200 (from 300)
- Slightly increased groundspeed
- Changed sounds to those of Raptor (more fitting than the Manta fan sound)


- No "dead" model yet

=== CONTENTS ===
Here's what the file contains:

- A UKX file to go into your Animations folder
- A UTX file for your Textures folder
- U file for your System folder.

And here's the download link:

=== USAGE ===
These files are only for personal use and enjoyment - not for commercial distribution (i.e. don't sell it - just spread it)

=== CREDITS ===

Concept, Design, Modelling, Coding, Texturing:
  Mark Rossmore (WickedPenguin)

Mutator and Factory coding by: 

UV Mapping Assistance:

Beta Testing by:
beaumont911, Bigcheeese, DoyleChris, Evile, hellfire, JayDog, JoshuaC, KastaRules, MaceX, M][St, punkrockaxel, slayer111, Tiko, Zanboo

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