This map is epic (no pun intended). I'm referring specifically to the scale, of course. It's bigger than most maps I've seen, even though...


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This map is epic (no pun intended). I'm referring specifically to the scale, of course. It's bigger than most maps I've seen, even though most of that space is flight room. Aerial combat is, as you may have guessed, a primary feature, which is complemented by two new variations of classic vehicles.

First, there's the Falcon, a heavily modified Raptor which is quicker, more agile, and fires link gun blasts. Secondary fire launches a burst shot. The second vehicle is the Hornet, a modified Manta capable of flight, which has a built-in gatling weapon. Not very exotic, but who can complain about more ways to nuke people?

The map itself uses an interesting concept. Each team starts on a carrier craft which houses their power core and a plethora of vehicles. Defending these craft is anything but easy, so the best way to defend them is to make sure the enemy can't reach them. Three of the powernodes are located on the freighter in the center of the map, and the other four of the powernodes are situated on the four escort craft. Two of the powernodes on the central freighter are in hangars, and capturing them will obtain an extra Falcon, Raptor and Hornet for your team. Essentially, it's a two-way version of Assault, with the main objective being capturing the fleet before your enemies can.

Much of the map, as mentioned before, involves air travel. Unlike other ONS maps, however, there's an emphasis on teamwork. With Cicadas in the air, ground positions are difficult to fortify. With Raptors and Falcons hovering around, Cicadas aren't safe. With Hornets cruising around spitting out high-velocity bullets at a rate of 20 rounds per second, unwary Raptor and Falcon pilots will get shredded in moments. The only way to succeed is to use all three types of craft in coordination.

The overall design and texturing is really nothing to write home about, but in all the simplicity comes great gameplay. Perfect for getting 32 people in a server and waging war in the armosphere of Mars. A solid map that any aerial combat fan should enjoy.

Did notice one minor error. Bots are incapable of traversing ladders when there's a human player nearby.

Oh, and final note, you'll need the ECE Bonus Pack for this map to work.

~ Kouen

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Download 'onsairmarsg8.rar' (4.07MB)

32 player adaptation of the original AirMars map (by Sean "Lo Ping" Henry) for UT2k4.  Contains new fun vehicles.

Author(s): Gorzakk, Sean "Lo Ping" Henry, Klasnic

Extract ONS-AirMars-G8.ut2 into your UT2004\Maps directory
Extract ONS-AirMars-G8.ucl into your UT2004\System directory


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