Dark evil days of ONS... what better place to have a battle than where the gods do:)


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Dark evil days of ONS... what better place to have a battle than where the gods do:)

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Title                   : The Apocalypse
Version         	: 1.0
Release Date       	: June 4, 2004
Filename               	: ONS-Apocalypse.ut2
Author                  : Vitruvius

Marr - sounds
Kochun Hu, Superhero Soundworks, www.superherosoundworks.com - music track
Vitruvius - Everything else

--- Information ---
Game                    	: UT2004 Onslaught
Player Count              	: 12-20 players
New Content:			: all original content from scratch except the detail textures which are Epic's
Construction Time      		: 2 months


To remove the extra models and effects from the bases and the skybox, set your World Detail to LOW.


Acharit Hayami - The End of Days.  Battle it out on an Earth ripped in half by the wrath of The Apocalypse.
All of humanity is annihilated save for you and the chosen few.  Do you wish to side with the Righteous to 
defeat the Horsemen and ensure the salvation of the innocent?  Or will you succumb to the temptation of 
the Wicked and lay havoc beside them?  The choice is yours.  Capture the 7 Seals to destroy your enemy.

Gameplay Design

This map was designed with a stong theme in mind, but also for broad, nonlinear gameplay.  There is a huge
amount of vertical and some level-over-level, including a 'king of the hill' battle for the central node.  
Taking the central node route is quicker, and thus, the perferred gameplay path.  The main choke points are 
the initial nodes nearest to each base.  The route on the right side of the map, although longer, provides 
another way to attack the choke point.  This path provides 2 goliaths and some extra firepower (redeemer) 
in order to counter the levi at the other side of the map.  Vehicle lifts provide another access to the 
top of the central hill.  Several jumppads are scattered about to help walking players move around the map.
  Extra side paths to each base provide another flanking attack route if so desired.

Aesthetic Design

Essentially, I wanted to do a semi-large map with hugely contrasting bases (ie, good vs evil).  Each base plays about 
the same for balance, but each is completely different looking than the other.  The Horseman side is burnt out and acts 
much like the 'gates of hell'.  A burning city is shown in the background representing the wrath of the Four Horsemen.
The 'good' side exhibits the 'gates of heaven' with a glowing city in the background.  Centered is a 'God'-like 
figure with a lightning bolt; to his sides are angels.  I chose not to animate these meshes because I decided a pose 
would be more visually powerful and less annoying.  These can be turned off when World Detail is set to Low.  The 
central area is meant to be bleak and neutral.  The statues with boulders represent humanity's suffering through life
and death.   Also included are falling comets, decaying trees, redeeming souls, volcanic eruptions, and even a 
planetary alignment-styled skybox with the other half of the Earth shown burning - you fight on the other half.


This map should run well on most systems - mesh count tops around 50k when you view each entire base with full details.
Terrain scale is set to be large, so render time for that is low.  Several antiportals are used underneith the terrain 
for occlusion.

Unzip the .zip file into your UT2004 directory with Paths ON.

ONS-Apocalypse.UT2 goes to /Maps
apocalypse.ogg goes to /Music

Copyright / Permissions
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.  This map may 
NOT be modified in any way without the author's express, written permission.
You are NOT allowed to commercially exploit this level, i.e. put it on a CD
or any other electronic medium that is sold for money without my explicit
permission! You MAY distribute this level through any electronic network (internet), 
provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.

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