Creepy... makes me want to get evil on the op team:)

High Quality mappage for the ONS freaks.


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Creepy... makes me want to get evil on the op team:)

High Quality mappage for the ONS freaks.

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Title                   : ONS-AlbatrossSanctuary
Version                 : Final Release
Release Date            : APRIL 25, 2004	
Filename                : ONS-AlbatrossSanctuary.UT2
Author(s)               : Richard "GroundZero" Edwards	
Email Address           : [email protected]	
Web Page                : www.cox.net/richisinvb
Description             : The Makai are gone and so are the great Albatross they once worshiped.  Just a few crumbling ruins remain but from the ashes a new Onslaught arena has risen.
Other levels by author  : A Bunch....

--- Play Information ---
Game                    : Unreal Tournament 2004
Level Name              : ONS-AlbatrossSanctuary
Number of Players       : 12-28
Single Player           : No
Domination              : No
Deathmatch              : No
Assault                 : No
Onslaught               : Yes
Bombing Run             : No
CTF                     : No
Difficulty Settings     : No
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
NewUnrealScript         : No
Known bugs              : Let me Know!
New Music               : No

--- Construction ---
Editor(s) used          : UnrealED 3.0
Base                    : None
Construction Time       : 1 month

Unzip the .ut2 file into your Unrealtournament2004/maps/ directory and grab your nodes. Put the readme where you want.

Author's Notes
You may use this level as a base and may run it on servers as you please.


You are not allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit

You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet,
FIDO, local BBS etc.), provided you include this file and leave the archive
intact.  You may not use this level as a base to build new maps.

UNREAL (c)1998 Epic Megagames, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Distributed by
GT Interactive Software, Inc. under license.  UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are
registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade
names are properties of their respective owners.

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