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Old Skool Monsta Toolz (OSMT) is a toolset for UT2004 that is designed to reintroduce old skool Unreal monster AI and it's related actors for use in any gametype. These tools mimic the original Unreal actors and settings so that "old timers" can easily pick it up and "newcomers" have lots of online reference documentation already available. It also includes a new story-driven singleplayer or cooperative gametype (OSM Adventure) with progressive objectives conquering puzzles, traps and monsters.

The only real forseeable problem with this update is that it conflicts with the Invasion AI, and therefore is not compatible with that specific gametype.

The v1.4 update adds a new ScriptedAction command, ACTION_SetEnemy, which can be used to force-select a specific monster's opponent. It also fixes the options display for OSM Adventure Server Rules and patches a small bug which caused the Brute to play sleeping sounds whether it was asleep or not.

~ Kouen



 Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.4

Title			: Old Skool Monsta Toolz (OSMT)
Date			: Dec 2006
Version 		: 1.4
Filename		: OSMT_v1.4.zip

Author  		: Glenn Storm (SuperApe)
Home Page		: home.netcom.com/~ghstorm
Alternate Page  	: http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/SuperApe

Description		: This package provides a host of new tools that replicate the old Unreal monsters, 
				behaviors, abilities and methods for using monsters in custom maps. (See Manual)

* Build Time *

Six months plus one video card. (v1.0)  One week. (v1.1)  One hour. (v1.2)  Two days. (v1.3)  Five days. (v1.4)
* Play Information *

Single Player		: Yes ( new gametype included: OSM Adventure )
Cooperative		: Yes ( new gametype included: OSM Adventure )
Assault 		: Yes
Onslaught		: Yes
Deathmatch		: Yes
TeamDeathmatch  	: Yes
Capture the Flag	: Yes
Instagib CTF		: Yes
Vehicle CTF		: Yes
Double Domination	: Yes 
Bombing Run		: Yes 
LastManStanding 	: Yes
Mutant			: Yes
Invasion		: Not really a good idea.

Botplay 		: Yes

New Textures		: Yes
New Sounds		: No (although most new monsters now *use* many more sounds)
New Static Meshes	: No
New Animations  	: No (although all new monsters now *use* many more animations)
New Actors		: Yes
New Music		: No

* Known bugs *

- UT2004 Invasion Monsters will conflict with these new monsters.  For that reason, the Invasion gametype is not 
	well-suited for custom maps that include these monsters.

* Installation *

- Unzip "OSMT.zip".
- Place "OSMT.u" and "OSMT.ucl" in your .../UT2004/System directory. (overwrite any earlier versions)
- Place "OSMTex.utx" in your .../UT2004/Textures directory. (overwrite any earlier versions)
- If mappers wish use the components of this toolset in their own custom map, open "OSMT.u" in Ued's Actor Browser.
- Then you'll find the OSMT toolset components in your list of available objects.
- If you distribute your custom map, be sure to include this OSMT .zip file in your map's .zip file. (See Manual)

* Other Maps/Mods by Author *

Map Title			Game				Review Score

OSM-Guide			UT2k4, OSM Adventure		not reviewed

OSM-Gauntlet			UT2k4, OSM Adventure    	not reviewed

DM-OSR-PeakPerformance  	UT2k4, TDM (Old Skool Rulz)	not reviewed

Bones				UT2k4, Mutator  		not reviewed
ROOtator			UT2k4, Mutator  		not reviewed

DM-RoosOnline   		UT2k4, NPC creatures only	not reviewed
DM-Roos 			UT2k4, NPC creatures only	not reviewed

VCTF-TerraForma_beta1   	UT2k4, Vehicle CTF		not released

ONS-MudSling][  		UT2k4, Onslaught		4.5/9 NaliCity
ONS-MudSling			UT2k4, Onslaught		5/10 Insite

DOM-BaseIck			UT2k3, DoubleDomination 	not rated
BR-BaseIck			UT2k3, Bombing Run		not rated
CTF-BaseIck			UT2k3, Capture The Flag 	6/10 @ ut2k3mr.dk
DM-BaseIck			UT2k3, TeamDeathmatch   	3.5/10 @ NaliCity

* Special Thanks *

Special thanks go to all the members and staff of UnrealPlayground, especially to Lord_Simeon and the OSMT Beta 
	Testing crew.  Very special thanks go to my wife who put up with me working on this.

* Copyright & Permissions *

Copyright ©2006 by Glenn 'SuperApe' Storm.  All rights reserved.

Authors may NOT use these Actors as a base to build additional mods, mutators, or other content without my expressed, 
written permission.

You are NOT authorized to distribute this mutator EXCEPT in its original, unmodified form with THIS file attached in 
its original, unmodified form.

You are NOT authorized to charge fees for the sale, use or distribution of this mutator without our expressed, 
written permission.  This includes, but is not limited to, compilation CD's, disks or software bundles.

Unreal Tournament 2004 ©2004 Epic Games, Inc. Raleigh, N.C. USA. 

Unreal is a registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

This mutator is not supported by Atari, Epic, or any such parties' subsidiaries.

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