Nuclear Strike Painter



This weapon modification replaces the old airstrike target painter with something a little more "flashy".

HEALTH WARNING: Do NOT use this if you're playing the game in a dark room (not that you should be playing UT2004 in a dark room anyway), or you WILL suffer retinal damage. Trust me on that, I found out the hard way...



NUCLEAR STRIKE PAINTER v1.0 ~ by MiracleMatter

FileName:	NuclearStrike_1.1.zip
Version:	1.1
ReleaseDate:	October 18, 2006
Type:		Single Weapon Modification
Author:		Miracle Matter
EMail:		[email protected]

Description:		This weapon is dedicated to anybody who thinks the current airstrike in UT2004 is just a little... 				well, useless. This weapon calls in a Phoenix bomber that drops a single small-scale nuclear device, 				with an explosion over twice the diameter of the Redeemer's, and which also leaves a blinding 					mushroom cloud of thick smoke for about 20 seconds. I personally find it very impressive to watch, 				and it's not just show, either. This thing can kill a fresh Leviathan in ONE HIT, if you can get the 				bomb to land a direct hit.

Changes:                v1.0 - Original release.
			v1.1 - Added a better flash to the explosion, increased damage radius a bit, decreased damage 			       		       slightly, reduced bomb's falling speed, and toned down the particle effects. It looks truly 			       	       fearsome now, and can still take out a full-armor Levi.

Installation:		StrikePainter.ucl/u	  -> System
			Nuclear Strike Readme.txt -> Help

			Zip file has path info: just unzip to your UT2004 folder.		

For Multiplayer:	To use the Nuclear Strike Painter on a server, add the following lines to your UT2004.ini
			at the end of the [Engine.GameEngine] paragraph:


			I have not tested it online, but it is a very simple change to the Target Painter and Redeemer 					explosion, so I hope there is no problem. Of course, if there is, be sure to e-mail me.

System Requirements:	Above average. Despite the new explosion, I still get framerate hitches sometimes, but not nearly
			as often or as bad as before.

Construction Time:	Took a total of about 8 hours to make, and most of that was getting the explosion to look just right.

Credits:		Me, MiracleMatter, because I made it, Epic and Digital Extremes, for the game, God, my family, blah 				blah blah. We all know the drill.

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